Please note:  These are veterans that are buried ONLY in the two cemeteries recorded in Gloversville Cemetery Book, which includes the Old Kingsborough Church Cemetery, and the Methodist Church burying ground.

The following information has been further researched on the veterans who lay to rest in the two cemeteries recorded in Gloversville Cemetery Book, which includes the Old Kingsborough Church Cemetery, and the Methodist Church burying ground. This data has been found in past Daughters of the American Revolution records and other sources noted by each veterans individual information in local Veterans of Foreign War, Post 2077 of Gloversville, who have taken such an active interest in this old cemetery in Kingsborough, which contain well over twenty veterans of the War of 1812 and our Nations first veterans of the American Revolutionary War.

PLEASE NOTE: There are possibly several other interned individuals in these two cemeteries who, in comparison to their dates of death and their age, could place them as veterans. Also, they could have had no known descendents who joined a patriotic organization or who had been written up in local history books or articles. If anyone using these recordings find any such individuals or veterans, this information would be most valuable to the history of our locality and I would appreciate you sharing this with either the Fulton County Historian or the Historian for the City of Gloversville.

Documentation of veterans of the war of 1812 are hard to find, not being a popular war as well, few grave markers designate veterans of this war. With the future bicentennial of this event coming up in our Nations future and the outlook for our County of Fulton's part, any information on local veterans and individuals and events locally will be of most value to future researchers and historians.

The source is given where known and the letters D. A. R. is designated for the local Gen Richard Montgomery Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Their material is housed in the Gloversville Library, History and Genealogy room at the time of this recording.

Submitted by Lewis G. Decker and James Morrison


AYERS Jeddediah, born 1765, died after 1835

No further information on dates or family members. Placed on pension roll of Montgomery Co., N.Y. Nov. 12, 1818. Age then 70., received $96.00 per year. Listed as a fifer in Virginia.

Further Information:  See Census of Pensioners, 1835. D. A. R.


BEACH Amos, born 1750, died 2/1/1831 in his 81st yr.

Married, 1780, Olive Carrington, came from Conn.

Served in the 4th Conn. Regt., Capt. Starr's Co.. Also see Col. Hinman's Regt., Conn. records of the Revolution, pg. 63. D. A. R.  Amos Beach had a land bounty right for lot #17, Tully Township #14, Delivered to Anthony Maxwell.

Further Family Information:  Amos Beach Jr., son of Amos and Olive was born 2/20/1793. Married (1) Huldah Gillette who died 12/20/1820. Married (2) in 1825, Sarah Giles who was born 5/26/1792 and the daughter of Samuel and Laurana Holmes Giles.


BROWNELL Israel, born at Tiverton, R.I., in 1738. Died in or near Gloversville, N.Y. 5/24/1808 age 70 yrs.

Married at Tiverton, R.I., in April of 1780, Rachel (Simmons) Potter, widow who was born at Little Compton, R.I. 11/30/1751 Died at Meco, N.Y., 7/14/1824.

Note: Israel is listed as being buried next to his wife Rachel but has no stone.  D. A. R. Revolutionary War soldier, private Minute man, under Capt. Christopher Manchester's Co., 10/4/1775 for four days. Private, 1st Div., Capt. Cook's Regt., Rhode Island Militia, for 15 days, 5/22 to 6/22, 1777, and received pay for fifteen days. He is also registered from Tiverton, R.I., D. A. R.

Further Family Information: Israel Brownell was considered first of Brownell's to have settled in Fulton and Montgomery Counties. G. - Grandfather of E. E. Brownell, 1418 Walnut St., Phil., Pa. 1933


BURR Elijah, born 1767 or 68, died 12/7/1828 in 61st yr.

Son of Nathaniel and Abigail Burr, who came to Kinsborough, N.Y. about 1784 from Conn., see Washington Frothingham's History of Fulton Co., D. A. R.


CHEADLE Dr. Elijah, born at Hampton, Conn., in 1762. Died 9/23/1849, in his 88th year.

He married about the year 1792, Ann Wilson who died 3/4/1840, in her 67th year., Revolutionary war soldier, enlisted when very young, served in the 4th Gov. Militia, Conn. (He was a member of the company detailed to execute Major Andre, at Tappan, N.Y. where he ran into Nicholas Stoner. (see "Trappers of New York" by SIMMS) He was placed on pension roll 5/6/1833.

