The Last List - Oppenheimers in the Civil War

By Hector Allen
Oppenheim Town Historian

October 1993

About a month ago I did an analysis of the "complete" Civil War records of "Officers, Soldiers and Seamen" furnished to the United States by the town of Oppenheim, Fulton County, New York in the "War of the Rebellion".  This record was compiled by Joseph Eigenbroadt, the Oppenheim Town Clerk in 1865.  Copies of this record are in the Montgomery County Archives in Fonda, and the New York State Archives in Albany.  When I did my analysis I thought this records was, as it claimed to be, a "Complete Record" as required by Chapter 690 of the Laws of 1865.  I was wrong.

.....Much to my surprise, I found that the 1865 census recorded recorded Since that time it has been discovered that the 1965 census veterans from Oppenheim; the Town Clerk had recorded 132.   And, to further complicate matters, these two records only mutually recorded 59 men!  There were 40 men recorded in the Census who were not caught by the Town Clerk, and the Town Clerk had 71 men who were not recorded in the Census.  

.....Accordingly, I set out to compile a complete list, using both the Census and the Town Clerk's record, plus Beer's History of Fulton & Montgomery Counties, (1878).  My list may not be complete either, but it as close as I can get at this time.  If further names turn up from verifiable sources, I will add them.

......The units they belonged to are from New York State, unless otherwise noted.  The major units were the 115th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry, the 153rd N.Y. Volunteer Infantry, the 13th Heavy Artillery and the 16th Heavy Artillery.  The artillery units were recruited later in the war, and the enlistees often received large bounties.  However, when General Grant became the Commander of all Union armies he used some of these units as infantry, so their members got a little more of the war than they had bargained for.  There is a smattering of other units listed, with only one "Calvaryman" and no sailors.

In the matter of rank, I have put down only what I found in the records.  Therefore most of the men appear as privates, since that was their rank at enlistment.  I believe that many of these men may have attained higher rank, but their local records do not always reflect that.  The only way to really find out what each veteran did in their term of military service would be to send for their records from the National Archives.  However, at $10.00 or more for each set of records, that would be expensive indeed.

.......So, here is the "complete" list ---174 men who answered the call to duty from 1861 to 1865 from the Town of Oppenheim:

Note:  Since 1993, Mr. Allen has discovered 6 more men for a total of 180!  Will it end?

Source Code: 

T = Town Clerk Records
C = Census Records
T & C = Found on both Town Clerk AND Census Records
B = Beer's History of Fulton & Montgomery Counties (1878)


