K. I. A. Memorial,
Kingsboro Avenue, Gloversville

In Honor of the Veterans of Fulton County:
Much appreciation is given to Jeanne Galway, to which credit for the idea
and content of this dedication page is possible.  Special thanks and recognition is
also given to the WWII Veterans Memorial Committee for their cooperation and
assistance in providing the information.  Photos courtesy of James F. Morrison.

On January 1, 1999 a group of WWII Veterans from Fulton County met to discuss building a permanent Memorial to Honor the Fulton County Veterans K. I. A. (Killed In Action), defending our Country in World War II.

The following Committee was selected to organize and plan the Memorial:

Chairman of the Committee:
Salavatore (Sam) Caporossi - US Navy

Members of the Committee:
Director of Ful. Co. Vets Service Agency  - Frank Ruggiero -US Army
Harold Gordon - US Navy
Anthony Avellino - US Army
Donald McCoy - US Navy - Seabees
James Armstrong - US Navy
James DiMarco - US Marines
Albert Perrella - US Army
David Lawton - US Army
Virgil Spaeth - US Air Corp
Arrmand J. D'Errico, M. D. - US Army
Anthony Ambrosino - US Army
Robert Culver - US Navy
Frank Cirillo - US Army
Kenneth Rockwell - US Navy
Charles Sander - US Navy



Patricia J. Beck, Editor of THE LEADER HERALD Newspaper, graciously donated advertising space to promote the raising of funds for the Memorial. With the support and cooperation of local Veterans Organization, several fund raisers were held to obtain the goal of $100,000. Donations were also receive from private organization and citizens of Fulton County.

After considering several locations for the Monument, Kingsboro Park on Kingsboro Avenue, at the intersection of State Street in Gloversville was chosen.

Cherry Valley Memorials, Inc, was given the responsibility of planning the layout and erecting the Monument. In the Spring of 2002 the ground was broken, work began and was completed in mid-Summer of that year.

Dedication of the Monument will be held on Veterans Day, November 11, 2002 with the following State and Local Dignitaries in attendance:

Governor George F. Pataki*(or his Representative)
U.S. Representative - John Mc Hugh
Gloversville Mayor - Frank La Porta
Johnstown Mayor - Robert Schults
Color Guard from Ft. Drum, New York (A Lieutenant and Eight Enlisted Men)



The names listed on the Monument as follows in alphabetical order:


Frank Adamkoski, Jr. *  Arthur J. Armstrong *  Leon E. Armstrong *
Robert L. Armstrong *  Bartle A. Avery *  Milton Avery

Douglas H. Baker *  Hugh W. Banfield *  Walter F. Baran *  Michael Barna *
Jack Bicar *  Robert D. Beck *  Joseph A. Bloss *  Bernard H. Boland *
William J. Boles *  Arthur Brothers *  Eugene Brown *  Fenton E. Brown *
William G. Brown *  Howard J. Borst *  Paul Borysink *  Alexander C. Bouchard *
Robert F. Bulger *  Richard G. Burton

Joseph H. Calvano *  Nicola Capparello *
William A. Champagne *  Matthew Chiariello *  Frank A. Clemente *
Salavatore A. Clemente, Jr. *  Edward J. Collie *  David Cominole *
Joseph L. Conklin *  Wesley Cook *  Milton L. Coppernoll *  Harold D. Countryman *
Verne F. Crofoot *  Emer S. Crowter *  Oliver M. Curtis

Claude A. DaCorsi *  Robert N. Davis *  Clifford H. DeLavergne *
Elwood Dempster *  Herbert A. Derwig *  David D. DiVilo *
Guy W. Duesler, Jr. *  Fred W. Dyer

Charles M. Eagan *  Burton Eaker *  Robert Elliot

Paul R. Farone *  George E. Ferguson *  Gerald Ferro *  John T. Firth *
Guy O. Fort *  George A. Fosmire *  Clarence W. Foss *
Richard A. Fraker

