NY Forest Commission for Fulton County
Annual Report, 1892


Contributed and Transcribed by Lisa Slaski.
Source: New York Forest Commission, Annual Report, 1892 
(presented to the State Assembly on March 30, 1893)


Firewardens, 1892


Listed by: Town, Firewarden, P.O. address
Bleecker, Francis Unger, Bleecker
Broadalbin, Sanford Rider, North Broadalbin
Caroga, Fred Bosquet, Pine Lake
Ephratah, Sanford Snell, Caroga
Johnstown, Charles Gage, Johnstown
Mayfield, Emmet Benedict, North Broadalbin
Perth, John Fox, Perth Centre
Stratford, George Bowers, Stratford


“The Firewardens are not salaried officials. They receive pay only for such time as they are on duty at a forest fire. They are appointed by the Forest Commission, but their services are a town charge.”


Forest Fires (reports of the Firewardens) 

…In examining the reports of the Firewardens, it will be seen that, as usual, the most prolific cause of fire was the burning of fallows or attempts at clearing land for farming purposes. For this reason, mostly, all the fires were on borders of the forest, and none in the interior….


Fulton County:

H. C. Robinson, Firewarden for the town of Mayfield, reports:

A small fire started on private land in this town, on the afternoon of October twenty-second, caused by bee hunters burning comb. It burnt over about twenty-five acres of land, damaging only the leaves and underbrush. It was extinguished by the rain.


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