Businesses & Residents of Johnstown,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 234-254.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:
Malone, John Gloversville Farmer, 140
Malone, John Jr. Gloversville (with John) Farmer
Mann, John Sammonsville Miller
Mann, Michael Gloversville Master mason
Mapes, John Johnstown Farmer, 2
Marley, A. C. Gloversville Tobacconist, 136 Main
Marple, George Johnstown Farmer, 75
Marple, William Johnstown Farmer, 115
Marshall, L. T. Gloversville President of Gloversville Manuf. Co.
Martin, Adam Keck's Center Farmer, 7
Martin, Alexander P. Keck's Center Farmer, leases 94
Martin, George Keck's Center Farmer, 180
Martin, Henry Sammonsville Blacksmith
Martin, Jacob Sammonsville Martin & Keck
Martin, John H. Keck's Center Teamster
Martin, Joseph Keck's Center Farmer, leases 57
Martin, Joseph D. Gloversville Custom blacksmith, corner Fremont and Middle
Martin & Keck Sammonsville (Jacob Martin and George H. Keck) Butchers and general merchants
Martin, Philip Keck's Center Farmer, 400
Martin, Philip J. Sammonsville Farmer, 96
Martin, Philip P. Keck's Center Farmer, leases of Philip Martin, 78
Martin, Willard Keck's Center Farmer
Mason & Campbell Johnstown (James F. Mason and Daniel W. Campbell) Drugs, medicines, groceries, provisions, flour, feed, etc., Main
Mason House Gloversville Corner Fulton & Main, James J. Barr, prop.
Mason, James F. Johnstown Mason & Campbell
Mason,  J. J. Gloversville Dealer in real estate, corner Main and Fulton
Mathews, Ezekiel Johnstown Farmer, 104
Mathews, John B. Johnstown Retired farmer
Mathews, Peter Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 140
Maxfield, Isaac Mrs. Gloversville Farmer, 50
Maxfield, Wm. H. Gloversville Farmer, 35
Maylender, Max Johnstown Kid dresser, manuf. of kid gloves and mittens and farmer
McBeth, Margaret Miss Rockwood Farmer, 90
McCall, Daniel Gloversville G. & D. McCall
McCall, George Gloversville (G. & .D. McCall) Commissioner of highways
McCall, G. &D. Gloversville (George and Daniel) Brick makers and farmer, 73
McCall, Isaac Gloversville Farmer, 9
McCoy, William Gloversville Master builder, West Fulton
McCrevy, Robert Gloversville Millwright
McDonough, Michael Gloversville Meat market, corner Main and Fulton
McDonough, Michael Gloversville David Wilson & Co.
McDougall, J. A. & R. Gloversville (Robert) Manufs. of gloves and mittens
McDougall, Robert Kingsborough Tanner
McDougall, Robert Gloversville J. A. & R. McDougall
McDoujall, J. H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens
McDowell, Miles Gloversville Grist mill and farmer, 30
McDowell, Thomas Kingsborough Farmer, 1 
McEwen, Daniel Gloversville (J. D. & D. McEwen) Salesmen of gloves and mittens
McEwen, J. D. & D. Gloversville (John D. and Daniel) Props. of grist mill, skin mill and farmers, 80
McEwen, John D. Gloversville J. D. & D. McEwen
McEwen, John P. Johnstown Farmer, leases of Peter McEwen, 160
McEwen, Peter Johnstown Saw mill and farmer, 160 
McFarlan, Duncan Gloversville Master mason, 74 Fulton
McGregor, Duncan Johnstown Farmer, 354
McGregor, Peter Kingsborough Farmer, 100
McKee, James Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 39 Main
McKie, W. S. Johnstown Village treasurer and dealer in groceries and provisions, north side Main
McLaren, J. Gloversville Cashier of National Fulton County Bank
McLaren, Peter Johnstown Farmer, 200
McLaughlin, John Kingsborough (with William) Farmer, 6
McLaughlin, William Kingsborough (with John) Farmer, 6
McManus, Bernard Rev. Johnstown Pastor of St. Patrick's Church
McMartin, Martin Johnstown Attorney and counselor at law, south side Main
McNab, John Gloversville President of National Fulton County Bank, manuf. of gloves and mittens and farmer, 250, Fulton
McNiece, Margaret Johnstown Milliner, south side Main
McPherson, Peter Kingsborough Farmer, 17
McPherson, Peter Jr. Kingsborough Farmer, 50
McQuade, Mathew Gloversville Glove manuf. and farmer, 25