Johnnie Galway, Jr. *  Joseph C. Girard *  Ernest E. Glover *
Emmett Glynn *  Martin C. Gonyea *
Norman K. Gonzales *  John M. Green *  Martin H. Grovenburg *
Kenneth S. Groves *  John G. Gunn

Leon C. Hammond *  Earl M. Hathfield * Richard J. Hanft *
Jim Hanft *  Robert W. Hayward *  Charles R. Hemstreet *
James R. Hillabrandt *  Norman E. Hine, Jr. *
Robert E. Holmes *  Walter J. Holmes *  Harold L House *
Louis S. House *  Franklin C. Houseman *
William E. Hughes *  Melvin Hugo

I - J
James M. Isolda *  John M Jennings *  Charles J. Johannes *
Harold W. Johnson *  Raymond E. Johnson

Richard Karl *  Bernard J. Kiernan *  Edward J. Kiffney *
Clifton F. King *  David Knapp, Jr. *  William E. Knowlton *
Herbert R. Kuehnel

Lewis E. Lawrence *  Sander Lazar *  John W. Lewis *
Robert Lobdell, Jr. *  Rudolf A. Lofink *  Alfred J. Looney *
Alan H. Longfritz

Leslie W. Mabee *  David E. Marcellus *
Ernest G. Martorelli *  John Maryanopolis *  Donald A. Mathews *
John J. Matthews *  John P. McDonough *
Lewis O. Merrill *  Bernard R. Miller *  Kenneth R. Miller *
William Moody *  Otto L. Moore *  Keith Morgan *
Richard Morgan *  Kenneth J. Morehouse*
Prescott M. Morehouse *  Anthony Moscato *  Robert J. Mullins

N - O
Mahlon E. Nellis *  Patsy Norelli *  Howard M. Oakford *
Richard S. Oaksford *  Andrew W. Oppmann, Jr. *
Clinton R. Orcutt, Jr.* Charles P. Osborne

Herschel Parks *  Samuel Passero *
John M. Pavucek *  Roger M. Pitcher *  Rudolph F. Pollak
Gerald Procita

Q - R
James Querbes *  Edward Rathburn *
Michael A. Ravasio *  Constantine Rea *  Philip P.Recesso *
William A. Riley *  Fred L. Riska *  Gabriel D. Rizzo *
Harold Robbins *  John Rogozenski *
Paul H. Rowley *  Joseph Rubscha, Jr. *  Stanley C. Rumberg *
Nelson W. Ryfa

William F. Samoline *  Harold Sanborn *  William F. Sartin *
Abram Schwed *  Richard W. Schweitzer *  Max Schwitzgold *
William I. Seaman *  Irving Semelisky *
Andrew Siwik *  Harold W. Skoglund *  George B. Slater *
James L. Sleezer *  Edward M. Smida *
Ivan B. Smith *  Willard E. Smith *  William Smith, Jr. *
Frank Stecyk *  Jacob F. Sovik *  Donald A. Spencer *
Edward Snyder *  William V. Stoutner *
John M. Strong *  George L. Stuegeon *  Harland P. Swart

T - U
Richard T. Taube *  Joseph Tofinchio *
Robert Trembley *  Rosolino Trippodo *  Frank J. Unger *
Willard Upton

V - Z
Charles F. Vacek *  Willard S. Van Alstyne *
Clarence Van Nostrand *  Stephen Vecera, Jr. *
David A. Wells *  Rene Welter *  Donald L. Wemple *
Tibor Werczler *  Charles H. Whitman *  Frederick E. Wilcox *
Charles Williams *  Leonce L. Wilson *
Charles F. Wood *  Thomas E. Yandon


As of October 2002 - Funds donated total $93,913 of the $100,000 goal.

Donations may be sent to:
City Hall Finance Committee For WWII Veterans Memorial
Frontage Road
Gloversville, N.Y. - 12078

Please make checks payable to: WWII Veterans Memorial Fund




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