Gloversville and Kingsboro.


These records can be viewed at the New York Public Library, NYC, NY. They are on microfilm, 1888 Business Directory of Gloversville & Johnstown, pages 157-166.  Many thanks to Lori Mosher, who transcribed these pages for the site.


Agency (Mercantile)
Dun R. G. & Co., 19 W Fulton.

Agency (R. R. Tickets & Steamboat.)
Rogers W. F., 14 Elm.
Wood J. E., S Main c E Fulton.

Awning Mnfr.
Martin Charles W., 52 School.

Baldwin Thomas, 35 S Main.

Maycock E. Mrs., 12 W Fulton.
Reimensnyder Geo., 30 Bleecker.
Sweet Judson H., 35 N Main.

Fulton Co. National, 19 W Fulton.
Manufacturers & Merchants, 13 S Main.

Case & Dana, 38 W Fulton.
Cramer John H., 10 Bleecker.
Cramer Louis, 251/2 S Main.
Daniels Jas. H., 97 W Fulton.
Haible Chas, 33 Bleecker.
Harris Wm. J., 3 N Main.
Morrison W., S Main.
Muellich Ed., 12 Church.
Tillman Edward, 28 Bleecker.
Williams Geo, 115 N Main.

Books and News.
Cowles D. F. & Co., 9 N Main.
Van Gorden C. M., 19 S Main.

Book Binder.
Muddle Wm., 20 N Main.

Boots and Shoes.
Boston Shoe Store, 29 N Main.
Easterly Michael, 14 N Main.
Gloning John & Co., 51 N Main.
Hill Jas. M., 87 N Main.
Hosmer & Williamson, 11 N Main.
Mark Myer, 9 S Main.
Peake & Levi, 12 S Main.

Gross S. S., 35 Church.
Karl Nicholas, 4 Lincoln.
Schmitt Louis, 29 Bleecker.

Box Mnfrs., (Paper.)
Allen Charles F., 90 S Main.
Drake J. H., 24 S Main.
King John S., rear Memorial Hall.
Thomas & Brown, 21 High.
Van Antwerp H., 37 Lincoln.

Brick Mnfrs.
McCall D., off E Fulton out corp.
McDuffie & Dence, off E Fulton out corp.
Stoutner A., off E Fulton out corp.

Devoe Jay, 16 S Main.

Button Mnfr.
Bradt & Shipman, 100 Spring.

Bullock James H., 6 Grand.
Copeland G. T., 131 N Main.
Marriet Chas. A., 14 Forest.
Mosher R. H., 2 Cayadutta.
Mills & Morehouse, 15 S Main.
Platner S. C., 53 S Main.

Clothing, Hats, &c.
Hosmer & Williamson, 11 N Main.
Lansing & Stowe, 53 N Main.
Newman J. R. & Sons, 16 S Main.
NY Clothing Co., D. Solomon, Prop., 22 S Main.
Stoddard Ed. E., 10 N Main.
Wrigley A. O., 3 S Main.

Clothes Wringer Repairer.
Davis Horace, 41 S Main.

Coal Co.
Coal Co. of Fulton Co., H. G. Dewey, agt., 130 S Main.

Confectioners and Fruits.
Chelantano S., 62 W Fulton.
Furbeck James A., 49 N Main.
Sanguinnetti John, 6 S Main.

Crockery, Glassware, &c.
Avery A. H., 7 S Main.
Beattie & Smith, 47 N Main.
Hanson J. J., 12 Church.

Bellows C. P., 113 Bleecker.
Cromwell Harvey E., 13 N Main.
Lansing Wm. E., 15 N Main.
Tallmadge E. H., 17 W Fulton.

Directory Publishers.
Bame O. H. & Co., 13 S Main.

Dining Rooms.
Fox Ed., 22 S Main.
Zea Harlan, 38 N Main.

