General Richard Montgomery

Daughters of the American Revolution
Gloversville, N. Y.

Year Book 1916-1917


"Honor the pioneer.  Honor them in song and story, In permanent trail and granite marker; Honor them for their own sakes - honor them for ours."


Program 1916-1917
Organized 1901

State Officers
Mrs. Benjamin F. Spraker, State Regent, Palatine Bridge, N. Y.
Mrs. David B. Page, State Vice-President, Oswego, N. Y.
Miss Margaret Burdick, State Treasurer, Johnstown, N. Y.

New York State Conference
Daughters of the American Revolution
to be held in November at Albany, N. Y.

Hon. Life Regents
Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Churchill
Mrs. Louise Hildreth De La Mater


Chapter Officers

Regent, Mrs. Edwin P. Bellows
First Vice Regent, Mrs. Ernest L. Merritt
Second Vice Regent, Mrs. Edward W. Judson
Third Vice Regent, Mrs. John A. Welch
Recording Secretary, Mrs. Harry S. F. Randolph
Corresponding Secretary, Miss Mabel Todd
Assistant Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. J. Leroy Burr Treasurer, Mrs. John Wells Burr
Registrar, Mrs. Zena B. Whitney
Historian, Mrs. A. Veeder Fonda
Chaplain, Mrs. Elizabeth R. Churchill


Program Committee, 1916-1917
Mrs. Newton V. Fiero, Mrs. Frank Burton, Mrs. D. S. Frank



Friday, September Fifteenth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. Geo. W. Bickerton
Election of Delegates to State Conference
Memorial for Mrs. Donald McLean, and the departed members of this Chapter, in charge of Mrs. A. V. Fonda, Chairman,
Mrs. Radcliff De La Mater and Mrs. A. D. Norton
Music, Mrs. Reno P. Scoville

Hostess, Mrs. Daniel S. Frank, 122 Bleecker Street
Dues to be paid at htis meeting


Friday, October Twentieth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. John Wells Burr
Music, Miss Florence Ethelyn Furbeck
"The First Thanksgiving", Miss Winifred Dutcher

Hostess, Mrs. Horton D. Wright, 31 Kingboro Avenue


Friday, November Seventeenth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. Jason LeRoy Burr
Reports from State Conference Recitation, Miss Dorothy R. Barringer

Hostess, Mrs. Newton V. Fiero, 8 Fosdick Street


December - Holiday Intermission

Friday, January Nineteenth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. W. H. Brower
Patriotic Address, Rev. Donald W. Green
Music, Miss Todd

This meeting to be held in the Parlors of the First Baptist Church


Friday, February Sixteenth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. William W. Furbeck
In Commemoration of the Birthdays of Washington and Lincoln...
In charge of Miss Mabel Todd, Miss Mary L. Buchanan, Mrs. H. J. Anthony, Mrs. M. Everest, Mrs. Chas. N. Harris, Miss Carrie Cole, Mrs. J. G. French, Mrs. C. G. Quackenbush, Mrs. John A. Welch, Mrs. William Davis, Mrs. E. L. Merritt, Miss Lillian Burton and Mrs. Chas. E. Pannaci

Hostess, Mrs. Frank Burton, 230 West Fulton Street


Friday, March, Sixteenth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. John R. Robertson
Life of Betsey Ross, Mrs. J. G. French
"The Flag", In charge of Patriotic Education Committee
Music, Judson Pannaci

This meeting to be held in the Parlors of the First Baptist Church


Friday, April Twentieth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. J. Wm. Titcomb
Reports from National Congress
Music, Miss Elsie Graff

Hostesses, Mrs. J. S. Todd, Miss Mabel Todd


Friday, May Eighteenth
Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Mrs. C. E. Sykes
Election of Officers
Recitation, Miss Edith Kean