Name Regiment Rank Add'l. Info Source
Ackerman, Edward 16th H.A. Private None T
Allen, Abel 97th Private Disc. 8/9/65 T
Allen, John 152nd Private Town Clerk has 115th T & C
Barker, Franklin 115th Private Wounded at Olustee, in hospital at Philadelphia T & C
Barker, James 16th H.A. Private Wounded in head C
Bennett, John H.     Born Stratford - $1,050 bounty. Disc. 6/1/65 T
Benzinger, Christian     $1,050 bounty T
Billings, Lyman 16th H.A. Sgt. Regimental Steward; Town Clerk has him listed in 14th H.A. T & C
Bolster, James 115th Private Died of sickness at Beaufort, S.C. - 28 yrs. old T & C
Brown, Bryon 16th H.A. Private   C
Brown, Jacob 153rd Private Died on field of battle, Petersburg, VA 6/25/64 T
Brown, John 153rd Corporal Discharged 10/2/65 T & C
Brown, Jonas A. 13th H.A.   Enlisted after father (below) died      T
Brown, Jonas D. 16th H.A. Private Died of disease at Ft. Monroe, VA 7/13/64. 51 yrs old. Widow left  T & C
Buell, George 115th Private Died on field of battle, Olustee, FL  2/20/64 C
Burk, George W. 155th (trans. to 115th)   Town clerk has listed in 153rd T & C
Burke, Robert E. 115th Private   T
Burke, William 16th H.A.   Born Oppenheim - $1,050 bounty T
Burns, John 153rd Private   T
Canfield, Augustus 115th Private Born Ireland T
Chatterton, George D. 95th Private Taken prisoner 5/5/64 C
Clarke, George H.     $800 bounty T
Clarke, Charles A. 16th H.A. Private   T
Clarke, Henry H. 114th (re-enl. to 153rd) Private Born Stratford - $1,050 bounty T & C
Clarke, Sylvester 171st Penna. Private   C
Clause, Jerome 153rd Private Disc. 10/2/65  T & C
Clemons, Charles 13th H.A. Private   T & C
Clemons, Daniel 14th H.A. Private Town Clerk has 16th H.A. T & C
Clemmons, John 153rd Private Disc. 1_/2/65 T
Clemons, Samuel 115th Private Died Near River, VA 4 days after being shot, 5/14/64 T & C
Clemons, Steven 13th H.A. Private Drummer; disc. 6/21/65 T & C
Cliff, Thomas 16th H.A. Private   T
Cook, Alonzo 13th H.A. Private Discharged 8/24/65 C
Cook, Chauncy 32nd NY Inf. 2nd Lt. Re-enlisted. Wounded in leg with ball C
Cook, James 13th H.A. Private   C
Cook, James B. 176th   Drafted/deserter C
Cool, Henry J. 115th Private   T
Cool, Herman 115th Private Died at Ft. Monroe 1/3/65 T
Cool, Norman 115th Private   T
Conoly, Isaac 115th 4th Corporal (Co. E)   T
Cramer, Henry 97th Sgt. Re-enlisted 10/64 C
Cramer, John D. 89th NY   Beers: served until end of war, died soon after of disease from War. B
Crouse, Horatio 97th   Deserted Jan., 1865 - enlisted in 19th Mich. C
Cunningham, David 16th H.A.   In hospital at Albany - loss of speech. Discharged 7/10/65 T & C
Currier, Michael 13th H.A. Private Born Ireland - Disc. 6/21/65 T
Cuyler, John 153rd Private   T
Decker, Zachariah 13th H.A. Private Discharged 6/20/65 T & C
Denure, Helim 153rd Private Brother of John Denure T
Denure, John 153rd Private Brother of Helim T
Donelly, Phelix 153rd Private Discharged 10/2/65 (Irish Settlement - "Felix," also) T & C
Donnelly, James 153rd Corporal Deserted C
Doxtater, Ambrose 97th Private   C
Doxtater, Daniel B. 115th Private Wounded at Olustee, 2/20/64 - died 3/12/64 T
Doxtater, Henry 153rd Sgt. Discharged 10/18/65 T & C
Doxtater, Horace M. 97th   Discharged 12/4/62 (disability) C
Doxtater, Levi A. 97th Private Discharged 11/12/64 T & C
Doxtater, Rufus 97th Private Discharged 8/15/62 T
Eberhardt, Henry 153rd Corporal From list in Beers, Co. F B
Failing, Abram Jr. 115th Co. B.   Town Clerk says Co. E., Wounded, ball in right leg T & C
Finch, Thomas 13th H.A. Private Born in England T & C
Fineout, John H. 14th H.A. Private   C
Frazier, Nicholas     Enlisted 4/18/64 T
Galusha, George E. 16th H.A. Private Discharged 8/21/65 T & C
Grant, Charles H. 20th Regt. Private   C
Gravenstine, John C. 153rd Private Died of sickness while a paroled prisoner, 4/5/65. 31 yrs old C