Allen E, J. Miss, 153 Bleecker, K' bro.
Authier L. G. Mrs., 27 E Fulton.
Bowman L. E. Miss, 47 N Main.
Brown Etta Miss, 14 Elm.
Brown Maggie Miss, 30 First av.
Bushby Emily M. Mrs., 71 School.
Campbell Lillie Miss, 122 Bleecker.
Canady Barbara Mrs., 81 E Fulton.
Chasmer Sarah Miss, Bleecker c Church.
Cramer & Coe, 16 N Main.
Dodge Etta Miss, 54 Washington.
Fesenfeld E. A. Mrs., 68 Washington.
Finkle Geo. L. Mrs., 14 Union.
Fritcher Sarah Mrs., 7 Cayadutta.
Griffith Hattie Mrs., 54 N Main.
Hamlen Flora C. Miss, 14 Fosdick.
Hastings Jennie Miss, 15 S Main.
Heinneman M. J. Miss, 31 Spring.
Hemstreet Sarah Miss, 186 N Main, K'bro.
Hurdman Minnie L. Miss, 53 S Main.
Howland Ettie Miss, 6 Clinton.
Kennedy B. A. Miss, 18 Clinton.
Lawrence J. S. Mrs., 53 N Main.
Lewis Helen Miss, 29 School.
McCarthy J. Mrs., 22 Bleecker.
Mosher Anna Miss, 16 Cayadutta.
Muellich Edward Mrs., 9 Church.
Potter C. E. Mrs., 54 School.
Potter J. B. Mrs., 43 N Main.
Pyne Nellie Miss, 65 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Rogalle Bell Mrs., 59 Bleecker.
Shaw Bell Mrs., 32 E State, K'bro.
Shepard Alice M. Miss, 14 Elm.
Sism Wm. Mrs. 44 Washington.
Starkweather H. Miss, 35 N Main.
Sternburg Etta Miss, 29 School.
Welsh Olive Mrs., Steele.
Wentworth Jessie Mrs., 72 Spring.

