Civil War Soldiers Buried in Beaufort, S.C.


This was provided by Hector Allen, Town Historian of Oppenheim, who visited the National Cemetery there and obtained the following information.

     There are 33 men from the 115th buried at the National Cemetery at Beaufort, S.C.  There are also five men from the 153rd buried there, which surprised me until I realized  that they were sent South after the war to do garrison duty; they must have been stationed here from the summer to the fall of 1865.

    This is still an active cemetery.  They have a very friendly staff and we were not only shown the roster of Civil War dead, but they also let us look at the available medical records.  Of the roughly 7,000 Civil War dead at Beaufort, they only have medical records on about 600.  And of the 7,000 Civil War dead buried there, only about 3,000 are identified.......

    Here are the dead from the 115ht, alphabetically.   The Beaufort records did not include the community from which the soldier enlisted, but I was able to get that from the regimental roster printed by the N.Y. State Adjutant General in 1904, (and given to me by Col. James Morrison).

Soldier Rank Company Death Date Bur. Section,
Grave #
Abel, Loren J. Cpl. H 07/03/1863 11, 978 Stillwater Typhoid
Andrews, Sylvester Pvt. G 07/23/1863 11, 970 Saratoga Typhoid
Baker, Henry Pvt. B 07/12/1863 11, 938 (not on rolls)
Benson, Joseph Pvt. E 09/24/1863 11, 945 Northampton d. in Hospital
Bolster, James Pvt. E 07/26/1863 11, 924 Oppenheim d. of fever
Bowie, David Pvt. B 08/14/1863 11, 942 Minden Typhoid fever
Bowman, Theron Pvt. K 06/02/1863 11, 971 Mayfield Typhoid fever
Cassidy, George Pvt. D 07/08/1863 11, 952 Town of Florida Typhoid
Clapson, Charles Cpl. A 06/16/1863 11, 950 Glen Accident, wounded, died
Colony, George Pvt. C 07/08/1863 11, 955 Galway Typhoid
Dean, James Pvt. A 06/06/1863 11, 967 Ephratah Typhoid
Denmark, John Pvt. B 04/15/1863 11, 936 St. Johnsville Typhoid pneu.
Doxtater, Daniel B. Pvt. E 03/16/1864 11, 940 Johnstown d. wounds from Olustee
Duel, Peter Pvt. F 11/28/1863 11, 972 Corinth d. of fever
Dugan, John Cpl. H 08/06/1863 11, 963 Waterford Typhoid
Gardner, James Pvt. A 03/18/1864 11, 980 Palatine wounded @ Olustee
Gow, John Pvt. A 07/28/1863 11, 926 Mohawk remittent fever
Loucks, William Pvt. C 07/03/1863 11, 931 Ephratah d. of fever
Miller, Michael Pvt. K 01/15/1864 11, 933 Glen chronic diarrhea
Monroe, Alexander Pvt. K 10/10/1863 11, 969 Broadalbin chron. diarrhea
Morris, Stephen Sgt. A 03/13/1864 11, 952 Glen w. Olustee, both legs
Osterhout, Daniel Pvt. A 05/06/1863 11, 925 Glen d. inflamation of bowels
Parke, John Pvt. K 10/26/1863 11, 954 Broadalbin no cause listed
Paul, Azariah Pvt. K 06/21/1863 11, 946 Wells Febris Typhoides
Platt, James Pvt. E 07/27/1863 11, 956 Northampton fever
Seeley, Henry Pvt. K 06/19/1863 11, 932 Broadalbin no cause listed
Snyder, John Pvt. A 06/27/1863 11, 939 Glen Typhoid fever
Southwick, Clark Pvt. I 02/28/1864 11, 947 St. Johnsville wounded at Olustee
Trumble, Mark Pvt. G. 08/07/1863 11, 949 Greenfield Typhoid fever
Washburn, Ira Pvt. F 06/05/1863 11, 976 Hadley d. of fever
Wickens, James Pvt. C 06/17/1863 11, 948 Greenfield d. of fever
Wood, Joseph Pvt. E 04/07/1863 11, 927 Ephratah d. of fever
Wright, Reuben Cpl. C 06/11/1863 11, 923 Johnstown d. in Regimental Hospital, Hilton Head

    ...Four men from the 115th were back from the battlefield of Olustee, Florida to die in the "General Hospital, Beaufort".   (A few men are listed as having perished at the "regimental hospital," but I am not sure if there were two hospitals or whether the record keepers just used either term).  Four men did not have a cause listed, one was not on the rolls at all (except for the cemetery list), and one, Charles Clapson, died of an accidental wound.   Diarrhea or "inflammation of the bowels" would kill three more men.   Not a very glorious way to die, but in the days before inoculations, lost of bad things happened to good people.

    The following are the men from the 153rd regiment who went South after the war was over to do garrison duty.  Five of them, perhaps more, ended up in this same cemetery:

Soldier Rank Company Death Date Bur. Section,
Grave #
Nilan, Martin Pvt. B 09/16/1865 12, 1012 Mohawk d. of fever
Todd, Walter Pvt. K 09/20/1865 12, 1016 Plattsburg Congest. fever- Savannah
White, John C. Pvt. B 9?/17/1865 12, 1014 Mohawk fever, Savannah
Van Nest, Joseph Pvt. H 08/28/1865 12, 1010 Mohawk d. disease, Post Hos., Savannah
Yordan, Andrew Pvt. E 09/01/1865 12, 1015 Minden d. of congestion of lungs, Post Hosp., Savannah

They were a long was from home to die like this, weren't they?  And the war was long over, making it even worse."

~ Hector Allen, 
Town Historian, Oppenheim


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