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Child's Gazetteer

Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 219-225.


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Name Post Office Occupation, acres
Landers, Garret N. Broadalbin Farmer, 50
Lansing, Cornelius Broadalbin Farmer, 14
Lasher, James Mill's Corners Farmer, 75
Lasher, Seely N. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Lawton, Amos Mill's Corners Farmer, 1 1/2
Lee, Thomas Broadalbin Farmer, 56
Lent, O. P. Broadalbin Butcher
Leversee, Mathew Broadalbin Farmer, 5
Leversee, Wm. Broadalbin  
Lockington, H. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Logan, Wm. West Galway Farmer, 200
Lord, Daniel S. Broadalbin Butcher and farmer
Luttenberger, Joseph Union Mills Farmer
Macy, Wm. West Galway Farmer, leases 100
Manchester, Abram Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Manchester, Isaac Union Mills Farmer, 20
Manchester, Madison Union Mills Carpenter and farmer, 7
Manning, Daniel Northampton Farmer, 112
Marble, Henry Mill's Corners Farmer, 130
Marcellus, Nicholas Broadalbin Painter
Markham, Chas. A. Northampton Farmer, 30
Maroney, John N. Broadalbin Farmer, 50
Marsh, R. R. Broadalbin Dairyman and farmer, 70
Marvin, Wm. Broadalbin Boots and shoes and agent for sewing machines
McDermid, P. Broadalbin Vail & McDermid
McEwen, Peter Broadalbin Wagon maker
McFarland, Jas. P. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
McFarland, Wm. Broadalbin Lawyer and farmer, 10
McNeill, James Broadalbin Prop. of hotel
Meany, Michael Northampton Farmer, 137
Meriam, Daniel Broadalbin Cooper
Meriam, Isaac Broadalbin Cooper and farmer, 20
Miller, Geo. Northampton Prop. of stage line between Galway and Amsterdam
Miller, Harvey Broadalbin Mason
Miller, James M. Mill's Corners Mason
Miller, John Mill's Corners Farmer
Miller, Nathaniel N. Broadalbin Farmer, 63
Miller, Rensselaer Mill's Corners Mason and farmer, 50
Miller, Robert West Galway Prop. of store and farmer, 12
Mole, James Northampton Farmer, 4
Montieth, David Broadalbin Farmer
Morgan, John D. N. Broadalbin Shoe maker and farmer, 20
Morey, Kate Miss Broadalbin Carpet weaver
Morey, ____ Broadalbin Stever & Morey
Morphy, Steven Broadalbin Farmer, 50
Morris, L. Mill's Corners Farmer, 41
Mosher, Daniel Perth Farmer, 129
Mosher, Otis Broadalbin Farmer, 67
Munson, ____ Miss Broadalbin Tailoress
Newgen, John R. Broadalbin Tailor
Newman, James West Galway Farmer
Newton, Jas. Broadalbin Manuf. of paper boxes
Norcut, James Broadalbin Farmer, 190
Norris, Chauncey Broadalbin Farmer, 110
Northrop & Richards Broadalbin Manufs. of gloves and mittens
Oderkirk, Elved Union Mills Farmer
Okert, Anthony West Galway Farmer, 100
Olin, Wm. N. Broadalbin Clergyman and farmer
Olmsted, Alvin Broadalbin Mitten manuf.