Glove Mnfrs.
Adler Jacob & Co., Forest c Park -
(and 471 B'way, N.Y.)
Allen Edward H., 18-20 Forest -
(and 59 Walker, N. Y.)
Allerhant A. J., 10 Jay.
Babcock Theo., 9 Forest.
Ball Jas. K., 21 Beaver.
Barkhuff J. K., 16 Beaver.
Becker Henry, 107 N Main.
Becker W., 103 N Main.
Beeber M. & Co., 89 S Main - 
(and 475 B'dway, N. Y.)
Berry & Allen, 71 W Fulton.
Berry Bros., 23 School.
Bradt James K., 110 Spring.
Bradt & Shipman, 100 Spring.
Brower A. D., 3 Fremont.
Brown Bros., 9 E State, K'bro.
Brown Joseph, 235 N Main, K'bro.
Brown L. S., 16 E State, K'bro.
Burr J. H., 10 Mill.
Butts Austin C., 28 E Fulton.
Churchill A. C. & Co., 79 S Main.
Crounse A. R. & Co., 20 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Culver George H., rear 15 N Water.
Dade Frederick, rear 19 First av.
Dart F. W., 42 Lincoln.
Dempster & Place, 60 Bleecker.
Ellsworth P., 85 School.
Farthing D C., 97 N Main.
Fear Samuel, 25 Yale c Marshall av.
Fidoe & Radford, 10 School.
Fonda A. V., 104 S Main.
Fry S., Jr., & Co., S Middle.
Fulton Co., Co-op. Mfg. Co., Ltd, 3 High.
Furness Chas. H., 33 Cayadutta.
Getman Adam, Burr.
Gillispie George, 5 Prospect.
Golder D. G., 57 Fremont.
Hall B. F., 21 Chestnut.
Hall Jesse & Son, 31 Cayadutta.
Hallenbeck S. W. & Son, 4 Montgomery.
Hamlin J. R., 14 Fosdick.
Hawley John F., 78 E State, K'bro.
Heacock L., 36 S Main.
Hill Peter V., 198 W Fulton.
Hilts George H., 26 W Fulton.
Hulett D. S., 101 N Main.
Hulett Simon, 15 First av.
Jeffers Solomon, 80 School.
Johnson & Palmer, 3 Orchard.
Johnson R. W., 15 North.
Judson C. W., c E Fulton and Fremont.
Judson D. B., 11 E State, K'bro.
Kibbe C. S., 33 Cayadutta.
King Isaac G., rear 37 Marshall av.
Klein Albert, 121 S Main.
Kraus Julius, 35 Cayadutta.
Lebenheim S. & H., 26 Judson.
Leonard H. M. 102 S Main.
Leonard I. A. Mrs., 123 S Main.
Link J., 93 Washington.
Littauer Bros., 92 S Main.
Lowry A. J. & Co., 80 Bleecker.
Lyke & Bishop, 69 S Main.
Madden & Burdick, 260 N Main, K'bro.
Mandrill G. W., 6 Division.
McDougall Jas. A. & Co., 65 Bleecker.
McDougall & Pool, 13 Bleecker.
McDougall Wm., 62 Grand.
McEwen Chas., 65 S Main.
McKee James, 116 S Main.
McSwiney Jas., Cayadutta.
Meyers Louis, 26 W Fulton.
Mills W. H., rear 97 N Main.
Mosher David A., 28 First av.
Neff John J., 97 N Main.
Nickloy A. C. & Bro., rear 30 First av.
Olmstead & Whitaker, 34 Fremont.
Orr Wm., 36 S Main.
Parsons & Smith, 27 W Fulton.
Pauley Frank & Son, 51 Bleecker.
Pauley Philip, rear 44 E Fulton.
Pettit H. H., 108 School
Phair Bros., 7 Burr.
Phillips H. A., 31 Elm.
Potter O. E., Centre, K'bro.
Pursell Thomas, 15 Temple.
Quackenbush J. A. & A. V., 6 Spring.
Rea & White, 13 First av.
Richards J. C., 5 Kent.
Rosa Wardell, 43 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Rose Chas. W., E Pine c Mill.
Schermerhorn C. S. & G. W., rear 12 First av.
Shaffer M. L., 26 Broad.
Shepard John H., 46 North.
Shipman Henry, 16 Cayadutta.
Skiff Chauncey J., 7 Forest.
Smith Homer H., 7 Place.
Smith John H., 60 Prospect.
Stempfle Rudolph, 50 First av.
Thomas Bros., N Main c E State, K'bro.
Van Dreser Wm., 30 School.
Van Tuyl John, 70 School.
Veeder E., 55 S Main.
Ward Wm. E., 84 N Main.
Warner J. H. & C. S. 16 Marshall av.
Winberg B., 37 E Pine.
Windows Charles, 30 E Fulton.
Whitney W. E., rear 41 Prospect.
Whitney Zenas B., 3 Burr.
Wright J. W., 77 School.
Young W. R., rear 35 S Main.
Zimmer A. J. & Co., 81 S Main.
Zimmer W. N. & J. S., 26 School.

Gorton Charles H., 7 Washington.
Langville L. S. & Co., 5 S Main.
Norton A. D., 13 W Fulton.
Richards Richard, 5 Church.
Rogers Frank, 9 W Fulton.
Van Slyke Edwards, 57 N Main.

Bruce Andrew R., 10 Church.
Kennedy J. M., 5 W Fulton.
Spencer E. N., (police,) corp. bdg.

Knit Goods Mnfrs.
Belden & Preston, 90 S Main.
Bovee James, 3 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Cross Wm. E., 36 S Main.
Fonda A. V., 104 S Main.
Gregory Wm., 33 E State, K'bro.
Hawley John F., 78 E State, K'bro.
Sheldon & Brainard, Kingsboro av., K'bro.

Ladder Mnfr.
Carpenter A. V., Jr., 12 Park.

Anibal Nelson H., Rose blk., 5 N Main.
Baker & Burton, 5 W Fulton.
Bowen Chas. F., 3 N Main.
Egelston Jerome, 10 N Main.
Green Wm., 21 W Fulton.
Mills Wm. C., Jr., 14 S Main.
Parke C. M., 11 N Main.
Parker Henry H., Rose blk.
Spencer & Banker, 23 N Main.
Wright Horton D., 23 W Fulton.

Gloversville Free Library, Littauer blk.