Griswold, Warren   Private Born Salisbury, $1,050 bounty T
Guile, Cornelius 34th Private Discharged 6/30/63 T & C
Guile, John W. 153rd Private Discharged account of disability, April, 1864 T & C
Hadcock, Alexander 16th H.A. Corporal   C
Hadcock, Simon 16th H.A. Corporal Musician C
Handy, David 115th & 13th H.A.   Discharged on account of health from 115th; enlisted in 13th T & C
Ham, Albert     Enlisted 4/15/64 T
Hase, Daniel 153rd   From Beers; not in either Town Clerk's record or census. Page 184 B
Hayes, William H. 16th H.A. Private Born Charleston, NY T & C
Hewitt, Delevan 152nd Orderly Sgt. Enlisted at Little Falls; slight wound in arm T & C
Hose, Isaac 97th   Wounded at Gettysburg, 7/3/63. Lives in St. Johnsville T
Hotaling, Benjamin 121st Sgt.   C
Hotaling, Lorenzo 81st     C
Houghtailing, Archible 81st   Died on field of battle, Coal Harbor 6/5/64 T
Houghtailing, Charles H. 81st   Wounded at Coal Harbor; died on filed of battle 7/24/64 T
Howard, Albert     Enlisted 1/26/65 T
Hoxsie, Samuel F. 153rd Private Listed as "mechanic" T & C
Hoy, Martin     Enlisted 4/30/64 T
Jaquays, Edward 34th Private   C
Judson, Hiram C. 13th H.A.   Discharged 8/24/65 T
Keck, Andrew 115th Private Sun-stroke; poor health. Discharged June, 1865 T & C
Keck, Henry 13th H.A. Private Discharged 6/17/65 T & C
Keck, Jacob 16th H.A. Private Discharged 8/21/65 T & C
Keck, Peter 115th Sgt./2nd Lt. Wounded 4 times; Flag Bearer T & C
Keck, William Harrison 115th Private Discharged 2/12/63 served 6 months T
Knapp, George     $800 bounty T
Kring, George 97th Sgt. Killed in battle at Spotsylvania 5/8/64 - 26 yrs old C
LaDue, Albert 153rd Private Discharged 10/2/65 T & C
LaDew, Cephus 153rd Sgt. Slightly wounded, Disc. 10/2/65 T & C
LaDue, Nathan 16th H.A.   transferred to 13th H.A. - Census says he was not heard from since 4/25/65; town clerk has him discharged on 8/24/65 T & C
LaDew, Warren 34th Private Killed on field of battle, Antietam 9/17/62 T
Magadew, Lewis     No data, but a Geo. Magadue enlisted in 153rd from Minden B
Manga, Augustus     Born in Germany T
Maxon, John D. 13th H.A.     T
McGowan, William 97th Private Wounded Hatcher's Run 2/6/65; died in hospital 3/27/65. Born Ephratah T
Merrit, Daniel 153rd Private Spelled "Merset" by Town clerk; Beers has him on list of the 153rd T
Miller, John P. 153rd Private Died of sickness, Alexandria, VA Jan, 1863. Buried there. T & C
Miller, William 153rd Private Killed in action Shenandoah Valley 10/19/64. Buried there. Brother of John above. T & C
Miller, Leonard 153rd Private   C
Monk, James 153rd Private Born Stratford; Disc. 6/17/65 T
Monk, Philo 153rd Private Disc. 2/6/63; served 5 months T
Montanny, James 115th Private Wounded at Olustee 2/20/64 T
Mosher, Oliver 153rd Private Discharged 6/1/65 T
Mosher, Richard 34th Private Killed in action, White Oak Church 7/17/62. Buried Virginia - 23 yrs old C
Mosher, Simon 115th Private Died of sickness, Beaufort, SC 8/2/63 25 yrs old T & C
Mosher, Vernon 97th Private Re-enlisted, wounded Spotsylvania on 5/10/64 T & C
Mosher, William 153rd Private Discharged 7/17/63 T
Mosher, William Wallace 153rd Private Discharged 7/1/65 T & C
Murry, Lewis H. 16th H.A.     T
Natteway, David 15th H.A.          T
Nellis, Peter 115th Private   T
Oathout, Gilbert 13th H.A.   Born Stratford T
Parke, Winslow 13th H.A.   Born Stratford T
Perry, Daniel B. 97th Sgt.   C
Perry, John 2nd NY H.A. Private   C
Phillip, Levi 153rd Private Wounded Chester Heights 5/7/64 T & C
Porter, Orlando 25th NYB Private $1,050 - at same time 13th HA men were enlisted. Disc. 6/65 C
Powers, John Scott     Drew $800 bounty      T
Prame, Henry 16th H.A. Private Discharged 3/20/65 T & C
Righter, Charles O. 13th H.A. Private   T