Hostess, Mrs. H. G. Hilts, 21 Kingsboro Avenue


June Fourteenth, Flag Day
Annual Outing
In charge of Mrs. James H. Wood, and Mrs. George Miller, Mrs. A. D. Norton, Mrs. Florence P. Ross, Mrs. Arthur Hosmer, Mrs. Henry Marshall, Mrs. Walter Humphrey, Mrs. Mary Kasson, Mrs. Herbert Leavenworth, Mrs. James Warbasse, Mrs. Roy Miller, Mrs. Vrooman Best, Mrs. S. E. Shannahan


Mrs. Jermaine P. Heacock, Chairman
Mrs. William C. Wood, Mrs. Geo. Miller, Mrs. James H. Bellinger, Mrs. Robert J. Palmer,
Miss Mabel Todd, Mrs. William Browne, Mrs. J. Wells Burr, Mrs. Chas. H. Lont

Mrs. Erastus Darling, Chairman
Mrs. Frank Burton, Mrs. Daniel S. Frank

Patriotic Education
Mrs. Harry G. Hilts, Chairman
Mrs. Edward W. Judson, Mrs. John R. Robertson

Furniture and Relics for Baronial Mansion
Mrs. Zenas B. Whitney, Chairman
Mrs. Edwin P. Bellows, Mrs. Radcliff DeLaMater

Prize Essay Contest
Mrs. Radcliff DeLaMater, Chairman
Mrs. Geo. H. Steele, Mrs. Horton D. Wright

Historic Research
Miss Mary E. Green, Chairman
Mrs. E. L. Heacock, Mrs. Vrooman H. Best

Mrs. A. D. Norton, Chairman
Mrs. J. Wells Burr, Mrs. Ernest L. Merit

Mrs. Hervey Ross, Chairman
Mrs. William A. Kasson, Mrs. Radcliff DeLaMater, Miss Winifred E. Dutcher

Promotion of Peace
Safe and Sane Fourth
Mrs. Vrooman H. Best, Chairman
Mrs. Horton D. Wright, Mrs. William H. Brower