Liquors (Wholesale.)
Gross S. S., 10 Church.
Griffin Mark, 95 W Fulton.
N. Y. & Ky. Distilling Co., 25 Bleecker.

Livery and Exchange Stables.
Ayers Chas., 18 Bleecker.
Brown Stephen W., 1 Mill.
Carmichael M., rear 45 School.
Eisenbrey & Young, "Keystone," rear 35 S Main.
Gifford L. H., 79 School.
Jamison Chas. N., 53 School.
Jamison Jos., 49 School.
Kathan J. D., rear 35 S Main.
Van Sickler M. R., rear 43 S Main.
Van Vranken Stephen, 19 Washington.
Wadsworth & Lasher, 11 Fremont.

Lumber, Saw and Plaining Mills.
Burr Bros., Green., K'bro.
Holden W., 18 Carpenter.
Phelps L. A., 157 N Main.
Place Wm. H., rear 71 Spring.
Schabacker Chas C., S Main.

Chevalier J., 118 S Main.
Chevalier P., 15 Orchard.
Golder W. S. & Son, 57 Fremont.
Hemstreet J. E., 9 Grand.
Kaiser A., 13 Chestnut.

Mnfg. Chemist.
Bame A. C., 91 School.

Newspapers, also Job Printing.
The Daily Leader,  - Shaul & Collins, eds. 
and props., Cayadutta c S Main.
The Gloversville Intelligencer -
W. E. Leaning, ed. and prop., 13 S Main.
Gloversville Standard -
Hervey Ross, ed. and prop., 9 W Fulton.
Saturday Globe -
C. M. Van Gorden agt., 19 S Main.
The Glove Trade Journal - O. H. Bame & 
Co., eds. and props., 13 S Main.
Judson J. B. -
(job printer only,) 13 E State, K'bro.
Weaver & Locksinger -
(job printers only,) 5 N Main.

Canham George, rear Memorial Hall.
Carroll Jos., 11 Smith av.
Carroll P., rear Memorial Hall.
Cooper A. G., 4 Birch.
Genter W. H., 27 N Main.
King Elisha, 5 S Main.
Lake N. D., 28 Elm.
Smith Alfred, 47 S Main.
Theobald C. H., 17 Forest.
Van Vranken Nelson, 2 Cayadutta.
Wilson George, 20 First av.

Pianos, Organs and Music.
Brockway Mortimer, 150 N Main.
Davis Jonathan, 57 N Main.
Eaton F. H. & Co., 23 W Fulton.
Taylor George H., 1 S Main.
Tietz Edward F., 24 N Main.

Demarest Wm. H., 55 S Main.
Huggett & Bridger, 4 Church.
Place R. L., 21 W Fulton.

Betts & Springer, 14 Church.
Brown Wm., 19 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Bussee Louis, 154 Bleecker, K'bro.
Comrack Charles, 66 W. Fulton.
Dietz Lawyer, 32 Bleecker.
Holland Ed., 39 S Main.
King Chas. M., 19 N Main.
King R., 23 S Main.
Klock Wm. H., 33 N Main.
Lee John G., 24 S Main.
McDowell J. B., 109 N Main.
Mead & Karg, 45 and 47 S Main.
Putman & Jones, 88 E Fulton.
Rider Lee, 97 W Fulton.
Schmitt John A., 29 Bleecker.
Sherman Albert J., 31 Bleecker.
Shew Hayden, 37 Church.
Washburn R. W., 125 N Main.

Slipper Mnfrs.
Cummings C. S. & Co., 125 S Main.

Soap Mnfrs.
Woolett & Hollett, Swamp out corp.

Stone Dealer.
Starr Z. B., 55 Broad.

Stoves and Tinware.
Graff I. D., 87 W Fulton.
Hanson John J., 12 Church.
Peek's J. W. Son, 5 N Main.

Bernier Fred, J., 5 N Main.
Gehrman Joseph, 19 N Main.
Glantz Chas., 104 N Main.
Klein M., 5 N Main.
Lansing & Stowe, 25 N Main.
Myers Isaac, 17 N Main.
Strum Wm., 21 S Main.
Vaughn Fred Wm., 11 S Main.
Victor Abram, 21 Bleecker.
Wegner Edward, 20 N Main.
Yeo John E., 10 N Main.

