Tryon County Rangers
Captain Winn's Company of Rangers
American Revolution



Source:  Transcribed from papers donated by James F. Morrison.  Microfilm Reel 78, Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, National Archives, Washington, D. C.

Tryon County Rangers
by James F. Morrison

The following article is on Captain John Winn's Company of Tryon County Rangers which was raised on August 1, 1776 and discharged on March 27, 1777.

On July 23, 1776 the Provincial Congress voted to raise several companies of rangers for the protection of different counties in the Province of New York.  The following excerpts pertain to the three companies raised in Tryon County.  The three companies were under the command of Captain John Winn, Christian Getman and Hannes Marcus Demuth.

"That in like manner & for the same service two hundred and one men be raised in the County of Tryon to be divided into three companies each to consist of one Captain, tow Lieuts, three Sergeants, three Corporals, and fifty-eight Privates"

"That the Officers and Privates furnish themselves each with a good Musket of firelock, Powder Horn, Bullet Pouch & Tomahawk, Blanket &Knapsack."

Captain Winn's Company finally mustered on August 28, 1776 and they were troubled from that time with several of the men fighting with each other, drunkeness, expending ammunition without orders, disobedience of orders, men not mustering because they had not received their pay or bounty nor did they want to march out of the county.

In spite of these problems the company made scouts to Lake Otsego, Susquehanna River, Unadilla, West Canada Creek, Philadelphia Bush, Canajoharie, Cherry Valley, and in October they were on their way to Fort George.

On October 31st they reached the inn of Stephen Vealue near Lake George.  While the men were resting the trouble again started when Jacob Weaver from the German Flatts began to shoot his musket without orders and refused to stop when Captain Winn ordered him to stop firing.

Weaver now began to threaten Captain Winn with bodily harm and during a scuffle Captain Winn hit Weaver in the stomach with the muzzle of his musket.  Weaver was attended to by Dr. Budd and he said the injury was slight.  Unfortunately Dr. Bud was wrong and Jacob Weaver died November 2nd.

On the company's return to Tryon County, Captain Winn was relieved of command of his company and he was arrested and placed in the Johnstown jail.  Captain Winn was later taken to the Albany Jail by order of Colonel John Nicholson and he was still there on January 15, 1777.

I've found parts of the courtmartial testimony and Captain Winn's testimony but there is a lot more missing including the verdict.  Captain Winn however, never acted in a military capacity in the Tryon County Militia after this incident.

First Lieutenant Lawrence Gross commanded the company during Captain Winn's imprisonment, and part of the company in February of 1777 with other men from Tryon County Militia marched to Fort Ticonderoga to build fortifications and a floating bridge across Lake Champlain.


Muster Roll of Captn John Winn's Company of Rangers
Raised in the County of Tryon and State of New York 
now in the Service of the said State of New York

John Winn appointed 1st August 1776

Lourens Gross appointed 1st August 1776
Peter Schremling appointed 1st August 1776

John McCollum apptd 10th Augst 1776
Elias House  apptd 12th Augst 1776
James Gueenall apptd 19 Augst 1776

Conradt Styne apptd 8 Augst 1776
Gottlieb Snyder apptd 8 Septr 1776
Wm Stensell apptd 20 Septr 1776


Time of Enlistment

August 2

Jacob Lieway
3 Johanjost Kremer
4 Joannes Reebsamen
4 Conradt Fritsher
4 Jacob Weaver
4 Peter Adamy
4 Frederick Seger
5 Joseph Freeman, exchanged him for
John McDonald
5 Johannes Kesslaer
5 John Cogdon, exchanged him for
Adam Price
6 Johannes Countryman
7 Nicholas Christman
7 Adam Franck, exchanged him for
Peter Lampford Senr
7 Adam Bellinger
7 Joseph Jackson
8 Peter Hellegas
8 Jacob Timmerman, exchanged him for
William Nellis
8 John Dingman
8 Samuel Stevens
8 William Atkins, exchanged him for
John House
8 Gershom Vander Warke
8 James Vander Warke
9 John Anthony
9 William Roorey
9 Christian Shillip
10 Frederick Lepper
10 Thomas Llump
11 Godfried Helmer
12 Barent Hornung
12 Richard Young
12 Josiah Scotten
12 Johannes Snyder
12 Samuel Kennedy
12 Hanjost House
13 Richard Johnson
16 Christian Nellis
16 Nicholas Stensell
16 George Bush
16 John Pickerd
16 Peter Lampford Junr
17 John Mabee
17 George House
17 Felix Mackly
17 Josiah Heath
19 Abraham Kronckhite
19 Ezekiel Leathers
23 Daniel Ogden
23 Francis Reebsamen
23 William Bush
24 James Kauch
25 James Bratt
25 Geo Van Slyck exchanged him for
James Hamilton
28 Lewis Andrews
Septr 3 William Kook
18 Jacob Roader in place of
Henry Embody
22 Thomas Hayes

NB The alterations made was by Consent of the persons Exchanged who being unable to undergo the fatigues of the Service they were Ordered upon, procured those persons in their places; the Alterations in the Corporals, was made by the parties themselves with my Advice and Consent, those Persons formerly appointed being unable to Acct not properly understanding their duty.

The Within Muster Roll I do certifie to be True and Exact State of my Company, and that the whole Company Since the day of Mustering have been constant Duty and a Good part of them were upon Different Commands before they Mustered.

Lake Otsego 25th September 1776
John Winn Captain





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