Honorary Members

Miss Kate McCrea
Mrs. Florence Montgomery Greenman


Chapter Members
Ackley, Miss Bertha E.
Allen, Mrs. Francis Loder,
  wife of Benj. W. Allen
Anthony, Mrs. Carrie Holcomb,
  wife of H. J. Anthony
Baker, Mrs. Dorothy Ingersoll,
  wife of A. D. L. Baker
Bame, Sarah Cuyler
Bellinger, Mrs. Clara Allen,
  wife of Jas. H. Bellinger
Bellows, Mrs. Anna Marshall,
  wife of E. P. Bellows
Bellows, Mrs. Rebecca Allen,
  wife of Amatus R. Bellows
Best, Mrs. May Hanson,
  wife of Vrooman H. Best
Bickerton, Mrs. Cora Plass,
  wife of Geo. W. Bickerton
Biddleman, Maria Morrell,
Brower, Mrs. Alvira Warner
Brown, Mrs. Clara Browers,
  wife of Franklin E. Brown
Brown, Miss Emma A.
Brown, Mrs. Lucinda Van Vranken,
  wife of Franklin E. Brown
Browne, Mrs. Mary Cole,
  wife of William H. Browne
Burr, Mrs. Affa Lawyer,
  wife of Jason LeRoy Burr
Burr, Mrs. Edith Mitchell,
  wife of John Wells Burr
Burton, Mrs. Emma McNab,
  wife of Frank Burton
Burton, Miss Lillian McNab
Buchanan, Miss Mary L.
Campbell, Mrs. Flora E. B.,
  wife of Alonzo E. Campbell
Carmichael, Mrs. Ella L.
Churchill, Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts
Cleveland, Miss Dorothy
Cole, Miss Carrie B.
Darling, Mrs. Chloe Smith
Darling, Mrs. Estelle Fraker,
  wife of Hiram Darling
Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth Baird,
  wife of William B. Davis
De La Mater, Mrs. Louise Hildreth,
  wife of Radcliff De La Mater
Dennie, Mrs. Sarah Waite
Dillon, Mrs. Maud Johnson,
  wife of Harry A. Dillon
Dodge, Mrs. Belle Simpson,
  wife of William Dodge
Dutcher, Miss Winifred
Everest, Mrs. Edith Clapp,
  wife of Mortimer Everest
Fiero, Mrs. Eula Durfee,
  wife of Newton V. Fiero
Fonda, Mrs. Laura Mitchell,
  wife of A. Veeder Fonda
Frank, Mrs. Jennie Van Nostrand,
  wife of D. S. Frank
French, Mrs. Elizabeth Comstock,
  wife of J. G. French
Frye, Genevra Wilson,
  wife of Edward A. Frye
Furbeck, Mrs. Rena Belle Conyne,
  wife of William W. Furbeck
Green, Miss Mary E.
Grinnell, Mrs. Ella Wheeler,
  wife of John E. Grinnell
Grinnell, Mrs. Mary G. Christie,
  wife of Seymour Grinnell
Hannis, Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy,
  wife of Frank Hannis
Harris, Mrs. Amy Haines,
  wife of Chas. N. Harris
Hawkins, Mrs. Florence Eaton,
  wife of R. H. Hawkins
Heacock, Mrs. Mary Smith,
  wife of J. P. Heacock
Heacock, Mrs. Miriam Smith,
  wife of E. L. Heacock
Hilts, Mrs. Helen Lansing,
  wife of Harry G. Hilts
Hogle, Mrs. Jennie Marley,
  wife of Geo. S. Hogle
Hosmer, Mrs. Caroline Hobbs
Hull, Mrs. Francis Brown,
  wife of James H. Hull
Humphrey, Mrs. Maria K. Hopkins,
  wife of Walter Humphrey
Hunt, Mrs. Ruth Brockway,
  wife of Elvid Hunt
Johnson, Mrs. Catharine Judson
Judson, Mrs. Blanche Cutter,
  wife of Edward W. Judson
Kasson, Mrs. Mary M.
Keiner, Mrs. Sarah Pratt
Kennedy, Miss Anna
Kennedy, Mrs. Lillian M.
Klein, Mrs. Florence Hansen,
  wife of August Klein
Langfield, Mrs. Florence Washburn,
  wife of Alvin Langfield
Leavenworth, Mrs. Marion Porter
Lont, Mrs. Lina Van Allen,
  wife of Charles H. Lont
Loveday, Mrs. Ella Van Natter,
  wife of Geo. W. Loveday
Marshall, Mrs. Caroline Jenner
Merrill, Mrs. Edith Stetson,
  wife of S. D. Merrill
Merritt, Mrs. Catherine Darrow,
  wife of E. L. Merritt
Miller, Mrs. Anna Saltsman
Miller, Mrs. Edna Crouse,
  wife of Geo. C. Miller
Miller, Mrs. Ethel Conyne
Moore, Mrs. Gertrude Kendell,
  wife of George Moore
Norton, Mrs. Phoebe Briggs,
  wife of A .D. Norton
Palmer, Mrs. Margaret Morris,
  wife of R. J. Palmer
Pannaci, Mrs. Harriet Judson,
  wife of Chas. E. Pannaci
Peake, Miss Alice S.
Quackenbush, Mrs. Cora Rich,
  wife of C. G. Quackenbush
Randolph, Mrs. Ethel Lont,
wife of Harry F. R. Randolph
Robertson, Mrs. Marion Whitney,
  wife of John R. Robertson
Sayre, Mrs. Mildred Brown,
  wife of R. D. Sayre
Shannahan, Mrs. Marian Potter,
  wife of S. E. Shannahan
Slocum, Miss Bertha E.
Steele, Mrs. Abigail McCall
Steele, Mrs. Gertrude Smith
Sykes, Mrs. Carrie Bowler,
  wife of Clark E. Sykes
Tarr, Miss Helen, M.
Tarr, Miss Jane Gridley
Titcomb, Mrs. Laura Borst,
  wife of J. Wm. Titcomb
Todd, Mrs. Jane Burton
Todd, Miss Mabel
Tower, Mrs. Emma Abel,
  wife of John P. Tower
Turbet, Mrs. Carrie Lockwood,
  wife of Lucien Turbet
Vrooman, Miss Margaret
Warbasse, Mrs. Nell G. S.,
  wife of James Warbasse
Welch, Mrs. Myrtie Van Valkenberg,
  wife of John A. Welch
Whitney, Mrs. Alida Porter,
  wife of Z. B. Whitney
Willard, Mrs. Jane Hutchinson,
  wife of C. P. Willard
Wilson, Mrs. Ione Dunham,
  wife of Otis Wilson
Wood, Mrs. Josephine Sayre,
  wife of Wm. C. Wood
Wood, Mrs. Marjorie Dennis,
  wife of Jas. H. Wood
Woodworth, Miss Elva Brown
Woodworth, Mrs. Jennie Brown
Wright, Mrs. Gertrude Carnrick,
  wife of H. D. Wright


