Businesses & Residents of Caroga,

Child's Gazetteer

Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 226-227.


Name Post Office Occupation, acres
ALLEN, Andrew J. Pine Lake  
ALLEN, Charles Pine Lake lumberman and farmer, 10
ARGERSINGER, Wm. Rockwood  
AVERY, Hiram Pine Lake farmer, leases 100
BACON, Jacob Pine Lake  
BALLOU, Abner Pine Lake farmer, 77
BARNES, Milton Pine Lake lumberman
BARTLET, Willey L. Pine Lake  
BENLOW, Wm. Pine Lake farmer, 50
BLANSHER, Absalom Pine Lake  
BOAM, Frederick Rockwood carpenter
BOMAN, Chas. H. Rockwood farmer, 47
BRADLEY, Francis Pine Lake teamster
BRADLEY, Thos. Rockwood farmer, 33
BRADLEY, Wm. Pine Lake  
BRADT, A. H. Pine Lake grocer and farmer, leases 30
BRADT, Anthony Pine Lake  
BRADT, Augustus Rockwood farmer
BRADT, Dillon Rockwood blacksmith
BRADT, E. Rockwood butcher
BRADT, Henry Rockwood justice of the peace and farmer, 56
BRADT, James A. Rockwood carriage maker
BRADT, John Rockwood teamster and farmer, 3
BRADT, John P. Pine Lake  
BRADT, Tunis Rockwood farmer, 58
BRADT, Walter J. Rockwood  
BROOKINE, A. Pine Lake farmer, 10
BUEL, Benjamin Rockwood miller
CALDWELL, Wm. B. Rockwood butcher
CAROGA LAKE HOUSE Pine Lake Joseph C. ZEYST, prop.
CAROLL, Michael Pine Lake farmer, 100
CASE, Frederick Rockwood  
CHURCH, Caleb S. Pine Lake farmer
CLAFLIN, Wm. Pine Lake wheeler & Claflin
COLE, Thos. A. Pine Lake  
CONELIN, Patrick Rockwood farmer, 10-1/2
COSLO, Michael Pine Lake  
COSTLE, Michael Pine Lake farmer
CRING, James Rockwood sawyer
CROCKER, A. Y. Rockwood farmer, 170
DEAN, Clark S. Rockwood farmer, 280
DEWITT, Burt Rockwood  
DORAN, Abraham Rockwood farmer, 200
DORAN, John A. Rockwood farmer, 75
DORN, Jacob Rockwood farmer, 200
DORN, Michael A. Rockwood farmer
DOTY, Wm. H. Rockwood lumberman and farmer, 100
DUREY, John Pine Lake prop. of stage line
DUREY, Josiah Rockwood prop. of saw mill and farmer, 265
DURY, George (Rockwood) farmer, 25
EARST, Euna Pine Lake shoemaker and farmer, 12
EMPY, Dewit C. Rockwood miller
ERKENBACK, Phillip Pine Lake  
FAILING, Christopher Pine Lake carpenter
FISHER, Christopher Pine Lake farmer, 50
FOSTER, Charles H. Pine Lake farmer, 100
FOSTER, Edward Pine Lake farmer, 5
FOSTER, S. M. Pine Lake justice of the peace and farmer, 92
FOSTER, Wm E. Pine Lake farmer, 77
FRANCISCO, Daniel Rockwood  
FRANCISCO, John Rockwood prop. of saw mill, grocer and farmer, 2,000
FRANK, Valentine Pine Lake farmer, 50
FRY, Andrew Rockwood (with Henry) farmer, 100
FRY, Andrew Pine Lake (with Henry) lumberman and farmer, 105
FRY, Francis Rockwood farmer, 35
FRY, Henry Pine Lake (with Andrew) lumberman and farmer, 105
FRY, Henry Rockwood (with Andrew) farmer, 100
FULLAM, Daniel B. Rockwood stock raiser and farmer, 112
GAGE, Asa Rockwood farmer, 125
GAGE, John Rockwood farmer, 100
GAGE, Marvill Rockwood farmer, 100
GAGE, Marvin Rockwood carpenter, assessor and farmer, 118
GAGE, Wm. Rockwood farmer, 100
GARNER, Peter Pine Lake engineer
GRAHAM, Darwin Pine Lake  
GREENWOOD, Peter Pine Lake  
GROSSHILD, Barney Rockwood farmer, 110
HAGELEN, John Pine Lake farmer, 49