Wood Yards.
Fox Albert, 31 Broad.
Lair Charles E., 37 Grand.
Lair J. M., 33 Grand.
Griffis J. H., Green av.
Miller Martin, 27 Judson.
Myers Samuel, 157 Bleecker, K'bro.
Peck Eugene W., 7 Christie.
Shamberger Charles, 162 -
Bleecker, out corp.
   Bathing School.
Wohlfarth A., ft. Second.

Bard James, 29 N Main.
Hart Millard L., 41 S Main.
Mead & Karg, 45 S Main.
Van Dyke Chauncey, 22 Bleecker.

Armand J., 6 Second av.
Cook Walter J., 6 Grand.
Cramer H. W., 12 Forest.
Curran John, 158 N Main.
Hunt Stephen, 156 n Main.
Lerch Thomas, 81 W Fulton.
Martin Joseph D., 13 Church.
Pursell Wm. A., 5 Allen.
Rudd James, rear 45 School.
Van Dyke E., 39 Church.

Bedell Frank H., 119 W Fulton.
Combs Eliza A. Mrs., 25 Elm.
Comrie H. E., 84 S Main.
Farquharson M. E. Mrs., 144 W Fulton.
Hall S. C., 64 School.
Lowry Charles, 68 Bleecker.
Mathes E. Mrs., 51 School.
Satterlee Toles, 47 Second.
Sauer Chas., 32 West.
Stoddard Kate Mrs., 32 School.
Sweet C., 60 Grand.
Turner L., 29 Grand.
Waterman Hattie Miss, 17 School.
Wilkins H. A. Mrs., 52 W Fulton.

Belding H. A., 22 Grand.
Cook Thos. P., 52 E Fulton.
Dye Walter F., 9 Smith av.
Duel Asa E., 68 Forest.
Ehle Barney, rear 45 S Main.
England J. B., 67 Broad.
Farquharson Wm. A., 35 Broad.
Hamlin A. I., 34 Grand.
Hays DeWitt, 46 West.
Henry Alden L., 10 Hamilton.
Johnson Daniel B., 89 Lincoln.
Lair J. M., 33 Grand.
Miller A. J., 64 Lincoln.
Warner David, 77 Grand.
Strickland Angus, rear 57 S Main.

Carpet Cleaning Works.
Simmons Albert, 22 Forest.

Carpet Weavers.
Clark Eli, 134 W Fulton.
Eppler Joseph, Cayadutta c S Main.

Carpets and Wall Paper.
Rogers & Everest, r 27 N Main.

Carriage Mnfrs.
Bach Bros., 8 Montgomery.
Borst Hiram, 13 Church.
Dollar George, 81 W Fulton.
Harvey R. E., 12 Forest.
Hayner J., 6 Grand.

Carriage Painters.
Theobald C. H., 17 Forest.
Snyder H. E., 12 Forest
Van Vranken N., 2 Cayadutta.

Carriage Repositories.
Baldwin M. A., rear 35 S Main.
De La Mater R., 9 Forest.
Theobald Chas. H., 17 Forest.

Cigar Dealers and Mnfrs.
Dailey Jos., Rose blk., N Main c W Fulton.
Marley John C., 12 N Main.

Furbeck & Van Auken, 17 N Main.
Houck & Patrick, 14 S Main.
Miller J. A. & Co., 7 N Main.
Stone John B., 11 W Fulton.
Tuck S. M. & Co., 25 N Main.

Dry and Fancy Goods.
Bauder Geo. R. Mrs., 31 N Main.
Colllie Wm., 39 N Main.
Cramer & Coe, 16 N Main.
Dow Thomas L., 4 and 6 W Fulton.
Edwards D. M., 21 and 23 N Main.
Levi H. L., 27 Grand.
Lovenheim I. N., 9 Church.
Thompson H. A. Miss, 31 N Main.
Van Ness L. R. & Co, 8 W Fulton.
Wilson W. J., 5 W Fulton.

