Businesses & Residents of Johnstown,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 234-254.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:
Ray, M. B. Gloversville Barber, 119 Main
Reece, Mathew Gloversville Staker
Reese, John Sammonsville Blacksmith
Reese, Levi Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 50
Reid & Brimhall Johnstown (W. H. H. Reid and F. F. Brimhall) Props. of Johnstown Bakery, William
Reid, Peter Johnstown Clothes cleaning and dyeing, Market
Reid, W. H. H. Johnstown Reid & Brimhall
Rhodes, Daniel Johnstown Carpenter and farmer, 60
Rhodes, Wm. H. Johnstown Carpenter and farmer, 70
Rice, Alpheus Kingsborough Farmer, 85
Rice, William Kingsborough Manuf. of floves and mittens and farmer, 7
Richards, Geo. M. Rockwood Cooper, hotel proprietor and farmer, 70
Richardson & Hayes Gloversville (Jane A. Richardson and Vestina Hayes) LOadies' Fancy store, 113 Fulton
Richardson, Jane A. Gloversville Richardson & Hayes
Richardson, Willard Gloversville Groceries and provisions, 123 Main
Richheimer, Joseph Johnstown Dry goods, clothing, carpeting, boots and shoes, north side Main
Ricketts & Hodgson Johnstown (Thos. E. Ricketts and Chas. Hodgson) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, Melchu
Ricketts, Thomas E. Johnstown Ricketts & Hodgson
Rider, G. W. Johnstown Photograph gallery, Dewey Building
Robbins, Alvin C. Mayfield Farmer, 230
Robertson, Isaac G. Johnstown Master mason and farmer, 6
Robertson, James Gloversville Lyke & Robertson
Robertson, Robert Kingsborough Farmer, 145
Robinson, Alexander Gloversville D. A. Stewart & Co.
Robinson, James Gloversville Tanner and dresser of buck and sheep skins, West Fulton
Robinson, James Mrs. Gloversville Milliner, 18 Bleecker
Rockwell, Jesse B. Gloversville (with Jesse E.) Farmer, 30 and leases 112
Rockwell, Jesse E. Gloversville (with Jesse B.) Farmer, 30 and leases 112
Rosa, Storm Kingsborough Carpenter and teamster
Rose, Chas. W. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, dairyman and prop. saw mill and farmer, 225, 106 Fulton
Rose, Ira Gloversville Farmer, 2
Rose, Samuel Johnstown File manuf. and cutter, Stewart Mills
Rowles & Mister Johnstown (W. H. Rowles and William Mister) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, Market
Rowles Thos. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Market
Rowles, W. H. Johnstown Rowles & Mister
Ruben, Adolph  Gloversville Importer of kid skins, gloves, etc., 121 Main
Ruden, Lewis Johnstown Ruden & Moore
Ruden & Moore Johnstown (Lewis Ruden and John F. Moore) Carriage, sign and ornamental painters, over Moore's blacksmith shop
Rupert, Francis Johnstown Farmer, leases 100
Ruport, David Sammonsville (with William J.) Dairyman and farmer, leases of Joshua Ruport, 160
Ruport, Francis Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 147
Ruport, John L. Sammonsville School teacher
Ruport, Joshua Sammonsville Carpenter and farmer, 214
Ruport, Wm. J. Sammonsville (with David) Dairyman and farmer, leases of Joshua Ruport, 160
Russell, N. C. & Co. Gloversville (John Fulton) Manufs. of gloves and mittens and agents for the Singer Sewing Machine, Factory 60 Bleecker, office 110 Main 
Rust & Palmer Johnstown (Thos. Rust and Edward Palmer) Props. of skin mill, Main
Rust, Thos. Johnstown Rust & Palmer
Sammons, Henry Sammonsville Farmer, 25
Sammons, Martin J. Sammonsville Grocer and hotel prop.
