Schoharie County CW Veterans
Residing in Fulton County

Military Records of Schoharie County Veterans of Four Wars. Compiled by George H. Warner, Late Co. C., 134th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Albany, N.Y.: Weed, Parsons and Company, Printers. 1891.

Note: unclear whether the place names before description of service are where the men enlisted from or where residing at time of enlistment. These men were alive at time of compiling this book, ca. late 1880s - 1890.


Fifth N.Y. Heavy Artillery
Joseph Hemstreet
Esperance - Farmer; single; age 19; enlisted January 2, 1864; discharged August 24, 1865; Gloversville, N.Y.; mason and builder; married. Children, Orrey R., Homer G. (Page 159)

18th N.Y. Infantry, Company F
Leonard Cooper, Corporal
Schoharie - Farmer; single; age 21; enlisted May 17, 1861; did full service in line of duty until expiration of term; discharged May 28, 1863; 12 White street, Gloversville, N.Y.; engineer; married. Children, May J., Edith, Louisa. (Page 203)

44th N.Y. Infantry, Company D
George Gasner
Fulton - Age 24; enlisted September 12, 1861; served the greater part of his term on detail duty; discharged October 11, 1864; Galway, N.Y. (Page 209)

91st N.Y. Infantry, Company B
Stephen Mitchell
Summit - Farmer; single; age 31; enlisted August 30, 1861; contracted rupture at battle of Hatcher's Run; discharged with hisregiment, June 10, 1865; 5 Clinton street, Gloversville, N.Y.; tanning operative; married. Children, Cora, Melvin, Hannah. (Page 255)

91st N.Y. Infantry, Company E
Edward J. Simmons
Esperance - Mechanic; married; age 33; enlisted September 13, 1864; joined his regiment at Fort McHenry and served with the regiment until detached with his company, March, 1865, for provost duty at Baltimore; discharged June 19, 1865; Gloversville, N.Y.; mechanic; married. Children, Maria, Winfield, Oliver, Jennie, May, Edmund, William, Maggie. (Page 260)

93rd N.Y. Infantry, Company E
Wright - Single; age 17; enlisted November 1, 1861; re-enlisted at expiration of term and served until discharged with his regiment, June 29, 1865; Gloversville, N.Y.; tanner; married. Children, Ella, Alice, Mary, Fanie, Lilah, Peter, Lottie. (Page 263)

134th N.Y. Infantry, Company C
Otis Guffin, Captain
Carlisle - Enlisted August ___, 1863; promoted to corporal and to sergeant-major, and to captain of Company H. Gloversville, N.Y. (Page 287)

Guffin, Otis 20 Carlisle C,F p,c,sm,2l,1l,cap

134th N.Y. Infantry, Company C
Peter H. Conrad
Carlisle - Farmer; single; age 27; enlisted August 22, 1862; did full service until February, 1864; contracted small-pox and was quarantined under a small tent in the woods, alone; rejoined his regiment after six weeks; contracted dysentery at Atlanta and sent to hospital at Nashville and afterward furloughed home; returned to Nashville and served in the defense under Thomas; rejoined his regiment at Raleigh and served on duty until discharged, June 10, 1865; Gloversville, N.Y.; teamster; married. Children, Arthur H., Charles C., Ella M., Grace A. (Page 291)

Coonradt, Peter H. 24 Carlisle C p

134th N.Y. Infantry, Company C
Benjamin Dey
Sharon - Single; age 21; enlisted August 23, 1862; promoted to State colors in 1864, and served as bearer of regimental colors until discharged by general orders, June 10, 1865; Johnstown, N.Y. Children, Edwin, Arthur, Flora, Bertha, Nellie. (Page 291)

Dey, Benjamin 21 Carlisle C p,c,cs,2l

134th N.Y. Infantry, Company C
James Swarthout, Corporal
Carlisle - Farmer; single; age 20; enlisted August 22, 1862; served on full duty until he received three wounds from gunshots at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863 - one through right shoulder joint; one in right leg, where the ball remains, and one in left hip; discharged at Philadelphia, July 7, 1865; 19 Cedar street, Gloversville, N.Y.; letter carrier; married. Children, Alice, Paul. (Page 296)

Swarthout, James H. 20 Carlisle C p,c

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