Olmsted, A. S. Broadalbin Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Parkthurst, Jacob Mrs. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 6
Peck, Moses Mill's Corners Farmer, 26
Peddle, Daniel P. Broadalbin Farmer, leases 206
Perry, Harvey L. Mill's Corners Farmer, 120
Perry, H. L. Broadalbin Farmer, 123
Perry, John C. Mill's Corners Farmer, 130
Perry, Mary Mrs. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 3
Petters, Philip N. Broadalbin Farmer, 12
Pettit, Ezra Broadalbin Farmer, 65
Philips, Jabez Broadalbin Farmer, 26
Phillips, Peter Broadalbin Farmer, leases 100
Phillips, Wm. Broadalbin Blacksmith
Pike, Moses Broadalbin Retired merchant and fisherman
Pinkney, Henry Broadalbin  
Pittie, Geo. Union Mills Prop. of clothes wringer factory and farmer
Potter, Joseph Northampton Farmer, 1
Potter, Ruscom Northampton Farmer, 2
Reddish, Ann Mrs. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 123
Reddish, D. M. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 1
Reddish, D. M. & J. N. Broadalbin Manufs. of clothes, cassimeres, flannel and stocking yarn and farmers, leases 15
Reddish, John N. Broadalbin Farmer, 27
Richards, _______ Broadalbin Northrop & Richards
Rider, Jas. Union Mills Thrasher and farmer, 16
Rider, Sanford Union Mills Farmer, 10
Rider, Warren Union Mills Farmer, 1
Rider, Warren M. Broadalbin Farmer, lease 70
Rider, Wm. & Son Union Mills Farmer, 72
Rider, Wm. W. Union Mills with William, Farmer
Ripley, Thomas Broadalbin School teacher
Roberts, R. H. West Galway Skin dresser and farmer, 15
Robertson, James Broadalbin Farmer, 200
Robertson, Jas. I. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 90
Robertson, J. C. Perth Farmer, 75
Robinson, James N. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Robison, James Broadalbin Blacksmith
Rosa, J. H. Broadalbin Physician
Rosa, R. H. Broadalbin Lawyer and district attorney
Rose, Wm. Broadalbin Cooper
Rubeck, Charles West Galway Farmer, 16
Russel, Geo. B. Union Mills Farmer, 9
Ryan, James West Galway Wagon maker
Sager, John Broadalbin Farmer, 26
Sanford, Gideon G. N. Broadalbin Assessor and farmer, 140
Satterlee, Abram Broadalbin Farmer, 26
Saturly, Arnold Broadalbin Cooper and farmer, 1
Sawyer, John T. Mill's Corners Farmer, 30
Sawyer, Levi Mrs. Broadalbin Farmer, 20
Sawyer, Levi W. Mill's Corners Cooper and farmer, 40
Schermerhorn, B. S. West Galway Prop. of grist mill and farmer, 10
Sears, Geo. Broadalbin Veterinary surgeon and printer
Seward, John Broadalbin Farmer
Shattuck, Henry West Galway Farmer
Shaw, David Broadalbin Farmer, 95
Shaw, Shipman Union Mills Teamster and farmer, 39
Sheldon, Aaron Broadalbin Farmer, 135
Sheldon, Ira Broadalbin Cabinet maker
Sheldon, J. E. Broadalbin Cabinet maker
Sherman, Berden Broadalbin Farmer, 74
Sherman, G. A. Broadalbin Farmer, 37
Sherman, George Broadalbin Cooper
Shipman, L. H. Broadalbin Grocer
Shutter, W. S. Perth Farmer, 63
Simmons, Aaron Broadalbin Carpenter
Simonds, J. H. Mrs. West Galway Farmer, 130
Simonds, P. A. West Galway Farmer, 56
Slatary, D. Mill's Corners Farmer, 130
Smith, Arthur Broadalbin Mitten manuf.
Smith, Arthur Broadalbin Post master and farmer
Smith, Arthur, Sen. Broadalbin Retired farmer
Smith, N. Broadalbin Prop. of American Hotel
Smith, Wm. Broadalbin Wagon maker
Smith, _____ Broadalbin Chace & Smith
Snow, W. W. Broadalbin Painter
Snyder, Francis West Galway Farmer
Soule, Gideon Broadalbin Carpenter
Spencer, Henry W. N. Broadalbin Justice of the peace, prop. of saw mill and turning shop and farmer, 10
Sperling, Wm. Perth Farmer, 64
Stanton, L. Broadalbin Farmer, 71
Steanburg, Benjamin Broadalbin Farmer, 80
Stevenson, Andrew Broadalbin Farmer, 75
Stever & Morey Broadalbin Paper manufs.