Ritter, Sylvester 153rd Private   T
Rogers, James 115th Private   T
Rogers, Tryton R.       T
Rooney, James 2nd NY Engineers   $1,050 bounty T
Ross, William     Drew $800 bounty T
Salsburg, Charles 16th H.A.   Town Clerk has 14th H.A. Born in Germany T & C
Shearer, William 153rd Private Died of sickness on Red River campaign, buried banks of Miss. River at age 16 near Magamsey Bend C
Smith, John A. 115th Private Wounded at Chester Heights; left leg amputated - taken prisoner T & C
Smith, Lorenzo 97th Private Discharged & re-enlisted in Co. C of some Lt. Artillery unit. Wounded at battle New Market 10/7/65 T & C
Smith, Michael 16th H.A. Private Discharged 9/25/65  T & C
Snell, Lorenzo D. 153rd Private Discharged account of wounds T & C
Sponable, Herman   Private Discharged 4/22/64 Served 4 months T
Stall, Samuel 97th Private Wounded; discharged Sept 1863 C
Stall, Sylvester 14th H.A. Private Now in hospital - 1865 C
Still, Charles 153rd Private Discharged 10/2/65 T & C
Stowall, George W. 115th Private Musician &C
Stowall, Sylvinis 153rd Corporal Spelled "Stowell" by Town clerk. Listed as Corporal in Beers. T & C
Strobeck, John 16th H.A. Private Discharged 2/1/65 T & c
Strough, John Jr. 153rd Private Listed as "teamster" in Beers; 'mechanic' in civilian life T & C
Stultzner, Ernest 16th H.A. Private Spelled "Stulson" by census T & C
Sturges, Daniel 152nd     T
Thomas, Cliff 16th H.A.   Possibly - Town clerk didn't say, but previous men w/same enlistment date were in the 16th. No bounty listed, Co. C T
Thompson, Adam 153rd Private $1,050 bounty T
Thrasher, Eben 13th H.A.   Born Salisbury - $1,050 bounty T
Valentine, Harvy 97th Private Re-enlisted, teamster C
Van Loan, Peter 115th Private Killed Ft. Fisher explosion, buried there. Age 26 T & C
Vedder, Abram 152nd Private Wounded at Wilderness 5/6/64. Discharged 7/23/65 T & C
Vedder, John Jr. 115th Private Discharged at Raleigh, NC 6/17/65. Received $1,050 bounty T
Vosler, George A. 121st Private $1,050 bounty, disch. 6/26/65 T
Vosler, John 121st private same as his brother above T
Vroman, Charles H.     Not heard from since enlistment C
Vroman, Oren H.A. (Co. G?)   Not heard from since 11/11/64 C
Walrath, David H. 97th Private Wounded right leg with ball C
Walrath, Jacob 153rd Private Discharged 10/16/65 T
Walrath, Reuben 115th Private Killed on battlefield 10/17/65 buried on battlefield T & C
Ward, John Jr. 153rd Private Died of sickness, Alexandria, VA 3/30/62. Buried Little Falls, Age 18 C
Ward, John W. 115th Private Slightly wounded, Petersburg, 1/10/64 T & C
Weaver, Daniel 153rd Private Discharged 10/2/65 T & C
Weaver, David 153rd Private Born Stratford; $1,050 bounty; discharged 6/1/65 T & C
Webster, John H. 13th H.A.   Born Stratford T
Whitlock, James W. 18th NYB   Transferred to 25th NYB, Lt. Artillery T & C
Wiley, Solomon H. 13th H. A.   Born Salisbury; $1,050 bounty T
Williams, John H. 34th   Died field of battle, Fair Oaks, VA 5/31/62. Born in Wales T
Williams, Stephen A. 115th Private Wounded at Ft. Fisher, NC T & C
Williamson, James Cavalry   $1,050 bounty T
Wood, Charles 13th H. A.   Born Stratford T
Youker Warren 121st Private Lost use of thumb & 1st two fingers C
Youran, Hiram 114th H. A. Sgt. Promoted Lieutenant C
Youran, John 115th Private Slight wound in side C
Brown, Martin 153rd Private Co. F; Deserted at Alexandria, VA 2/11/63 B
Burke, Martin 34th   Listed in the regimental history as being from Oppenheim (Enlisted May, 1861 - discharged dishonorably after killing one Lawrence Rooney in a fight 11/1861)  
Flowers, John 153rd Co., K. Private Listed in Adj. Gen. Report. Died of diarrhea at Savannah in Aug. 1865  
Lansway, Stephen     Joined 1/26/65, received $800 bounty T


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