Thanks to all of you have taken the time and helped me research our Mayfield Veterans of World War II. Unfortunately we do not have 100% information on our 272 Veterans. Although many months of research has gone into this project, there were a few veterans or their next of kin that I was unable to contact. There were also many that did not bother to respond to the questionnaires. The names of our veterans were taken from the Honor Roll Plaque placed at the village square in the 1940's, so my apology for any veterans that may have been left out. Thanks to the Town of Mayfield for their financial support in preparing this 1999 booklet. I have spent endless hours researching and preparing this booklet, hopefully a lasting history of our "YOUNG MEN" and weren't they a bunch of handsome guys?

Betty Tabor
Mayfield Historian


Local Board No. 389
W Main St.
Johnstown, NY

January 15, 1942
Mr. George W. Hallenbeck
Mayfield, New York

Dear Mr. Hallenbeck:

The Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, as amended, requires the registration of every male person, citizen or alien, in the United States between the ages of twenty and forty-four inclusive, who has not heretofore registered, except such persons provided by law, not required to register.

The Proclamations of President Roosevelt and Governor Lehman, fixed registration days, February 14, 15 and 16, 1942, for the State of New York.

"Under the direction of the State Director of Selective Service, the chairman of each Local Board will be charged with providing registration places and securing volunteer registrants, without expense to the Government, in such numbers as are necessary to complete the registration in his Local Board area."

In the discharge of my duties as Chairman of Local Board No. 389, whose jurisdiction is the county of Fulton outside the city of Gloversville, I hereby am asking your cooperation to secure the registration in your locality, for which you will probably require one or two assistant volunteers to be selected by you. I take it for granted that you will be glad to render this service to our country now at war.

Kindly sign the enclosed acceptance and return to me promptly in enclosed envelope which requires no stamp.

I will see that you are provided with all the information and instructions in ample time before the first registration date.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Very truly yours,
Chairman, Local Board No. 389

son of Alex and Marie Aesch was born Sept. 26, 1922. He enlisted in the service in 1942. Following basic training he was transported to the European Theatre of Operation on the Queen Elizabeth and was in combat service in France, Holland and Germany, serving in the Third, Sixth and Ninth Armies commanded by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and General George Patton. He spent 133 days fighting in the front lines along the Rhine Valley and Germany. Alex received the ATO Medal, EAMETO Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and WWII Medal.  Sargeant Aesch was discharged from the 378th. Infantry Div. Co. I on Nov. 22, 1945.  Alex married Florence Firth who passed away in 1963. He married Mary Snedecker Rathburn in 1974. Alex retired from the Gloversville Dept. of Public Works and resides with his wife on C. Hwy. 106, Johnstown.

was born Feb. 2, 1910, the son of Claude and Mildred Alexander. He served in the United States Navy and trained at Brooklyn Navy Yard and in Texas. He was a Fireman First Class. Sherril was one of the 187 men from the area leaving for induction in 1944. There were six chartered busses. He was discharged in 1945. Sherril retired from the DeWitt Fire Co. He was married to Martha Washburn when he was in the service, and later to Idella Eschler, then to Jane O'Brien. Sherril is deceased.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Alvord was born Sept. 18, 1916 in Mayfield. He entered the Naval Services of World War II Oct. 20, 1943, and received his basic training at Sampson Naval Base and was stationed in England and Ireland in 1944-45. He returned to Lido Beach and attended N. C. S. C. Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., Boston N.S.O.T.C., Bayonne New Jersey and his enlistment terminated on Oct. 5, 1945 to accept commission as Ensign SC(P) U. S. N. R.. Vince became a partner in the Alvord Glove Co., a successful Mayfield business for many, many years. Vince is retired and is married to Ellen Mary Doakes Rulison. His first wife (deceased) was Elizabeth Naginey.