Sammons, Richard Sammonsville Dairyman, traveling agent and farmer, 50
Saterlee, John Gloversville Carpenter
Satterley, Elisha J. Gloversville Butcher, carpenter, and farmer, 4
Satterley, Ira  C. Gloversville Carpenter and farmer, 5
Satterley, Zadock Gloversville Glove and mitten maker
Scheer, Louie Miss Gloversville Milliner, 90 Main
Schoonmaker, David D. Gloversville Gloversville Express Office, 106 Main
Schriver, Simon Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, corner Montgomery and Melcher
Schroeder, Nicholas Gloversville Prop. of Schoeder's Hotel
Schuyler, Jacob R. Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 250
Schuyler, Jay Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 104
Scidmore, David Gloversville Photographer and jeweler, 125 Main
Scrimger, John S. Gloversville Prop. of express wagon from Gloversville to Fonda, daily
Seaman, John E. Johnstown Master builder and architect, Market
Sears, William Gloversville Farmer
Seaver, Chas. H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 25 Water
Selmser, David M. D. Johnstown H. & D. Selmser
Selmser, D. D. Johnstown General Merchant
Selmser, H. & D. Johnstown (Henry and David M. D.) Flour feed and grain, south side Main
Selmser, Henry Johnstown (H. & D. Selmser) Farmer, 170
Selmser, Michael Johnstown Farmer, 133
Sexton, James K. Gloversville J. K. & S. Sexton
Sexton, J. K. & S. Gloversville (James K. and Seymour) Hardware, glass, paints, oils, etc.
Sexton, Seymour Gloversville (J. K. & S. Sexton) Supervisor
Seymour, J. H. Gloversville Surgeon dentist, 113 Fulton, residence 50 Main
Seymour, W. H. Gloversville Supt. of Gloversville Manuf. Co.
Shaffer, Joseph Sammonsville Teamster
Shaffer, Reuben Gloversville Farmer, 75
Shank, Peter Johnstown Farmer, 70
Shankland, William Gloversville Skin dresser and jobber, Main
Shaw, Benjamin Johnstown Teamster
Shaw, John P. Rockwood Farmer, leases 300
Shaw, M. A. Miss Gloversville Seamstress
Shehan, Patrick Sammonsville Farmer
Sholtus, George H. Sammonsville Postmaster and general merchant
Shoop, Nicholas Bleecker Farmer, 5
Shonp, Martin Johnstown Farmer, 1
Shults, B. G. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, William
Shults, Frederick D. Johnstown Owen & Shults
Shults, Levi Johnstown Farmer, 118
Shults, Silas Gloversville Farmer, 80
Simmons, Aaron Gloversville Manuf. of Indian tanned smoke leather and dealer in deer's hair, cape wool and cod oil
Simmons, A. N. Gloversville Howe, Simmons & Co.
Simmons, Andrew D. Gloversville Saw mill and farmer
Simmons, B. T. Johnstown Post master and farmer, 135
Sims, _____ Mrs. Gloversville Owns 2
Skaine, William Kingsborough Dealer in glove stock and farmer, 3
Slover, Isaac H. Gloversville Clerk with A. H. Avery & Son 
Smith, A. J. Johnstown Dealer in groceries, provisions, dye stuffs, window glass, etc., William
Smith, Borden D. Johnstown H. E. Smith & Son
Smith & Butler Gloversville (Mary J. Smith and Laura Butler) Dress and cloak makers, 113 Fulton
Smith, Chas. Gloversville H. M. Leonard & Co.
Smith, Chauncey W. Johnstown Eclectic physician, south side Main
Smith, David Johnstown Wagon maker, carriage ironer and repairer and custom blacksmith, Market
Smith, D. M. & Co. Gloversville (H. S. Parkhurst) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 121 Fulton
Smith, E. A. M. Gloversville Warner, Smith & Co.
Smith, Eli Rockwood Farmer, 64
Smith, Elliot Johnstown Farmer, 1
Smith, Enos M. Gloversville Warner, Smith & Co.
