Fulton County Officials


Source: "Legislative Manual, New York by Robert Moses, Secretary of State
(J. B. Lyon Company, Albany), 1928 (no copyright), pgs. 668-815.


County Treasurer
Office Name Residence Date Elected Term
County Judge J. William Titcomb Gloversville Nov. 1924 Six years
Surrogate T. Cuthell Calderwood Johnstown Nov. 1927 Six years
County Sheriff Everson A. Hagar Johnstown Nov. 1925 Three years
County Clerk Egbert T. Cross Johnstown Nov. 1925 Three years
District Attorney Edward K. Cassedy Gloversville Nov. 1926 Three years
Edward C. Wells Johnstown Nov. 1926 Three years
Superintendent of the Poor Henry A. Sexton Gloversville Nov. 1925 Three years
Attorney Sydney Rosenthal Johnstown App.   


Coroners - term, three years

(1) Walter R. Grunewald, Mayfield, Nov. 1925
(2) Morris Kennedy, Gloversville, Nov. 1925
(3) Robert J. Palmer, Gloversville, Nov. 1926
(4) John W. Joslin, Johnstown, Nov. 1927

Chairman and Clerks Boards of Supervisors

Caleb B. Walrath, chairman, Johnstown
Harry F. Dunkel, clerk, Gloversville

Mayor of Gloversville, Frank J. Clark, R, Term two years, expires, Dec. 31, 1929
City Clerk - William H. Marple

Mayor of Johnstown, Percey A. Ripton, D, Term two years, expires, Dec. 31, 1929
City Clerk - Archibald Wands

Political Committees, 1928

Republican County Chairman and Vice-chairman -
(1) Burt Kasson, Gloversville
(2) Mrs. Anna L. McKillip, Gloversville

Democratic County Chairman and Vice-chairman -
(1) Josiah H. Dansforth, Gloversville
(2) Mrs. Laura De Baun, Gloversville

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