Further Family Information: was first doctor of Kingsborough. Issue (children of Elijah and Ann Cheadle): Elizabeth, Benjamin, Berintha, Jan A. W., Elijah Jr., Stewart, George C., Augustus, and Mary.


ENOS Abijah, born 1747, died 3/21/1818 in his 66th yr.

Hannah, consort of Alijah Enos, born in 1751. Died 2/17/1820 age 69 yrs., and 10 months. Revolutionary war soldier while an inhabitant of the Town of Windsor, Conn. and served in the 8th Company, 1st Regiment, see records of Revolutionary war soldiers, Conn. D. A. R.


FOOTE Grove, born 1759 or 60, Died 9/5/1826 in his 67th yr.
Only listed as Revolutionary war soldier, no further information. D. A. R.


GILES Decon Samuel, born in South Danvers, Conn. 4/6/1757. Died at St. Johnsville, N.Y., 10/30/1841 age 85 yrs.

Married Laurana Holmes, 1/8/1783. Laurana was born at Pembrock, Mass. 1/17/1762, Died 10/23/1850 in her 89th yr.

D. A. R. Samuel enlisted at age 20 for 6 mths., again on 3/1/1777, for 3 yrs. After his discharge in 1780 he re-enlisted for 1 yr. and later for 3 mths. serving for nearly 5 yrs. Fully recorded in Continental army book. He was with Washington at the crossing of the Delaware, and subsequent battle of Trenton 12/25/1776. He spent the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge. Corporal in the 19th. Mass. Militia. Was also present when Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga, in Oct. of 1777. Pensioner…Thomas Giles, the father of Decon Samuel Giles enlisted as a Revolutionary war soldier 6/17/1775 and died suddenly the next day 6/18/1775.


GLASS Alexander, born May of 1746 and Died 1/2/1834, age 87 yrs., and 8 mths.

D.A.R., Served in 2nd Conn. Regt. under Col. Joseph Spencer 3rd Company, Capt. Roger Enos. Private, enlisted 5/8/1775 discharged 12/18/1775., Conn. records of Revolutionary war soldiers pg. 47, Pension rolls 5/6/1833 received $53.64 per yr.


GREEN James, born at Durham, N. H. in 1751, Died 9/13/1837.

His wife was Margaret Crowley who was born in 1750. Died 5/18/1810. D. A. R. 

James served in the American Rev. War as a Private in Capt. Winslow Adams' Co., 8th N. H. Militia, discharged, 2/15/1775. Served at Trenton and numerous other engagements…see D. A. R. lineage, Vol. 27, pg. 187.

Further Family Information:  James and Margaret's children: William who died in 1807 age 23, Moses, Timothy who was born 9/9/1797 and married in 1826 a Ann Stewart, Gideon G. W., Born 1/12/1799 and married in 1826, Margaret McKinley, Ebenezer, Susan, Margaret, Maria.


HALL Benjamin, born in 1741, died 12/24/1830 in 89th yr.

His wife was Hannah Burnham, who died 7/10/1811 in her 63rd yr.

D. A. R. Revolutionary War soldier, served Line Levies and Militia in Dutchess County, N.Y. (also listed a minute man) see D. A. R. lineage, vol. 4, pg. 112 Also see: census of pensioners, 1835, pg. 173.


HILDRETH Noah, born in 1759. Died 2/22/1813 in 54th yr

Married Mary (Polly") Doane who was born 1759 Died 10/27/1815 in her 57th yr… Resided in Columbia County, N.Y. in 1790. D. A. R. Rev. soldier, signed articles of association, Southampton, Suffolk Co., N.Y. 8/1/1775. see Cal. Hist. MSS, Vol. 1, pg 59

Further Family Information: Survarus G., son of Noah and Mary Hildreth, Born in Columbia Co., N.Y., 8/4/1790 Survarus married on 4/11/1825, Lucy Judson who was born 2/5/1800.


JOHNSON Jacob, born in Wallingford, Conn. 6/21/1742, Died 6/10/1816, age 74.

He was the son of Jacob Johnson, an original colonist of New Haven, Conn. Esther Johnson relict of Jacob, Born in 1740, Died 11/1/1838, in her 89th yr….. D. A. R. Revolutionary War soldier, served as a private in the 7th Mass. Regt. under Col. Brooks.