Mrs. Charlotte Atty was the mother of VanPaul Atty. He enlisted in the navy June 1943 spending 26 months overseas aboard the U. S. S. Seafox. In Feb 1946 he was stationed at Pier 92 Recruiting Station, New York City awaiting discharge papers, and a short time later was discharged. VanPaul was a Torpedomans' mate Third Class. He married June Swears in Feb. 1946.  "No more information available".

Have No Information

was born Sept. 20, 1912. He was inducted into the United States Service in June 1944. He attended a service school in San Diego and was a Seaman First Class. He received the American Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory Medal. Frank was discharged from the United States Services Jan. 5, 1946.

was born Sept. 29, 1913. He enlisted in the service in Utica Nov. 22, 1942. Ira received the rank of Sargeant serving in the U.S.A. and was discharged from service Feb. 21, 1946 from Fort Dix, New Jersey.

was born Dec. 5, 1907, the son of Chloe Gifford Becker and John Becker. Pvt. Becker enlisted in the service June 6, 1944. He received his basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Burton served outside the U.S. with 24th. R.D., 110 Repl-Br, 546 Co. Italy. His military service rendered in Med. ETO. His foreign service from Nov. 13, 1944 to May 20, 1945. He was a school custodian in Mayfield. His wife was Ruth Walter. He passed away in 1987. His wife is also deceased. On March 18, 1944, Burt, Oliver VanBuren, Alwinnie Parker, Sherril Alexander, Roger Scott, Bob Claus, and Robert Herdman all went to Utica for service examinations.

son of Ella Spars Bellen and Elmer Bellen was born in Mayfield July 14, 1921. He was inducted into the United States Army on August 28, 1942 and trained at Camp Upton. Robert was a private in the 486th. Bomb training Squadron and trained at Midland Texas. He (Torch) received an honorable discharge Sept. 28, 1943 due to a disability. He married Ellen Farrai who still resides on Jackson Summit, Mayfield. Robert is deceased.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bennett was born Feb. 11, 1927. He was inducted into the service August 14, 1945. He went to Fort Dix then to Camp Blanding, Fla. A.P.F.C. in the United States Army and was a general clerk while in Army of Occupation. Burton was discharged from service Dec. 27, 1946. His first marriage was to Joyce Crandall. He now resides in Ganesvort New York with his present wife Mary Lou (Rockefellow).

born August 20, 1905, son of Anna Helwig Bennett and Claude Bennett. He enlisted in the United States Navy in Albany August 31, 1942. Stan's Foreign Service was from Nov. 1942 to Sept. 1945. He was stationed in the American-European-Pacific Theatre. MM/1 U.S. Navy. Stan was discharged from Lido Beach is Sept. 1945. Rank Machinist M. Mate / first class V=6. His wife was Helen Anderson. He was a glove cutter and deceased in 1979. W.W.11 Ribbons included European, African, Middle Eastern area, American area, Asiatic Pacific area and good conduct medal.

son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Berard was born Feb. 14, 1924. He enlisted in the service July 28, 1942. Clive was in Foreign Service from April 1, 1943 to June 1945, and served with H. G. Co. 2nd. Bn Central Europe. He received the Good Conduct Medal with two Bronze Stars and the European, Middle Eastern Theatre medals. In April 1943 Clive was shipped from Staten Is. And was stationed in North Africa at Oran, Algeria and Rabat Moraco. On Sept. 9, 1943 he went to Salerna Italy and spent the next twenty months as a Prisoner of War where he spent time in camps and on a farm. Clive was liberated by the Russians in May 1945, and was discharged from service October 15, 1945. He was a prisoner of the Germans. Pvt. Berard was married to Maxine Buyce (now deceased) and he resides in Florida.

Staff Sargeant Orpheous Berard of the Army Airforce was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donna Berard. He entered the armed services April 4, 1943. Orpheous was sent overseas in Jan. 1944 and served in the Mediterranean Theatre of operations for twenty-three months. He was assigned as a photographer gunner in the oldest B-26 group, in Major General John Cannons' 12th Army Air Force. As a photographer Orpheous participated in the attack on the German beach defenses in Southern France. S. S. Berard earned the Distinguished Unit Badge and the European Theatre ribbon with six stars, also the air medal and the Five Oak Cluster. Orpheous took part in 63 missions, and was awarded the Croix deGuirre Avec Palme.