Dye Works.
Bach J. H., 10 Montgomery.

Express Company.
American Express Co., F. J. & G. R. R. depot.

Fish Markets.
Johnson Jeptha, 13 Clinton.
Shutts L., 50 N Main.

Five Cent Store.
Hubbard & Rowland, 34 N Main.

Hooper John, S Main out corp.
Main George, Bleecker c North.

Flour and Feed.
Edwards Thomas, 20 N Main.
Kasson Morton D., 17 W Fulton.
Phelps L. A., 157 N Main.
Rupert Wm. H., 20 Bleecker.
Simmons F. P. & Co 15 S Main.
Streeter George A. & Bro., 11 S Main.

McGuire B., 121-3 W Fulton.

Fur Dealer.
Adler Chas., Forest c Park.

Furniture Dealers and Undertakers.
Darling & Bard, 45 N Main.
Hart S. T. O., 67 W Fulton.

Glove Block Mnfr.
Brothers W. H., rear 57 S Main.

Glove Fastener Co.
Kraetzer Glover Fasting Co. - 
M. C. Treadway, agt., 9 S Main.

Glove Finishers.
Batty James A., rear 103 N Main.
Dye Charles H., 5 Spring.
Graff A., 14 Forest.
Higgins Jay, 6 Fifth.
Mead Charles, Vine.
Mills & Fort, 21 High.
Patten Wm. H., 93 N Main.
Thrall Bros., 28 School.

Glove Material.
Alvord Frank C., 19 N Main.
Clapp J. L., 5 S Main.
Draper Bros., W. N. Ripton, agt. 21 W Fulton.
Hamilton John & Son, 7 N Main.
Hull James, 23 Gas.
Littauer Nathan, 18 S Main.
Potter Chas. S., 44 N Main.
Shotwell S. H., 59 S Main.
Stewart & Co., 22 S Main.
Whitney Z. B., 3 Burr.

Glove Tool Mnfrs.
Anthony H. J., Cayadutta c S Main.
Haag Jacob,, 5 Fifth.
Hartman W. A., 76 Fremont.
Newton E P., 24 Washington.
Titus & Brooks, 52 W Fulton. 22

Glue Mnfr.
Brower A. & Son, 291 W Fulton.

Anibal M., 117 N Main.
Becker & Son, 21 S Main.
Beattie & Smith, 47 N Main.
Bonfey E. A. & Co., So E Fulton.
Brown A. O., 194 N Main, K' bro.
Burton E. C., 51 W Fulton.
Cady & Saltsman, 48 North.
Cohen Bros., 19 N Main.
Collins E. W., 90 School.
Deitz John, 9 Bloomingdale av.
Dempster & Fry, 119 W Fulton.
Dennie & Foster, 31 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Edwards Thomas, 20 N Main.
Evans E. & Co., S main out corp.
Fry S., Jr., & Co., 8 Middle.
Filmer J. H. & Co., 48 E Pine.
Frosher Jos., 8 Church.
Haines Andrew, 130 Bleecker.
Hallenbeck J. M., 123 N Main.
Hillabrandt C. S., 91 and 93 W Fulton.
Humphrey J. W., 79 Washington.
Hunt M. G., 130 W Fulton.
Mower E., 17 S Main.
Nailor Geo. Mrs., 111 N Main.
Ormiston C A., 26 Bleecker.
Putman Fred., 90 E Fulton.
Richardson & Steele, 15 N Main.
Satterlee Charles, 9 Yale.
Sexton Seymour, 20 S Main.
Shaffer F. W. & Son, 7 Church.
Skaine & Banker, 10 Bleecker.
Snell & Boughton, 24 S Main.
Stockamore Jacob, Bleecker c Green av.
Sweet & Thompson, 23 Bleecker.
Van Auken S., S Main out corp.
Van Heusen & Carpenter, 36 Washington.
Walsh & Montanye, 11 Washington.
Ward H. M., 24 Bleecker.
Wheaton Bros., 8 S Main.
Young Albert, 18 N Main.