McVane, Duncan Johnstown (with John D.) Farmer
McVane, Edward Johnstown (with John D.) Farmer
McVane, Giles Johnstown (With John D.) Farmer
McVane, James A. Johnstown (with John D.) Farmer
McVane, John Johnstown (With John D.) Farmer
McVane, John D. Johnstown Saw mill and farmer, 300
McVean, Edward Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 125
Mead, H. S. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens and agent for the Aetna Sewing Machine, corner Main and Fulton
Milander, Max Johnstown Farmer, 20
Miller, Albert Sammonsville Farmer
Miller, Alonzo Keck's Center Farmer, 2
Miller, B. S. Mrs. Keck's Center Farmer, 12
Miller, David D. Johnstown Skin dresser and prop. of skin mill
Miller, Eli Johnstown Farmer, 25
Miller, Eli Johnstown Carpenter
Miller, George Gloversville Christie & Miller
Miller, George S. Johnstown Farmer, 30
Miller, Hiram Johnstown Planer
Miller, J. A. Gloversville Drugs and medicines, corner Fulton and Main
Miller, Jacob Rockwood Farmer, 10
Miller, Jacob S. Johnstown Farmer, 42
Miller, James D. Johnstown Master builder, carpenter and joiner, Market
Miller & Lansing Gloversville (Peter Miller and Martin L. Lansing) Blacksmiths, Forest
Miller, Peter Gloversville Miller & Lansing
Miller, Timothy W. Johnstown Justice of the peace, Streeter Building, corner Main and William
Miller, Wm. Johnstown Toll gate keeper
Miller, Wm. S. Johnstown Farmer, 65
Mills, Henry Johnstown Farmer, 4
Mills, Samuel Johnstown Farmer, 50
Mills, Wm. B. Johnstown Skin mill, Main
Mills, William C. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, West Fulton
Mister, William Johnstown Rowles and Mister
Moak, Joseph Kingsborough Farmer, leases of Daniel Potter, 140
Moats, Albert Johnstown (With B. Argersinger) Farmer, 95
Moats, James Johnstown Farmer, 147
Molz, Jacob Johnstown Cooper, north side Main
Moneghen, James P. Gloversville Farmer, 150
Moneghen, John Gloversville Farmer, 3
Monroe, W. H. Gloversville Importer of kid leather, and manuf. of and dealer in gloves and mittens
Moore, Charles H. Johnstown Farmer, leases of Peter B. Putman, 100
Moore, F. I. Johnstown Manuf of carriages and sleighs, blacksmithing, horse shoeing, painting and trimming, also commissioner of highways, south side Main
Moore, Frederick M. Johnstown Farmer, 120
Moore, John Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 300
Moore, John F. Johnstown Ruden & Moore
Moore, John M. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Moore, Michael Johnstown Farmer, 148
Moore, Philander W. Gloversville Stone mason and skin dresser
Moore, S. Gloversville Leader Gloversville Cornet Band
Moore, Stephen Gloversville Beach & Moore
Morgan, Benjamin D. Gloversville Master mason
Morrison, James Gloversville Farmer, 1
Morrison, Wallace Gloversville Barber and fashionable hair dresser, 114 Main
Mortimer, William Kingsborough Farmer, 200
Mosher, D. A. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 7 Prospect
Mosher, Wesson Gloversville Carpenter and joiner and saw filer, corner Water and Fulton
Mowrey, Anson Keck's Center Carpenter and farmer, 21
Mowrey, Daniel Keck's Center Carpenter
Moyer, C. M. Johnstown Groceries and provisions, north side Main
Munsell, William W. Johnstown Manuf. of and dealer in furs
Murphy, Frank Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 19 Bleecker
Murphy, John Gloversville Master mason, Alvord House
Murray, E. S. & A. S. Johnstown Fancy goods, north side Main
Musgrave, G. Johnstown Farmer, 50
Myers, Moses Gloversville Tailor, Gardener's Block, Bleecker
Myers, William H. Kingsborough Skin dresser
Myres, Nathan Gloversville Ready made clothing, 90 Main
National Fulton County Bank Gloversville John McNab, president; J. McLaren, cashier; Wayland D. West, assistant cashier, 115 Fulton
Naylor, George Gloversville Blacksmithing, corner North Elm and Main
Near, John Johnstown Farmer, leases of Daniel Edwards, 80
Neff, James S. Gloversville Leather dresser, West Fulton