JUDSON Decon Daniel was born 1728, Died 5/28/1826 in his 61st yr, 

Widow of Decon Daniel Judson Died in 1810, in her 71st yr.  No further information given on military record or wife…


JUDSON Elisha, born in either 1765 or 66, Died 10/27/1826 in his 61st yr.

Lucy Case, widow of Elisha, Died 2/9/1840 in her 71st yr.

D.A.R. Rev. soldier served as a private in Capt. Eli Levenworth's Co., Col. William Douglas' Regt..19th Continental troop, Conn. Was taken prisoner at Fort Washington, discharged 12/31/1778. See "Cont. Men During the Revolution" pgs. 123 & 212.

Further Family Information: Children of Elisha and Lucy…Sylvester, Sylvanus, Gurdon, Elisha Jr., was born 6/28/1796 and married Rachel Brown.. Lucy born in 1800, Alanson, was born 11/15/1806 and married Jane Ellison.


LEONARD Josiah, died 11/9/1818, in his 68th year.

His wife Elizabeth died 3/1/1820

Rev soldier. Appears with rank as private on muster and pay roll of Capt. Jacob Pool's Co., Col. Jacob's Regt. (no further information given as to colony or state of Regt.?)


LODER, John, born in 1763, died at Perth, Fulton Co., 2/10/1844

D. A. R...has John buried in the Old Kingsborough Cemetery, Gloversville, where they placed a veterans marker with several others for him in 1932.  John's wife, Martha, died 11/13/1827, in her 58th year at Perth as well and is buried in an abandoned cemetery on the Log City Road, Town of Perth.  Believe John to be buried there as well.

John served in the Revolutionary war in Col. Thaddeus Crane's 4th N. Y. Militia, Westchester Co.  He was placed on pension rolls in Fulton Co., for serving as private, in the New York line.

Further Family Information:  Believed to be son of John that is buried at the Newman Hill Cemetery, town of Broadalbin...Henry Loder died 9/16/1859 age 61, and Martha E., daughter of Henry and Matilda Loder, died 8/6/1842, age 3 yrs and 4 mths


POTTER Daniel, born in 1768, Died 3/9/1837 at age 69.

His wife Amelia born in 1769, Died in 1862 at the age of 93

Said to be a Revolutionary war soldier who came from Conn. Was known to have had brothers Ambrose and Nathan. Ambrose was formerly of Hertford Conn. Came to Kingsborough (no further information given on military records or family).


ROBBINS Thomas, born in 1743, Died 10/11/1827 age 84

His wife Rosanna died 3/23/1842

American Revolutionary War Soldier, name appears on roll of 8th Regt., Albany County Militia, under command of Col. Robert Van Rensselaer.  See Thomas Robbins, Jr.; also New York in the Revolution, Vol. 1, pg. 114.


STONER Nicholas, was born in the colony of Maryland, 12/15/1762, he died at Newkirk's Mills, N. Y. (Town of Caroga) 11/24/1853 at the age of 92.

Was originally buried in the old Kingsborough cemetery, Gloversville, N. Y.  Later years his body was removed and reinterened in the Civil War Soldiers circle  in the Prospect Hill cemetery below Kingsborough Ave, Gloversville where he has his grave marked with a gov't grave marker similar to the rest of the veterans in the circle.  A granite marker erected by the General Richard Montgomery chapter of the D. A. R., marks the original burial site in the Kingsborough Cemetery.  The original grave marker, carved out of American Chestnut wood, is displayed at the Johnstown Historical Society, Johnstown, N. Y.

Further Family Information:  Nicholas married (1) Anna Mason, a widow of William Scarborough and had 4 sons and 2 daughters, Mary and Catherine.  Mary married William Mills and Catherine died when a young woman.  Three sons were living in 1847.  Nicholas married (2) Mrs. Polly Phye, married (3) Mrs. Hannah Houghtaling on 4/23/1840.

American Revolutionary war soldier also served in the War of 1812....In 1777 enlisted as a fifer in Capt. Timothy Hughes Co., Col. Livingston's Regt., was at the battle of Bemis Heights, Saratoga.  Meet Dr. Cheedle at Tappan N. Y. at the hanging of Maj. Andrea and was wounded and served in the Rhode Island campaign in 1778.