Hair Dealers.
Bryce Charles B., James.
Independent Hair Co.,  - 
J. H. Willis, man., S Main out corp.
Lepper & Hatmaker, 20 Third.
Smith D. M. Co., 25 W Fulton.

Heacock & Co., 13 N Main.
Sexton Seymour, 20 S Main.

Harness Mnfrs.
Gifford M. L., 20 N Main.
Hogle C., Jr., 12 Forest.
Petrie James A., 28 Bleecker.

Hide Dealers.
Hollett & Woolett, swamp out corp.
Mead Isaac, 18 Washington.

Alvord House -
C. G. Alvord prop., 74 S Main.
Burlington Hotel,  -
Charles H. Warren, prop., Bleecker c School.
Germania Hotel -
A. B. Mathes, prop., 49 S Main.
Keystone Hotel -
E. Goodamote, prop., 27 W Fulton.
Mansion Hotel -
I. W. Benedict, prop., 12 W Fulton.
Palmer House -
R. Palmer, prop., 15 Cayadutta.
Rail Road House -
Mrs. Lydia Van Veghten, prop., 115 W Fulton.
Wadsworth House -
B. G. Carman, prop., 48 W Fulton.
Wayside Inn -
Sim Christie, prop., S Main out corp.
Windsor Hotel -
A. D. Kibbe, prop., E Fulton c S Main.

Ice Dealers.
Coldbrook Ice Co.,  - Rupert 
& Van Vleet, 20 Bleecker.
West Mill Co., W Fulton c Rose.

Insurance and Real Estate.
Collins Cyrus S., 90 School.
Getman John L., 14 S Main.
Graff S. G., 104 N Main.
Hodgkiss Edwin, 55 N Main.
Loyd C. M. C., 19 N Main.
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.  - 
D. J. Abrams, assist. supt., 13 N Main.
Prudential Ins. Co., 6 Church.
Smith E. M., 29 S Main.
Stewart Cyrus, 21 W Fulton.
Wood Jos. E., 1 N Main.

Chung Sung, 12 Bleecker.
Cole J. M., prop., Troy Steam Laundry, rear Memorial Hall.
Kee Wa, Fox blk., S Main.
Lee Hop, 41 N Main.
Sing Sam, 13 Bleecker.

Leather Mnfrs.
Baird Edgar T., ext. Bleecker, K'bro.
Bartlett C. O., ext. Bleecker, K'bro.
Booth & Co., 10 Grand.
Brennan W. H., ext. Bleecker, K'bro.
Brice George, 126 N Main.
Broderick John, ext. Bleecker, K'bro.
Brower & Sporborg, 67 S Main.
Bryce C. B., S Main c Cayadutta.
Chant Edward, rear 128 Green av.
Cummings & Burr, 127 S Main.
Denham E. T., 10 Marshall av.
Dodge C. & J. W., 38 Church.
Filmer Bros., 11 Burr.
Filmer J. W. & M., Swamp out corp.
Foster T. G., Centre, K'bro.
Garrett James, 27 James.
Giercke Charles, ext. Bleecker, K'bro.
Hays D. & Co., 157-9 W Fulton.
Hevey Frank, 74 Spring.
Hodder A. & Sons, 108 N Main.
Hull H., 93 N Main.
Johnson Chas., 7 Centre, K'bro.
Johnson R. W., 15 North.
Kennedy & Wood, 284 W Fulton.
Knoff Louis, 149 S Main.
Lake George L., rear 45 School.
Levor Gustave, Woodside av.
Mills Bros., 175 W Fulton.
Morrison Jos. M. & Co., S Main out corp.
Robinson J. G. & T., rear 71 Spring.
Simmons A. & Son, 22 Forest.
Skaine O. & Son, S Main out corp.
Thorne Edward, 163 N Main.
Van Natter John, rear 127 S Main.
West Mill Co., W Fulton, c Rose.
Wilmarth P., Centre, K'bro.
Yeatman Alfred W., 8 White.

Machine Works.
Diehl Peter, Cayadutta.
Gloversville Foundry & Machine Co., W Fulton n R. R.

Marble Works.
Wood Geo. L., 110 E Fulton.