JOHN C. BERRY - was born Oct. 12, 1925 and entered the armed services of WWII Dec. 16, 1943. He was an automatic rifleman and artillary mechanic. He was stationed with the 3rd regiment Field Artillary - Tech. 5th grade Battery A. 8th. Battalion. John was discharged from the service Oct. 18, 1945.

was born in Mayfield and inducted into the army April 29, 1943. Private Besaw was thirty two years old when he went into service. He had been a shipping clerk. He received an honorable discharge on Sept. 17, 1943.

son of Charles and Ellen Wood Betler was 37 years old when he went into the United States Army, March 17, 1944. He trained at Fort Dix, New Jersey and Macon, Georgia. He was a replacement when so many men lost their lives on " the Beach" and his buddies called him Grandpa as he was so much older than the rest. He was sent overseas where he was wounded in Anchen, Germany and received the Purple Heart. PFC Betler was discharged Nov. 3, 1945 after convalescing in a Switzerland hospital and in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Daytona Beach, Florida. Fred married Esther Collins and on Sept. 18, 1983, Fred passed away.

son of Charles and Ellen Betler, was born Dec. 22, 1917. He entered the services of the United States Army March 1944. He went to England following training at Camp Shelby, Miss., then on to France, then he ended up in Austria. He was in the Battle of Kolmar where 30% of our men were killed or captured. His battalion built bridges and served as regular soldiers in battle. Howard received two battle stars - 7th Army. One was from the battle of Kolmar and the second from Southern Germany. He was with the A-Co. of the 290th. Combat Engineers Battalion. PFC Howard was discharged from service Dec. 5, 1945. He is married to Ellen Heald of Cherry Valley and resides in Berlin, Wisconsin. He was employed by the leather industry following his war service.

was born in Schenectady Sept. 14, 1919. He enlisted at Albany Nov. 5, 1945. Bill was stationed with the United States Army guarding prisoners. He was discharged from service on Jan. 2, 1948. Bill was married while in service. His wife Jean (Theresa) passed away in 1990 and Bill passed away in 1995.

was the son of Ethel and Roy Blowers. He was born April 3, 1921. Doug entered the service of the United States Army on July 30, 1942. He was an aerial photographer with the 7th army. Photo Lab Technician Douglas was stationed in Germany with the 78th Infantry. He earned the Combat Infantry badge, and Good Conduct medal. Sargeant Blowers was discharged at Fort Dix, N.J. on March 4, 1946. He was married to Bernice Winfrey. Doug passed away Sept. 9, 1997.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blowers was born April 15, 1922. He was inducted into the United States Army on Sept. 25, 1942 and trained at Camp Upton. He was a switchboard operator and was stationed in Normandy, Rhineland, Northern France and Central Europe. Earl received the rank of Sargeant and was discharged from service Oct. 11, 1945. He received the European - African - Middle Eastern Service medals and the Good Conduct medal.

There were two Earl Blowers however have information on only one.

Have no information.

was born   11, 1917. He was a Sargeant in the army with the 305th Infantry Regiment - 761st Inf. Division. Richard served in Central Europe - Rhineland. He was awarded the American Campaign medal, European - African - Middle Eastern campaign medal, Good Conduct medal and World War II Victory medal. He was discharged from service March 24, 1946.

Have no information.

son of Charles and Gertrude Simmons Boyle was born Dec. 19, 1918 in Palatine, N.Y. Woody enlisted in the United States Army Oct. 17, 1940. He served in England, Africa, Sicily, and the European Theatre, and earned the rank of Platoon Sargeant. Woody was wounded in action and received seven service medals. He was discharged from service July 27, 1945. Woody is married to Ruth Wemple and they reside in Port Stelucie, Florida.

