Oppenheim's Revolutionary Soldiers

Hector Allen, Town Historian of Oppenheim, responded to a request for information on Revolutionary War Soldiers by sending these pieces.  He sent in three articles ,all relating to each other.  The first two, on this page relate to the burials of Revolutionary soldiers and the third relates to those people of the Revolution era from Oppenheim who were "heroes" and/or wounded & survived, etc.  and can be found at this link:  Heroes.

Article #1

 "First of all, Revolutionary War veterans in our Township fall into two different classes;   those who were residents before the war, and those who moved here from New England, Long Island and elsewhere after the war.  The former are usually more prominent in the records because their families were (and, in many cases, still are), local residents.  I have a few men buried in Oppenheim whose graves were never marked by the D. A. R. as Revolutionary Vets because they were not local and therefore not known to be veterans.


John Swartwout,  b. Feb. 15, 1753 and d. Sept. 17, 1823.  He probably served in a unit from Long Island or near N. Y. C..  One interesting story has a Swartwout, Samuel (possibly brother to John) donating a blue uniform coat for the background for the first U.S. "Stars & Stripes" to fly in battle at Ft. Stanwix in 1777.  If this is the case, then Samuel was one in the 3 N.Y. Regiments in the Continental Army, (probably the 3rd N.Y.).
[Note:  In the notes below by Marion C. Mang, she lists a John Swartwort, born 1752.]



Josiah Brown, age 73, d. 12/25/1827.  (No other data)

George Higbie, age 63, d. 3/27/1819.  (He was a member of the 1st Westchester Co. militia, and was a P.O.W. on a British prison ship from 1781-83).

Jonathan Bacon, age 89, d. 7/15/1848.  DAR marker, but I have no other info.   I assume he was from N. England of downstate.

John Moffet, age 50,  d. 12/5/1810.  (His grave was never marked as a veteran, but a lady from Peoria, Ill. doing genealogy work on this family gave me his military records.  In 1990 we conducted a small ceremony and planted a DAR marker on his grave, 180 years after his burial!  He was from Mass., near Deerfield, and enlisted there.)

Job Wood, age 69, d. 3/16/1824.  No data on his service, but most likely he came here after the War to settle.  I don't believe his family was "local".

Daniel Guile, age 51 yrs., 4 ms., 15 ds., d. 4/10/1810.  No data on his service although I would bet that his family was "local".



Frederick Ritter, age 77, d. 1/21/1840.  (see further material).  He is buried with his wife Elisabeth who outlived him 13 years and died in 1853.  His grave is also not marked by the D. A. R....He was from Albany County, I believe, and lived in the Town of Salisbury which is in Herkimer County and borders Oppenheim to the N. West.



Jacob Youker, age 92, d. 1849.  He was one of I believe, 4 brothers who served in the Revolutionary War in the local "Tryon Co." militia.


There is one additional burial in Oppenheim that you might be interested in.  A Henry Burkdorf died 7/12/1824 at the age 87 yrs. & 6 mos.  He was also a Revolutionary War veteran, but on the other side.  He was with the Hessian forces captured at Saratoga in 1777, spent some time in prison camps and then managed to stay here and become an American.  Some of his descendants still live in the St. Johnsville area, south of us.  The cemetery is in really poor shape, and at one time cattle were pastured in it.  It is at the end of Twin Church Road, on a side hill.

The above was received from Hector Allen in the form of a letter.

Below was compiled in 1976 by Marion C. Mang, the then Town Historian of Oppenheim, who passed away in the early 1980's.

The following are the names of some of the soldiers from this town (Oppenheim) who fell victims to the Great Rebellion:

John Williams, Isaac Yonker, John Ward, David Doxtater, Andrew Smith, Daniel Perry, Irvin Austin, Reuben Walrath, Hartley Yonker and Harmon Cool.

Source:  Compiled by Hamilton Child, 1869 - 1870.

Following are the names of two soldiers who served in the Revolutionary and are buried in Chatsey Cemetery, Town of Oppenheim:

William Shearer, Born May 7, 1751.   Died February 28, 1817.  Source:  Tombstone Record.

John Swartwort, Born 1752.  Died   September 17, 1823.  Source:  Tombstone Record.


Article #2


Revolutionary War Dead And Buried


Gabryszewski Road:


Kring’s Bush Road:


Floyd Finch Property:


Bowers Road:


Crum Creek Cemetery:


Baum Road:


Bell Road & County Road 114:



* Originally compiled by Mrs. Margaurite FINCH – Town of Oppenheim.

* Transcription provided by and confirmation of regimental assignment confirmed by Douglas J. Weaver. Confirmations based on Lou D. MacWethy’s listing of regimental rosters in his 1933 book "The Book of Names Especially Relating to The Early Palatines And the First Settlers in the Mohawk Valley"; pg. 137-177.

* Contributed May 17 1999 by Douglas J. WEAVERwho is researching the following names in Fulton, Montgomery & Herkimer Counties: BAUMAN, CLAUS/CLAUSE, FREDERICK, GOODRICH, HILLEGAS/HELLINGAS, MEYER, SMITH, WEAVER, and WELLS.

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