Meat Markets.
Bentley G., 121 N Main.
Blanchard John, 19 Kingsboro av., K'bro.
Collins E. W., 90 School.
Hillabrandt C. S., 91 and 93 W Fulton.
McDonough M., 21 S Main.
Mount & Hatmaker, 51 Bleecker.
Moloney J., 50 N Main.
Musgrave M., 43 N Main.
Myers George, 134 Bleecker.
Rau & Simpson, 27 Bleecker.
Rose Scott, 22 N Main.
Skaine & Banker, 8 Bleecker.
Smith Geo., 117 W Fulton.
Smith Seneca, 117 W Fulton.
Snell & Boughton, 24 S Main.
Steenburgh & Fallis, 6 Church.
Streeter Bros., 11 Church.
Sweet & Thompson, 21 Bleecker.
Walrath Eph., 53 S Main.

Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Devoe D. A., 36 N Main.
Giles L. E. Mrs., 21 S Main.
Huartson J. Mrs., 15 W Fulton.
Huckans G. L. Mrs., 51 N Main.
Jaycox M. E. Miss, 10 W Fulton.
Miller W. H., 20 S Main.
Robison M. A. Mrs., 36 Bleecker.
Shaffer F. W. Mrs., 25 N Main.

Dunlop Jos. K., 7 Church.
Hamlin & Osborn, 12 Bleecker.
Lay H. A., S Main c Cayadutta.
Scidmore D., 15 N Main.

Beach Eugene, 74 N Main.
Clowe C. F., 10 E State, K'bro.
Davis Wm., 11 Elm.
DeZouche Isaac, 68 S Main.
Edwards John, 22 E Fulton.
Eisenbrey E. H., 15 N Main.
Furbeck P. R., 73 N Main
Garnsey William S., 77 N Main.
Ingalls Gilbert, 30 Kingsboro, av., K'bro.
Johnson Alex. L., 55 N Main.
Leffler C. M., 27 Elm.
Palmer Robert, 13 Elm.
Phillips John S., 14 E Fulton.
Rowe George, 25 N Main.
Thorne J. K., 38 S Main.
Tuck Arthur E., 25 N Main.
Wood Wm. C., 30 S Main.

Sewing Machine Dealers and Repair Shops.
Clements & Kechum, 41 N Main.
Hosmer Jas. S., 34 S Main.
McNell P. C., Special Glove -
Machine, 23 W Fulton.
Shear H. L., 5 N Main.
Shutts H. P., agt., Howe, Domestic
and Standard, 25 W Fulton.
Singer Mfg. Co.,  -
Abner Allen, agt., 10 S Main.
Wheeler & Wilson Mfg.,  -
M. J. Owen, agt., 30 N Main.

Alverson Wm. B., 20 Bleecker.
Brown Edmund, 20 N Main.
Fallis Matthew, 32 North.
Fuss Joseph, 14 Church.
Lacroix Leger, 9 S Main.
Locksinger Fred., 5 N Main.
Neil Robert, 17 W Fulton.
Sauer C., 32 West.
Smith S. P., rear 59 Bleecker.
Stroebel Henry, 214 S Main.
Yoe J. F., 105 School.

Silk and Thread.
Clapp J. L., 5 S Main.
Nonotuck Silk Co.,  -
Jay G. French, agt., 7 N Main.
Seavey, Foster & Bowman -
M. C. Treadway, agt., 9 S Main.
Stewart & Co., 22 S Main.

Tea Companies.
Great Atlantic -
E. McDonald, man., 55 N Main.
U. P. Tea Co.,  -
John Nevin, man., 3 N Main.

Telegraph Co.
W. U. Tel. Co., 7 W Fulton.

Telephone Co.
Hudson River, Chas. H. Krause, mang. -
19 W Fulton.

Umbrella Repairer.
Gorton Albert W., 20 Washington.

Vinegar Mnfr.
Potter Daniel, Kingsboro av., K'bro.

Veterinary Surgeons.
Cady D. & Son, 16 Forest.
Clement Lucas, 68 School.
Hulett A. P., 31 First av.


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