Have no information

Have no information

Harry Brower's parents were Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Brower. He entered the armed forces of the U.S. in July 1942. PFC Brower received his basic training at Atlantic City, New Jersey. Brower was in active duty with the Pacific Division of Air Transport Command in the Hawaiian Islands in 1944. PFC Brower returned home in Feb. 1946. He received the Pacific and American Theatre ribbons, Good Conduct Medal and W.W.II Victory Ribbon.

son of Helen and Vernon Brower enlisted in the United States Army in 1942. He was trained at Fort Dix, Miami Beach, Scott Field, Ill., Traux Field, Wisconsin, Sedelio, Mo. He went on to the Philippines and Okinawa, Japan. Preston received the Pacific Theatre ribbon and Good Conduct medal. Corporal Brower was discharged Feb. 1946 from Tokyo, Japan. Preston is married to Lois Gaylord. He is retired and he and his wife work part time in the Archives Dept., Montgomery Co., and they reside in Palatine. Preston graduated in 1950 from Cornell.

is the son of the late Helen and Vernon Brower. Winston entered the United States Army services in 1945. As it was near the time of the end of the war he was fortunate in not having to go overseas. PFC Brower received his training in Fort Dix, New Jersey, Camp Blanding, Florida, Fort Lewis, Washington, Fort Jackson, South Carolina and Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Upon completion of the service, Winston became involved in farming. He resides in Centralia, Washington with his wife Joyce (Delberg) of Bethell, Washington.

entered the services of World War II in January 1941. Fireman Second Class Brown lost his life somewhere in the South Pacific during an engagement with the enemy forces, after being in the service for twenty two months. Eugene was buried at sea Nov. 15, 1942 with full military honors. Eugene married Gertrude Richardson Jan. 1942, Mayfield.

Richard T. Bruce was born in 1900. He enlisted in the Reserve of the United States Armed Forces in World War II. He was inducted on August 29, 1932. Pvt. Bruce was discharged from the military service in August 1947. Bruce is deceased.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brunner was born in 1919. He entered the armed services in Oct. 1943, receiving his basic training in Greensboro, North Carolina. When he was a Corporal he was a vaised gunner on a B-17, flying overseas in July 1944, arriving in England. He was soon after promoted to Staff Sargeant. The following Jan. 1945, he completed his 35th mission over enemy territory. He received the Air Medal and the Five Oakleaf Clusters. Staff Sargeant Brunner of the A. A. F. received his honorable discharge in Oct. 1945. His wife is Alma. Donald passed away in 1993.

was born June 19, 1923, the son of Ruth and Arch Bulger and brother of Robert F. Bulger who was killed in action in 1944. John was inducted into the service Jan. 1, 1943 and in 1944 was stationed in England. He was located in Andrennes, Central Europe, and Rhineland. John received the European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign medal with three bronze stars and the Victory badge. He was discharged from service Nov. 14, 1945 at Voekemassen, Germany. Before entering the service John was a farmer and married to Irene Dutcher. Pvt. Bulger died Feb. 17, 1990.

son of Ruth and Arch Bulger was born July 25, 1925. Before entering the service he was employed by the Alvord Glove Co., Mayfield, as a glove cutter. Robert was drafted Oct. 16, 1943, receiving his basic training at Camp Edwards, Mass. Pvt. Bulger was killed in action, age 19, on Oct. 4, 1944 in Sicily, Italy. Robert was the brother of John, who was also in the services in World War II.

was born in Northville Oct. 17, 1918. He enlisted in the service at Camp Upton, N.J. in August 1942. He served with the 8th Air Force, 379 Bomb G.p. Joe was stationed in the European Theatre and saw Foreign Service from May 1943 to June 1945. He received his training at Madison, Wisc. Sargeant Burdette graduated from the Army Air Force Technical School as a radio mechanic and was among the 524th. Bomb-Gp, awarded the Presidential citation. Joseph was discharged from Service at Fort Dix, Sept. 1945

the son of Raymond and Agusta Burton was born Feb. 8, 1926. He attended Cornell U. in 1943-44 then enlisted in the United States Air Force March 3, 1944. He trained in Pensacola, Fla., Georgia and Alabama and obtained the rank of Staff Sargeant. Gordon was discharged from service in 1946 and went on to Hamilton College for four years. He was formerly married to Beverly Crossley. Gordon passed away in 1997.

