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Revolutionary War Veteran



Daniel and Caleb Lobdell were the third and fourth families to settle in Northville. In 1777, after the British raids, the brothers left Brookfield, Connecticutt and journeyed north and resided in Renselaerwyck (now Hudson, Columbia Co.). In 1790 they traveled to Northville, then named Old Ford and still a part of Montgomery County. They joined their relatives Samuel Olmstead and Zadock Sherwood who had preceded them.

Daniel (born Sept. 22, 1757 at Brookfield) served six years as a Revolutionary War soldier. He purchased a farm of 94 acres. His first wife was Rachel Osborn who was born December 13, 1757 at Brookfield, daughter of James and Leazabeth (Mead) Osborn. His second wife was Betsey Bryant.  All of Daniel's children were by his first wife. Daniel died June 13, 1843 in Northville, Fulton Co., NY.

Caleb, Daniel's brother, was born July 4, 1748. He married in Westchester County, NY, Patience Boughton. Their children were: Jerusha, Lucy, Daniel, Caleb, Noble, John Boughton, Ruth, Lanie, Jacob, Elias, Melinda, Samuel, Abigail, George, Rodney, and Pliny.

Daniel and Caleb were the sons of John and Ruth (Sherwood) Lobdell.

Descendants of Daniel Lobdell
Generation No. 1

1. JAMES B. LOBDELL, b. October 25, 1784, Hudson, NY; d. May 19, 1860, West Troy, NY. He married Sally VanArnum October 18, 1807.  All of his children were baptized on the same day at St. John's Episcopal Church in Johnstown, NY, April 13, 1826.


1. Rachel Lobdell, b. Abt. 1808.
2. Alexander St. John Lobdell, b. May 18, 1810.
3. Maria Lobdell, b. July 17, 1812.
4. Harriet Lobdell, b. June 10, 1815.
5. Helen Maxwell Lobdell, b. December 10, 1817.
6. James Douw Lobdell, b. May 26, 1821.
7. Richard Saddler Lobdell, b. October 19, 1823.
8. William Henry Lobdell, b. Abt. 1825.

2. DANIEL GRANBY LOBDELL, b. March 1, 1788;
died March 28, 1808. Daniel died unmarried.

3. NATHAN B. LOBDELL, b. July 15, 1791, Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY. He married Nanay Richardson on December 27, 1812 in Providence, Saratoga Co., NY.

Nathan was the first white child born in the area of Broadalbin. He was a lawyer and Justice of Peace. He was also the postmaster at Northville.

Children of Nathan Lobdell and Nanay Richardson are:

1. Bradley N. Lobdell, b. June 20, 1812 born June 20, 1832. He married Sabrina E. Miller, daughter of David Miller and Mardulla Olmstead.  The three children of Bradley and Sabrina (all daughters):   Josephine (Josie) Lobdell, b. June 24, 1866; m. William Hollearn;  Emilie Maria Lobdell, b. May 26, 1856; m. Leander Mclean; and Ida Lobdell, b. August 26, 1863; d. March 5, 1864.

2. Daniel G. Lobdell, b. December 7, 1813;  died July 9, 1875, Washington, D.C.

Notes for Daniel G. Lobdell:
Daniel G. was a lawyer and partner of Judge Yost of Ft. Plain to whom he bequeathed his library. He was for several years in the custom house at New York, under President Pierce's administration and instituted many reforms. He was also special supervising agent of the customs department of the US. He is buried in Albany, NY.

3. Mary Ann Lobdell, b. January 12, 1816; m. Gilbert Lefever

4. James H. Lobdell was born February 14, 1818. He married (1) Mary Stone. He married (2) Maria M. Greenfield in 1845.

Children of James Lobdell and (1)Mary Stone are:
i.   Emma Lobdell, b. March 15, 1856.
ii.  James Edward Lobdell, b. March 15, 1859.
iii. Mary Elizabeth Lobdell, b. October 11, 1861.
iv. Charles E. Lobdell, b. March 15, 1864.

Child of James Lobdell and (2)Maria Greenfield is:
v. Helen Lobdell, b. April 6, 1846; 
m. John Obias VanHoesen, October 22, 1864.

5. Maria Rachel Lobell, b. December 10, 1821; m. Truman Gilbert.

6. Emily Nancy Lobdell, b. March 25, 1824; d. May 27, 1849.

7. Hiram W. Lobdell, b. April 20, 1826; d. January 10, 1884, Flat Rock, Michigan; m. Pheobe Eliza Hood.

Notes for Hiram W. Lobdell:

He studied for a physician and located at Flat Rock, Michigan where he died. His children were: Dr. John H. Lobdell, Daniel Granbee Lobdell and
Mary E.

8. CHARLES NATHAN LOBDELL, b. January 3, 1829.

(Please note that I have only listed the children I know about, If there are any corrections or additions, please contact me - thank you, Marcia Buffet.)

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