Post Offices - 1911

1870: Boyd, Andrew. Boyd's Business Directory of over one hundred cities and villages in New York State, Published in 1870.
1911: United States Official Postal Guide, Third Series. Vol. 4, No. 1. July 1911. For Sale by J. B. Lyon Company, Printers, Lyon Block, Market Square, Albany, N.Y.
1928: Legislative Manual, New York, by Robert Moses, Secretary of State (J. B. Lyon Company, Albany), 1928 (no copyright), pgs. 668-815.

y    existed in this year
-    did not exist in this year
*    are Telegraph Offices as well

Fulton County NYGenWeb

Benedict-yH. W. Rhodes
BleeckerHiram Vandenburgy-
BroadalbinD. O. ClevelandyGeorge H. Farley
Brocket's BridgeJ. P. Brockett--
Canada Lake-y-
Caroga Lake--James C. Whitaker
Cranberry CreekE. J. Riddley-
Crumb CreekE. G. Storms--
EphratahJames E. Van VoastyEarl Handy
GarogaIsaac M. Everesty-
Gloversville* Edward WardyDenton D. Lake
Green Lake-yMrs. Viola Gage
Johnstown* B. T. SimmonsyJoseph A.Colin
Keck's CentreJoseph Keck--
KingsboroughG. H. Wooster--
Knights-yHarold O. Purvis
LassellsvilleWm. Hutchinson--
LotvilleSamuel Cramer--
MayfieldAbram B. CloseyHarland N. Brown
Middle SpriteA. D. Pinckneyy-
Mill's CornersGeo. W. Tourje--
Newkirk MillsD. Francisco--
NorthamptonR. HumphreyyMrs. Anna R. Stead
North BroadalbinMrs. R. C. Stone--
NorthvilleW. F. BarkeryJames Carpenter
OppenheimJohn N. Cline--
Osborn's Bridge
Osborn Bridge
G. L. VanNessy-
PerthGeo. S. Seeley--
Pine LakeRalph Sextony-
RockwoodLorenzo BrookinsyIna Conine
Sacandaga--Frank S. Harris
Sacandaga Park-y-
SammonsvilleG. H. Sholters--
StratfordT. B. StewartyWm. P. Helterline
Union MillsJohn Clark--
Vail's Mills
Vail Mills
Melvin EarleyRalph E. Vosburgh
West GalwayRobert Millery-
West PerthFrederick P. Miller--

Post Offices Discontinued on Account of Rural Delivery July 1, 1908 - June 30, 1911 Sammonsville - Johnstown


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