was born Nov. 30, 1918. He enlisted in the services of World War II June 6, 1944. He was a Signalman Third Class. Horace was discharged from service Feb. 18, 1946 and worked at General Electric in Schenectady until his retirement. He was married to Kathleen and they both are deceased.

son of Archibald and Ida (Brewer) Capron was born Oct. 15, 1909. He enlisted in Utica April 1943 and served with 534 AAA BA. Roy was in the European War Theatre and saw Foreign Service in Central Naples - Foggia - Rhineland - Rome- Arne - Southern France. He received the European African Middle Eastern Service medal, Good Conduct medal and Arrowhead medal. Roy was discharged from service at Fort Dix in Oct. 25, 1945. Roy, now deceased was married to Marian Stafford (Graham) who resides in the area. He was employed by DOT following his service.

HARRY CARTER - was born in Mayfield July 23, 1921. He enlisted in the services of World War II in 1946. Harry served with the Air Transport in the Asiatic Theatre M/Sgt United States Army. He saw Foreign Service 1943 to 1945. He was discharged in 1945. Harry and his wife Mildred are deceased.

was born Feb. 8, 1919. He entered the services of the United States Navy in World War II August 10, 1943. He trained at Sampson then went to the Philippines. He received the American Theatre medal, Asiatic Pacific medal and Victory medal as well as the Philippine Liberation ribbon. Donald received his discharge from the Navy Jan. 14, 1947 Baker 2nd class USNR. He worked for the DeGolyer Lumber Co.

was born July 1, 1923. He enlisted in the Army of the Untied States Dec. 15, 1944 Tec. 5th grade, Co. A. 359th Infantry. Bill was stationed in Ardennes - Central Europe, and Northern France, Rhineland. He received the European - Middle Eastern - African Service medal, Victory medal and Good Conduct medal. Bill was discharged from service Dec. 28, 1945. He retired from the Postal Service in 1985.

son of Perry and Harriet Claus was born in 1914. He entered the services of the United States Army in 1944. Bob left for the service with one of the largest contingencies in the area for induction examination. Pvt. Claus was employed by the Amsterdam Carpet Mill when he completed his army service. Bob was married to Norma Wilder who resides in Mayfield. He passed away in 1992.

was born on July 23, 1923. He enlisted in the Service of the United States during WWII on June 26, 1942. He trained in the United States and did not go overseas. He received a disability discharge from the service on Nov. 13, 1942.

was the son of Jack Close. He was born in 1923. Ben was inducted into the service of the United States Army on March 22, 1943 Tech. 5th grade. His army specialty was a truck driver. He was discharged from service a few months later, in Nov. 1943 and was a farmer.

was born Sept. 15, 1923. He was inducted into the service on Aug. 18, 1941 and trained at Newport, Rhode Island, Brooklyn and Camp LeJune, No. Carolina, Leon received the American Theatre medal, American Defense medal, Victory medal, Asiatic Pacific medal with two Stars and the Purple Heart. He was discharged from service on July 19, 1946, and was a glove maker. He is deceased.

was born on April 30, 1927, and was the son of George Wm. Cooper and Helen Elizabeth Schuyler. He enlisted in the United States service, World War II on July 13, 1945. George served in Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany. PFC Cooper, U S Army received a Marksmanship badge and other medals. He was discharged from service on Dec. 19, 1946. George was a military policeman and served on jeep patrol. He was married to Dorothy Snowden. He passed away Dec. 18, 1983.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Craig was born Aug. 27, 1920.  He enlisted in the armed services June 8, 1943.  He trained at Parris Island, South Carolina and Tent City, North Carolina.  In March 1944 he was shipped out from the West Coast.  PFC Craig participated in the invasions of Saipan where he was wounded in action.  He was awarded the Purple Heart.  Later he was stationed in Iwo Jima and wounded the second time.  He was  24 years old.  Earl also received the Presidential Unit Citation, as well as other badges and ribbons.  