Further information:  read J. Simms, "Trapper of New York, Lou Macweathy editions which includes Nick's pension papers.  Also, Simms "Frontiersmen of New York", Vol. 2, pgs 620 to 624 and Donald Williams, "Saga of Nicholas Stoner".


THROOP, Colonel Josiah.  no vital statistics on Col. Throop, believed to be buried next to his wife in the Old Kingsborough Cemetery.

It is believed:  He first settled on a farm between today's Melchoir Park and 2nd Ave., east side of Kingsborough Ave.  Also, his son lived with him and here his grandson, Enos T. Throop was born who became a Governor of New York State.  Also believed:  Josiah was driven out of Canada being a rebel, migrated through New England and settled in Kingsborough....Martha, wife of Colonel Josiah Throop, died 2/5/1795 in her 60th year.

D. A. R. Revolutionary war officer, served in Willett's Regt. of New York Troops, appointed Major 4/28/1781.  See:  "New York in the Revolution", Vol. 1, pg 87 and pg 258.

Further Family Information:  A son Josiah of Josiah and Martha Throop died 5/13/1759, age two yrs., and is buried in South cemetery, North Coventry, Conn.


THROOP, Josiah Jr., died 5/25/1795, in his 32nd yr., son of Josiah and Martha Throop

Listed as a Revolutionary war soldier...D. A. R.  (no further information on his service record or family).


THRALL, Isaac, born 1752, died 2/24/1814 in his 62nd yr.

Rhoda, his wife, died 12/30/1814.

Isaac is listed as D. A. R. Revolutionary war veteran.


VAN NORTHSTRAND, William, died 5/6/1849 in his 84th yr.

Phebe, his wife, died 1/6/1842 in her 76th yr.

D. A. R., William was a Revolutionary war soldier, served as a private in Israel Honeywell's C., Col. James Hamman's Regt., Westchester Co. Militia, also in George Comb's Co., same Regt.  Facts furnished by Albany State Library, see also "New York in the Revolution", 2nd edition, pg. 206.


WARD, William, born 2/26/1757, died 5/26/1812 in his 55th year.

Married Zurviah Murdock, 3/14/1782.  She was born 12/5/1761 and died 1/25/1829 in her 68th year.

D. A. R., William is listed as a Revolutionary was soldier (no further information on his service).

Further Family Information:  Mary Ward, daughter of William Zurviah was born in (now Fulton Co.), on 1/7/1789 and died 6/12/1821 at Gloversville.  She married 12/11/1811 at Johnstown to George Rex Brownell, son of Israel and Rachel Simmons Potter Brownell.  George was born 3/15/1784 at Triverton, R. I. and died 6/25/1864 at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y.; buried in Benham Cemetery, east of Cassville.  George Rex Brownell was living in Johnstown in 1820, with first wife and five girls.


WELLS, John, born in 1739, died 9/10/1806 in his 67th year.

His wife, Lois, was born in 1745 and died 6/11/1815 in her 70th year.

D. A. R. Revolutionary war soldier, no further military records


WELLS, James, born at Colchester, Conn., 10/21/1760, died at Kingsborough N. Y., 6/16/1811 in his 51st year.

Charlotte Lydia Taylor was the wife of James Wells.  She had lived in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y.

D. A. R. Revolutionary soldier, served as private in Captain Spaulding's Co., under Col. Grovener Regt., Penn. militia.  Was wounded by having elbow shatter in 1781.  Order to pay, with signature, dated at New Paltz, N. Y. 10/12/1784...applied for pension, See N. Y. S. records at Albany archives, Vol. 16, Folder #16, & Vol. 9, folder #173.


YALE, Justus, born in Meridian, Conn, 9/15/1754.  Died in Kingsborough N. Y. 11/4/1827 in his 73rd year.

Lived many years in Lenox, Mass.  Listed as Rev. war soldier, D. A. R.  (no further information given for military service)


The following was generously typed by Bette Hill, of Virginia.  She is looking for ancestors in Gloversville.  She writes:  "I know Mark and Martha Cooper both died in Gloversville.  My ancestors lived downtown (37 South Main, 14 Park Street and 57 Forest Street) about 1900.  I think they were Baptists, but I'm not sure about that."  If you have any connection or  information to share, she would like to hear from you.


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