Negues, David Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Fulton
Newbury, H. F. Gloversville Bostock & Newbury
Newton, Edgar C. Johnstown House and sign painter, shoemaker and dealer in paints, oils, paper hangings, shades, etc., north side Main
Newton, E. P. Gloversville Newton & Olmstead
Newton, George J. Gloversville Physician and surgeon, 68 Main
Newton & Olmstead Gloversville (C. P. Newton and C. B. Olmstead) Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 42 Washington
Newton, Warren Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Fulton
Nickloy, William Gloversville Farmer, 150
Nifer, C. Johnstown Farmer, 2
Niver, Abraham Johnstown Retired farmer
Northrup, George Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 5 School
Northrup, M. S. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Market
Norton, C. H. Gloversville Dealer in watches, jewelry, gloves and mittens, 114 Main
Oberess, John V. Rockwood Farmer, 44
Oberist, J. G. Johnstown Harness maker, Perry
Oderkirk & Lockland Gloversville (M. W. Oderkirk and A. W. Lockland) Flour, feed and grain, 106 Fulton
Oderkirk, M. W. Gloversville Oderkirk & Olmstead
Olan, Martin Johnstown Mason
Olmstead, C. B. Gloversville Newton & Olmstead
O'Neil, Patrick Johnstown Farmer, 1
O'Neil, Thomas Gloversville Skin dresser
O'Neill, John Johnstown Meat market and farmer, 5 south side Main
Orr, Alexander Johnstown Farmer, 28
O'Stram, Richard Keck's Center Farmer, 20
Owen &Shults Johnstown (William Owen and Frederick D. Shults) Shoe makers, south side Main
Owen, William Johnstown Owen & Shults
Palmatier, Giles Garoga Farmer, 80
Palmatier, John Keck's Center Farmer, 18
Palmatier, John W. Garoga Farmer, 100
Palmer, Albert J. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Palmer, Charles Gloversville Farmer, leases of Robert Palmer, 175
Palmer, Edward Johnstown Rust & Palmer
Palmer, L. H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves  and mittens. 16 Water
Palmer, T. K. Gloversville Master builder and architect, 16 Water
Parker, James Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, School
Parker, Wm. Johnstown Sexton, Johnstown Cemetery
Parkhurst & Baker Gloversville (Hiram S. Parkhurst and A. D. L. Baker) Attorneys at law, 125 Main
Parkhurst, Hiram S. Gloversville Parkhurst & Baker
Parkhurst, H. S. Gloversville D. M. Smith & Co.
Parris, Frederick Johnstown Farmer, leases of Michael J. Stoller, 100
Parris, George Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, leases of Wm. J. Yost, 200
Parrish, James D. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves, William
Parsons, Goodwin Kingsborough Glove manuf. and farmer, 12
Parsons, Hiram A. Kingsborough Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Parsons, James O. Gloversville Washburn & Parsons
Parsons, Talmadge Gloversville (With John W. Stewart) Farmer, 25
Pauley, Frank Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 37 Bleecker
Pauley, Philip Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 77 Fulton
Peck, Charles J. Johnstown Foreman for J. Peck
Peck, John Johnstown Saw mills, tanner, grocer, lumber dealer and owns 500
Peck, J. W. Gloversville Stoves and tinware, 124 Main
Peck, Oliver Johnstown Farmer, 114
Peck, Philander W. Johnstown Prop. of steam saw mill, grocer, lumberman and owns 500
Peck, Taylor A. Johnstown Foreman for P. W. Peck and sawyer
Peck, William A. Johnstown Sawyer
Peltier, Joseph C. Gloversville Master mason and builder, near North Elm
Perkins, Andrew J. Johnstown Gardener, 4
Phelps, Chas. A. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Perry
Phelps, Chester Kingsborough Retired farmer
Phelps, George R. Kingsborough Farmer, 80
Phelps, Lucius A. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 215 North Main
Phelps, Miles B. Kingsborough Glove manuf. and farmer, 27
Phelps, N. D. Gloversville Blacksmith and wagon maker, and farmer 4 1/2, head of Main
Phelps, Oliver Kingsborough Retired farmer
Phelps, Sylvester Kingsborough Glove manuf.