Smith, Florentia Mrs. Johnstown Eclectic physician, south side Main
Smith, George H. Keck's Center (with John B.) Farmer, 90
Smith, H. E. & Son Johnstown (Horace E. and Borden D.) Attorneys and counselors at law
Smith, Horace E. Johnstown H. E. Smith & Son
Smith, Humphrey Gloversville Glove manuf. and farmer,130
Smith, James H. Gloversville Prop. of skin mill, glove manuf. and farmer, 50
Smith, John Gloversville Leather staker
Smith, John B. Keck's Center (with George H.) Farmer, 90
Smith, L. J. Jr. Johnstown Dealer in dry goods, crockery, boots, shoes, hats,caps, etc., corner Main and William
Smith, Mary J. Mrs. Gloversville Smith & Butler
Smith, Nathaniel Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 41 Main
Smith, Richard Johnstown Foreman of Gilbert & Wells, skin mill, corner Mill and Washington
Smith, R. L. Johnstown Drugs and medicines, corner Main and William
Smith, Thos. Rockwood Farmer, 110
Smith, Thomas D. Keck's Center Farmer, leases 90
Smullen, Michael Gloversville Farmer, 100
Snook, Peter Johnstown Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 1
Snyder, George Johnstown Farmer, 70
Snyder, Henry R. Johnstown Civil engineer, dairyman and farmer, 70
Snyder, Jacob Gloversville Carpenter
Snyder, Wm. Gloversville Teamster and farmer, 6
Sparber, John Gloversville Glover
Spoo, John Keck's Center Farmer, 20
Spoor, John I. Keck's Center Farmer, 110
Squire, William B. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, and importer of kid and buck skin
Squires, Rensselaer Garoga Farmer, leases of Robert Squires, 125
Squires, Robert Garoga Farmer, 125
Stalee, Abram Rockwood Farmer, 20
Stalee, David Keck's Center Farmer
Stalee, Geo. H. Rockwood Farmer, 130
Stalee, Henry Rockwood Farmer, 200
Stalee, Jacob Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, leases of Adam Weaver, 100
Stalee, John Keck's Center Farmer, 1
Stalee, Wm. Keck's Center Farmer
Staley, Andrew N. Keck's Center Dairyman and farmer, 106
Standring, John Johnstown Farmer, 84
Starks, Henry L. Rev. Johnstown Pastor of M. E. Church
Stearns, Adam Rockwood Farmer, 70
Steele, James G. Kingsborough Farmer, 100
Steele, Joseph Kingsborough Glove cutter and farmer, 33
Steele, Reuben Gloversville Farmer, 1
Steele, W. F. Gloversville (Day & Steele) Owns 50
Steenburgh, Daniel B. Gloversville Mitten and glove cutter, 156 Fulton
Steenburgh, Jesse Johnstown Millwright
Stephenson, Levi Johnstown Heagle & Stephenson
Sterling, Peter Sammonsville Blacksmith and farmer, 25
Stevens, G. L. Johnstown Dentist, north side Main
Stewart, Archibald M. Johnstown (with James) Dairyman and farmer, leases of John Stewart, 235
Stewart, C. H. & G. A. Johnstown Manufs. of oil leather, foot of Montgomery, also dealers in dressed leather, and own planing and grist mill
Stewart, Cyrus Gloversville General life and fire insurance agent, and school commissioner of Fulton Co.