HART, John Rockwood farmer, 2
HENRYS, Abram N. Pine Lake farmer, 1
HERD, Samuel Jr. Pine Lake sawyer
HERD, Samuel Sen. Pine Lake  
HILLI, Augustus Rockwood  
HILLI, Henry Rockwood farmer, 50
HINE, Adam Pine Lake farmer, 100
HINE, Andrew Pine Lake farmer, 170
HINE, John Pine Lake prop. of saw mill and farmer, 80
HINE, Michael Pine Lake farmer, 46
HINE, Wm. Pine Lake farmer
HOEFER, Geo. A. Rockwood farmer, 10
HORTH, Henry W. Rockwood farmer, 58
HORTH, James P. Pine Lake  
HUNTER, Wm. Pine Lake farmer, 10
INGHAM, Wm. M. Pine Lake  
IRVING, James Pine Lake farmer, 84
JENKS, Seth Pine Lake engineer
KELLY, Gustavus Rockwood  
KETCHUM, Sidney Rockwood sawyer
KILLENBECK, Mark Pine Lake tanner
KINECUT, Jacob Rockwood farmer, 25
KING, Amos Rockwood farmer, 23
LEONARD, Philip Rockwood farmer, 30
LIMER, Francis Rockwood farmer, 125
LOCKSINGER, Casper Rockwood shoemaker
LOCKSINGER, Frederick Rockwood shoemaker
LONGRUE, Lean Pine Lake  
MEAD, Butman Pine Lake sawyer and farmer, 3
MEAD, John N. Pine Lake sawyer
MEAD, Walter A. Rockwood stock raiser and farmer, 150
MILLER, Peter Rockwood farmer leases, 90
MILLS, Wm. Rockwood prop. of saw mill and farmer, 100
MOKE, Jacob Rockwood farmer, 190
MORE, W. Pine Lake farmer, 25
MOREY, Alanson Pine Lake blacksmith and farmer, 60
MOREY, Henry Pine Lake farmer, 100
MOTT, Thos. Pine Lake  
MUSSEY, Abram Rockwood assessor and farmer, 263
NEAR, Cyrus W. Rockwood farmer, 25
NEAR, Joseph Rockwood farmer
NUNAN, Patrick Pine Lake  
OATHOUT, Nathan Pine Lake  
PALMER, Geo. Rockwood farmer, 100
PECKAM, Levi Rockwood peddler and farmer, 37
PEDRICK, Benjamin Pine Lake  
PEDRICK, Wm. Pine Lake  
PHILLIPS, Thos. Pine Lake  
PINDLE, John Pine Lake farmer, leases 100
POTTER, Platt Pine Lake tanner
RATHBONE, Wm A. Pine Lake blacksmith and farmer
RICHARDS, Chas. Pine Lake farmer
RICHARDS, Jacob Pine Lake farmer, 31
RING, Adam Rockwood lumberman and farmer, 180
ROFF, Geo. F. Pine Lake farmer, 50
SARFAS, Philip Pine Lake farmer, 50
SCHOOLMAKER, Isaac H. Rockwood farmer, 1
SEIDL, John Pine Lake farmer, 100
SCULLEY, Michael Rockwood farmer, 4
SEXTON, Ralph Pine Lake  
SHAW, James Rockwood prop. of saw mill
SHERMAN, D. E. Rockwood prop. of Northern Hotel
SHERMAN, Joseph Rockwood carpenter
SHUTES, John Pine Lake farmer, 100
SKIFF, Wm. H. Pine Lake  
SLATER, Perry Pine Lake quarryman
SMITH, Theodore Pine Lake  
SPRUNG, Cornelius Rockwood peddler and farmer, 35
STEARNS, Elipher Rockwood farmer
STEARNS, Samuel Rockwood farmer, 7
STERLING, Thomas Pine Lake farmer
STOCKS, Jacob Pine Lake farmer, 100
SWAN, Abner  Rockwood sawyer
SWEET, Gilbert Pine Lake  
TUNNICLIFF, Wm. R. Pine Lake prop. of Canada Lake House and farmer, 100
VANDERPOOL, Rhoda Pine Lake farmer, 2
VANSCRIVER, Clark Rockwood carpenter and farmer, 25
WALT, Daniel Pine Lake farmer, 15
WERT, Chas. Rockwood farmer, leases 43
WHEELER & CLAFLIN Pine Lake (J. W. WHEELER and Wm. CLAFLIN) lumberman,
props. of tannery and own 20,000
WHEELER, Levi Pine Lake  
ZEYST, Joseph C. Pine Lake prop. of Caroga Lake House, town clerk and farmer, 85


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