was born in 1902. He was a Pvt. in the Army of the United States during World War II. Harry was married to Eleanor Craig. He passed away in 1976.

was born in 1916. He was inducted into the Army of the United States in World War II on Nov. 21, 1942. PFC Cromer was an orderly with the Medical Detachment Halloran D.H. Levi received his discharge from the army on Oct. 26, 1943.

(he used J. but his birth certificate didn't) he died in Gloversville in 1974 and is buried there. He was born in Northampton, N. Y. on 6/20/1911 and he was the youngest of 5 living kids at the time. His mother, Margaret Sweet died 1911 when he was born and his father George P. Crowter died in 1949 and they are buried in Giffords Valley Cemetery near Northville. His brother was Rufus Crowter born 1/9/1905 and died in Washington DC. They had three sisters Viola Obrien (husband Steward known as PICK, he owned a taxi in Gloversville) from Mayfield, Florence Bilger (husband Jack) Gloversville and Irean (?) Collins (husband Tom) from Gloversville. Robert was in the Philippines in WWII and was sent home to Hallerin (don't know if spelled right - was on Victory Blvd.) Hospital on Staten Island, N. Y. where he met my mother Catherine E. Cook. She now lives in Utica, her surname is Blystone, she is 74. Robert belonged to the VFW in Gloversville.  Submitted by his son, Robert (Bob) Crowter, Jr. in Sacramento, California.

pastor of the Mayfield United Methodist Church was appointed Chaplain in the United States Navy in June 1941. He spent three months training in Newport, Rhode Island before being assigned to active duty. He married Barbara Miller of Troy, and did not reside in Mayfield following his service duty.

was born June 22, 1909. He entered the armed forces in Nov. 1943 receiving his basic training at Fort Bragg. He left for overseas duty in Nov. 1944. He was stationed in Germany before entering a rest camp in Belgium in April 1946. Before entering the service he was employed by the VanBuren Glove Co. His wife Marian was from Corinth. Davison passed away August 13, 1966.

the son of Mae and John Davison was born in 1924. He was in active service for two years in the Pacific Islands and Tokyo. Jack was discharged from service in June 1946. He was married to Jean DeGolyer and they resided on Phelps St., until his death in 1998.

son of Earl and Jennie Pettingill Day was born Sept. 23, 1925. He was inducted into the United States Army Sept. 23, 1943. He was promoted to Staff Sargeant and received the Asiatic - Pacific medal, AM Camp medal and the Victory medal. Jim was discharged April 26, 1946. He was employed by a gas company after being discharged from service. Jim's first wife was Barbara Tabor, his second wife was Joan Schreckenberger. Jim passed away June 17, 1985 and had always resided in Mayfield.

was the son of Mrs. Emma Delaney. He was a member of the United States Marine Corps and received training at Port Chicago, Calf. Upon discharge he had received the rank of Sargeant and pursued work in the glove business. He married Mrs. Bernadine Branch of Oakland, Calf. Frank passed away in Calf., in 1998.

Have no information.

Have no information.

was the leader of the induction group which left Gloversville Selective Service Board #388 in May 1945.

son of Daisy (Saxenheimer) and Floyd Denman was born Dec. 8, 1915. He enlisted in the United States Navy in April 1945. Following his short service he was employed in construction work. He was discharged 1946. He had trained at Sampson Naval Base, and Norman Okla. - Aircraft Aviation Machinist. He obtained the rank of 3rd class officer. He was discharged from service May 1946. His first wife was Muriel Olson of Mayfield. His present wife and he reside in Ticonderoga, N.Y.

was born July 9, 1909. He was inducted into the United States Army on April 21, 1944 at Fort Dix, N.J. 377th Infantry Regiment Co. He was a tanner when inducted into the service. Andrew was stationed in the Rhineland and received the American Campaign medal, EAME Campaign medal, Good Conduct and Victory medals. He obtained the rank of Corporal. He was discharged from service April 18, 1946.