Charter Members
Allen, Mrs. Frances Loder
Bellows, Mrs. Anna Marshall
Burton, Mrs. Emma McNab
Burton, Mrs. Harriet Judson
Churchill, Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts
Browne, Mrs. Lucinda Medbury
Clyde, Mrs. Arline Winslow
Darling, Mrs. Chloe Smith
Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth Baird
DeLaMater, Mrs. Louise Hildreth
Dillon, Mrs. Maude Jonnson
Fonda, Mrs. Laura Mitchell
French, Miss Emily
Green, Miss Mary E.
Heacock, Mrs. Miriam Smith
Johnson, Mrs. Catherine Judson
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth Veeder
Judson, Mrs. Blanche Carter
Lefferts, Mrs. Marcia Briggs
Lockwood, Mrs. Mary E.
Lord, Mrs. Frances Brown
Loveday, Mrs. Ella Van Natter
Marshall, Mrs. Caroline Jenner
McNab, Mrs. Eliza E. Clarke
Miller, Mrs. Anna Saltsman
Norton, Mrs. Phoebe Briggs
Palmer, Mrs. Margaret Morris
Parkhurst, Mrs. Amanda Smith
Peake, Miss Alice S.
Phillips, Mrs. Carrie Mesick
Ross, Mrs. Florence Peake
Stewart, Miss S. Elizabeth
Steele, Mrs. Agnes Hall
Tarr, Mrs. Mary Gridley
Todd, Mrs. Jane Burton
Todd, Miss Mabel
Van Dyke, Mrs. Elizabeth Palmerton
Willard, Mrs. Jane Hutchinson
Whitney, Mrs. Juliet Hood
Wright, Mrs. Gertrude Carnrick
Yost, Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace
Young, Mrs. Hattie Anderson


This Chapter Holds in Loving Remembrance

Mrs. Laura Marvin Hildreth
Mrs. Hannah Palmerton Van Dyke, Real Daughter
Mrs. Agnes Hall Steele
Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace Yost
Mrs. Eliza E. Clark McNab
Mrs. Cora R. Churchill Bingham
Mrs. Sarah Johnson Lehr
Mrs. Harriet Judson Burton
Miss Emily Welch French
Mrs. Marion Hildreth Plummer
Miss Julia C. Root
Mrs. Mary Dennis Drake
Mrs. Elizabeth Crittendon Walrath
Miss Harriet Louisa King
Mrs. Arline Winslow Clyde
Mrs. Ada Van Sickler Berry
Mrs. Emaline Barnaby Still
Mrs. Eliza Churchill Hanson
Mrs. Annie Thomas Lansing
Mrs. Harriet Hagadorn Mason
Mrs. Amelia Leonard Yale

"Their earth work is ended, to us they have left
The unfinished tasks but begun,
We must pick up the threads and labor with care
Till these unfinished tasks shall be done.
What though we may bungle and tangle the warp
Less skillful than they in the arts,
It is thus we may prove that we reverntly keep
Their mem'ry enshrined in our hearts."



Active Member...106
Deceased Members...21
Members removed from city, resigned or transferred...23
Total connected with the Chapter since organized....150


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