Phelps, Wm. H. Kingsborough Farmer, 66
Philes, Alonzo Johnstown Carpenter and joiner
Philips, Alpheus Gloversville Phillips Bros.
Philips Brothers Gloversville (Chas. and Alpheus) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, corner Elm and Spring
Philips, Chas. Gloversville Philips Bros.
Phillips, Joseph Keck's Center Farmer, 1
Pierce, Theophilus B. Johnstown Farmer, 175
Pierson, A. V. Johnstown Pierson Bros.
Pierson Bros. Johnstown (J. M. and A. V.) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, Market
Pierson, James Johnstown Jailer
Pierson, J. M. Johnstown Pierson Bros.
Pierson, Marcus F. Johnstown Men's furnishing goods, hats, caps and umbrellas, south side Main
Place, I. D. Gloversville Prop. of skin mill
Place, I. V. & J. W. Gloversville Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 7 High
Place, J. Webster Gloversville Farmer, leases of U. M. Place, 100
Place, U. M. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, corner Fulton and School, also farmer, 110
Place, Wm. Gloversville Glove cutter
Plank, Adam Garoga Farmer, 200
Plants, Peter Gloversville Blacksmith
Plantz, John Johnstown James Dunn & Co.
Plantz, Joseph Johnstown Manuf. of harness and dealer in whips, trunks, robes, blankets, etc., south side Main
Plummer, Sidney S. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 36 Bleecker
Polmateer, William A. Johnstown Machinist and repairer of sewing machines, south side Main
Polmatur, Michael E. Keck's Center Farmer, leases of Mrs. peter Polmateer, 111
Polmatur, Peter Mrs. Keck's Center Farmer, 111
Porter, Horace W. Kingsborough Master builder and farmer, 32
Porter, William Kingsborough Brown & Porter
Pose, Charles Gloversville Farmer, 210
Potter, Henry Johnstown Brick manuf.
Potter, L. J. Kingsborough Glover
Potter, Luther Kingsborough Farmer, 70
Potter, Mathew Johnstown Butcher and farmer, 100
Potter, Nathan B. Kingsborough Glove cutter
Potter, William Johnstown Meat market, south side Main
Powell, Charles F. Kingsborough Dairyman and farmer, 117
Powell, W. E. Johnstown Books, stationery, etc., Masonic Building
Prentice, Cyrus A. Johnstown Foreman of the machine dept., Livingston Manuf. Co.
Priest, Lyman W. Gloversville Auctioneer
Propeter, Henry Johnstown Farmer, 4
Putman, Aaron Johnstown Farmer, 150
Putman, Cornelius Keck's Center Farmer, 109
Putman, James Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Putman, James B. Johnstown Farmer, 150
Putman, J. H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 11 Pine
Putman, John Johnstown Farmer, 6
Putman, L. D. Johnstown Restaurant and hotel, south side Main
Putman, Peter B. Johnstown Farmer, 100
Putnam, H. H. Gloversville Horse shoer, East Fulton
Pye, John Kingsborough Custom blacksmith
Pyue, O. H. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Melchu
Quackenbush, David Gloversville D. A. Stewart & Co.
Quackenbush, reuben Johnstown Farmer, 130
Quackenbush, Vroman Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 59 Fulton
Quilhot, Henry B. Johnstown Farmer, 103
Quinsted, Lewis Rockwood Miller


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