Stewart, Daniel Johnstown Dealer in groceries, provisions, boots, shoes, etc., also loan and excise commissoner, south side Main
Stewart, Daniel Sammonsville Skin dresser
Stewart, D. A. & Co. Gloversville (David Quackenbush and Alexander Robinson) Meat market, corner Main and Fulton
Stewart, Daniel R. Gloversville Glove cutter
Stewart, Dougal Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 300
Stewart, Duncan Kingsborough Glove cutter
Stewart, James Johnstown (With Archibald M.) Dairyman and farmer, leases of john Stewart, 235
Stewart, James C. Kingsborough Leather cutter and farmer, 5
Stewart, John Johnstown Retired farmer, 265
Stewart, John W. Gloversville Millwright and (with Talmadge Parsons) Farmer, 25
Stewart, Lansing Johnstown Mason and farmer, 10
Stewart, R. L. Johnstown Dry goods, caps, hats, boots, shoes, crockery, etc., north side Main
Stewart, Thomas Gloversville Farmer, 93 and leases of William Stewart, 130
Stewart, W. H. Gloversville President of Gloversville Athletic Association
Stewart, William Gloversville Millwright and farmer, 130
Stewart, Wm. Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 125
Stewart, Wm. D. Sammonsville (with Wm.) Farmer
Stollar, John Johnstown Farmer, leases of William Stollar, 50
Stoller, David Johnstown Farmer, leases of Aaron Putnam, 100
Stoller, Henry Johnstown Livery stable, corner Main and Perry
Stoller, James Johnstown Farmer, 40
Stoller, Michael J. Johnstown Prop. of Stoller's Hotel, corner Main and Perry, also, farmer, 262
Stoller, William Johnstown Butcher and farmer, leases of 
Stoolman, Henry Gloversville Wagon and sleigh maker, 135 West Fulton
Streeter, G. A. & Brother Johnstown (L. L.) Props. of grist and flouring mill and dealers in groceries, flour, feed, etc., corner Main and William
Streeter, L. L. Johnstown G. A. Streeter & Brother
Streeter, Wells Gloversville House, sign, carriage and ornamental painter, south side East Fulton
Sturm, Michael Gloversville Carpenter and farmer, 14
Sturn, L. Mrs. Gloversville Owns, 2
Styer, John Johnstown Kid dresser
Suits, Eliezer Keck's Center Farmer, 1
Suits, Rufus Johnstown Farmer, 25
Sunderland, ____, Rev., D. D. Johnstown Pastor of Lutheran Church
Surderlin, John Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Main
Sutlief, John H. Johnstown Grocer
Sutliff, Daniel E. Gloversville Brick maker, master builder and farmer, 145
Sutliff, Edward Kingsborough Farmer, 150
Sutliff, James Johnstown Glove manuf. and (with Samuel) farmer, 130
Sutliff, James & Co. Johnstown (Freeman Wilbur) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, Clinton
Sutliff, Samuel Johnstown (with James) Farmer, 130
Sutliff, Samuel Jr. Johnstown Farmer, 33 and leases Sutliff estate, 10
Sutliff, W. M. Johnstown (B. M. & J. Grant & Co.)  Props. of skin mill, Hoosick
Sutts, Lewis Johnstown Farmer, 80
Sweet, W. P. & C. E. Gloversville Patent medicines, groceries, provisions and notions, etc., 90 Main
Tappe, Augustus Johnstown Clocks, watches, jewelry, etc., south side Main
Taylor, James H. Gloversville Hair glove manuf., and farmer, 4
Terrel, Hezekiah Gloversville Farmer, 49
Thomas, Elliot Kingsborough J. W. & E. Thomas
Thomas, H. C. Gloversville Harness, trunks, etc., 73 Main
Thomas, James W. Kingsborough J. W. & E. Thomas
Thomas, J. W. & E. Johnstown (James W. and Elliot) Glove and mitten manufs.
Thompson, A. A. Johnstown Ladies' furnishing goods and agent for Empire sewing machine, 88 Main
Thompson, Andrew J. Johnstown Thompson & Argersinger
Thompson & Argersinger Johnstown (Andrew J. Thompson and Hiram Argersinger) Manufs. of gloves and mittens
Thompson, Geo. M. Gloversville Editor of Intelligencer
Thompson, Jacob B. Gloversville Skin dresser
Thompson, James Gloversville Barber and hair dresser, 125 Main
Thompson, Joseph Rockwood Farmer, 100
Thompson, Nathaniel Johnstown Carpenter and joiner
Thompson, William J. Johnstown Farmer, leases 145
Thorburn, W .G. Gloversville Agent for Grover and Baker Sewing Machines, corner Fulton and Main, over Miller's drug store
Thyne, John Johnstown Carpenter and joiner
Timmons, Michael Johnstown Farmer, 68
Tooker, John Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 181 North Main
Traver, Charles Johnstown Blacksmith
Turney, Benjamin Johnstown Farmer, 60
Tuttle, John W. Bleecker Farmer, 5
Tye, Ichabod H. Johnstown Foreman of J. Heacock's skin mill


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