Steward, Wm. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 4
Stockwell, Sewell N. Broadalbin Tin peddler
Stodard, Daniel N. Broadalbin Farmer, 200
Stodard, Henry P. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 50
Stodard, Robert H. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 84
Stone, D. L. N. Broadalbin Post master and farmer, 45
Sunderland, Samuel Broadalbin Retired farmer
Sunderlin, Loren G. Broadalbin Kelly & Sunderlin
Tatlock, Geo. Union Mills House painter and grainer
Thatcher, Charles Mill's Corners Farmer, 103
Thayer, Henry Broadalbin Wagon maker
Thayer, Jacob Broadalbin Farmer, 72
Thompson, D. T. Broadalbin Retired farmer
Thompson, Samuel B. Broadalbin Farmer, 112
Thomson, A. Miss Broadalbin Furnishing goods
Thorne, Harry C. Northampton Farmer
Thorne, James H. Northampton Farmer, 136 1/2
Timason, Martin W. Broadalbin Butcher
Tomlinson, David P. Broadalbin Farmer, 75
Tomlinson, Wm. Broadalbin Blacksmith and farmer, 49
Tourje, George W. Mill's Corners Post master, shoe maker and farmer, 24
Tuller, Eli Broadalbin Farmer, 52
Tuper, Stephen N. Broadalbin Farmer, 1
Tyget, E. Mill's Corners Farmer, 10
Tyget, Shubell Mill's Corners Farmer, 2 1/2
Ulinger, Geo. Broadalbin Farmer, leases 80
Vail, A. Broadalbin Vail & McDermid, justice of the peace
Vail & McDermid Broadalbin A. Vail and P. McDermid, general merchants
Van Allen, Cornelius Broadalbin Blacksmith
Van Allen, John Union Mills Machinist
Van Allen, Lawrence N. Broadalbin Farmer, 83
Van Antwerp, James Broadalbin Cooper
Van Buren, Martin N. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Vandenburg, Abram N. Broadalbin Prop. of stage route and farmer, 300
Vanderberg, Asa Mill's Corners Farmer, leases 110
Vanderwerker, John Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Van Norman, Harmon Broadalbin Shoe maker
Van Norman, Hiram Broadalbin Shoemaker
Van Norman, Wm. Broadalbin Sportsman
Vansburg, Manley Broadalbin Glove cutter
Van Slyke, Peter West Galway Farmer, 5
Van Vranken, Garret Broadalbin Constable
Van Vranken, Grandus West Galway Prop. of hotel and store, and farmer, 80
Van Vranken, Richard G. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Van Vranken, Rodolphus Broadalbin Farmer, 130
Van Vranken, S. Broadalbin Farmer, 100 and leases 40
Van Vranker, John B. Broadalbin Prop. of saw mill and farmer
Vedder, David Broadalbin Farmer, 47
Vedder, Harmon Broadalbin Farmer, 55
Vedder, Isaac Broadalbin Farmer, 33
Vedder, John Mill's Corners Farmer, 12
Vedder, Peter Broadalbin Farmer, leases 65
Vedder, Peter Mrs. Broadalbin Farmer, 65
Waffle, Wm. S. West Galway Farmer, 150
Wait, Joseph C. Union Mills Farmer, 37
Wait, R. S. Broadalbin   
Wait, Shepard Union Mills Farmer, 14
Wait, Wm. O. Union Mills Farmer, 44 1/2
Walker, Wm. Perth Farmer, 100
Washburn, J. Perth   
Wayne, John Perth Farmer
Welch, Michael Northampton Farmer, 50
Wells, Wm. C. Union Mills Farmer, 100
Wemple, Mine Broadalbin Farmer, 22
Westervelt, SAmuel B. Broadalbin Farmer, 100
Wetherbee, C. J. Broadalbin Cabinet maker and undertaker
Wetherbee, Ephraim Broadalbin Farmer
Wetherbee, Isaac Broadalbin Farmer, 60
Wetherbee, Marshall Broadalbin Retired Farmer
White, Patrick Mill's Corners Farmer, 40
Whitlock, R. I. N. Broadalbin Farmer, 352 and leases 70
Whitlock, Robert Union Mills Farmer, leases 200
Willard, James Broadalbin Prop. of express between Broadalbin and Amsterdam
Williams, M. H. Broadalbin Jeweler
Williams, M. O. Broadalbin Tailor
Winne, John N. Broadalbin Farmer, 1
Woodcock, Neil Union Mills Farmer, 100
Wostis, Geo. West Galway Blacksmith and farmer, 4
Wright, Willis Broadalbin Farmer, leases 75
Wright, William Broadalbin Farmer, 30
Yates, Abram Broadalbin Farmer, 74


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