Have no information.

son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dingman was born July 28, 1918. He was a knitting machine operator when he was inducted into the service on June 27, 1942. He was a radar crewman and received the American Defense medal, American Theatre ribbon, Good Conduct and Victory medals. Floyd was discharged from service Dec. 2, 1945.

was born June 5, 1915. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dingman. He was a machinist when he was inducted into the service June 26, 1941. Was a PFC in the army. He received the American Service medal, EAME Service medal, Good Conduct and Victory medals. He was discharged Dec. 9, 1946.

was born in Mayfield May 7, 1925. On May 26, 1943 he enlisted in the service. John served with Co. D - 417th Reg in the European Theatre. PFC Dingman was in Foreign Service from Nov. 23, 1944 to May 18, 1945. He was wounded in service and received the Purple Heart, Three Battle Stars, European and African medals and Eastern Service Star. He was in Foreign Service until 1945 when he was discharged on March 3, 1946 from Fort Dix. 

was born Sept. 27, 1917. He enlisted at Fort Dix Feb 19, 1943 and served with the 6th Armored INT-INRM. Walter was in the ETO Theatre being in Foreign Service from July 15, 1943 to July 10, 1944. Sgt. Dingman was discharged at Fort Dix on Dec. 12, 1945.

son of Lillian and John Dingman was born in 1916. He enlisted in the service March 12, 1945 and received his basic training at Fort Dix. From there he was stationed in Manila. Bud was in the Infantry and received the Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal, Good Conduct medal and WW Victory medal. He received his discharge on May 16, 1946 then worked as a fireman and security at the area Navy depot. Wesley married Irma Narosky. He passed away in 1975 and Irma resides in Gloversville.

son of Mr. and Mrs. William Agnew and grandson of Baltus Dixon was born in 1918. He graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy, Feb. 1941. He was the first Fulton Co. youth outside of Gloversville and Johnstown to be graduated from the academy and he received the rank of Ensign. He soon left for active service and spent eleven months in the South Pacific and two years in the Atlantic area. He was in the battle of Casablanca during the invasion of North Africa by American troops. The ship of which the Lieut. was an officer was struck several times by enemy shells. He married Rose Costes in 1942. He passed away about 1994.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Donlon was born April 21, 1919. He entered the armed forces in May 1943, going overseas in Aug. 1944. He served as gunner on B-24 Liberator with the 8th Air Force and in May 1945 was promoted from Staff Sargeant to Technical Sargeant. He participated in many combat missions over Germany and enemy occupied Europe. He holds the "Air Medal" with an Oak Leaf Cluster for meritorious achievement in aerial combat. After completing 27 missions he arrived home in June 1945 for furlough after being stationed in England, then received his discharge Oct. 1945. Hugh and his wife Eileen are retired and reside in Florida.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Donlon entered the services of the U. S. Army in 1942. In April 1943 he was promoted to Corporal with a rating of Aerial Engineer attending the Midland Army Flying School. He received a Sgt. AAF rating. He was stationed in the European Theatre with the 9th Army in France. While stationed in England, he met his brother Hugh at a Red Cross Canteen.

Deceased. Have no information.

was born Oct. 10, 1925. He was a PFC with Co. K 271st Infantry. Bob was stationed in Rhineland as a rifleman. He received the Purple Heart, European-African-Middle Eastern Service medal and Good Conduct medal. He was discharged from service in Oct. 17, 1945.

son of John and Ivy (Handy) Dutcher was born Sept. 12, 1924. He enlisted in the U. S. Army and spent time in Rhine-Central Europe. He was discharged from service Nov. 28, 1945. His first wife was Eva Parks. He later married Nellie Wilson. Russell passed away Dec. 24, 1993. Co. A. 134 Inf. Reg.


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