Businesses & Residents of Johnstown,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 234-254.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:
Uhlinger, Philip Johnstown Cabinet maker and undertaker, south side Main
Uline, Jacob Johnstown Farmer, 100
Ullman, Solomon Johnstown Dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, gents' furnishing goods, etc., 1 Kennedy Block
Vaissiere, Ferdinand Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Hoosick
Valentine, James C. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 5 Mill
Valone, Nicholas Gloversville Retired farmer
Van Allen, Wm. E. Johnstown Stone mason and farmer, 100
Van Alstine, Barney Keck's Center Farmer, 117
Van Alstine, John Sammonsville Farmer
Van Antwerp, Charles Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, leases of Jay Schuyler, 100
Van Antwerp, James Keck's Center Teamster
Van Antwerp, John Sammonsville Shoe maker
Van Atter, James Johnstown Prop. of skin mill
Van Auken, Henry Johnstown Farmer, leases of Mrs. David Miller, 100
Vanauken, Seymour Gloversville Staker
Van Dreser, D. Mrs. Gloversville Millinery, 17 School
Van Dusen, Amos Gloversville Prop. of Express Wagon
Van Dusen, Henry Sammonsville Carpenter and joiner
Van Dusen, Joseph Sammonsville Carpenter
Van Dusen, Mathew Sammonsville Teamster
Van Dusen, Wm. Rockwood Farmer, leases 80
Van Lone, Daniel Gloversville Glove cutter
Van Natter, James Gloversville Boss skin dresser
Van Ness, J. F. Gloversville Secretary of Gloversville Athletic Association
Van Ness, L. R. & Co. Gloversville Dry and fancy goods, 108 Fulton
Van Ness, William H. Gloversville Justice of the peace, 121 Main
Van Ness, ______ Johnstown Farl & Van Ness
Van Ness, ____ Miss Gloversville C. J. Mills & Co.
Van Nostrand, A. O. Gloversville Master builder and jobber, 69 School
Van Nostrand, Duncan Gloversville Farmer, 130
Van Nostrand, George Johnstown Blacksmith, saw mill and farmer, 87
Van Nostrand, Hazen Johnstown Lumberman and Farmer, leases saw mill and 87 of George Van Nostrand
Van Sickler, David Gloversville Skin dresser
Van Sickler, Gilbert Gloversville Grocer
Van Sickler, Wm. Johnstown Mason
Van Sickles, M. R. Johnstown Restaurant and billiard room, south side Main
Van Skiver, John S. Rockwood Farmer, 75
Van Vetchen, Dow Johnstown Glove manuf. and farmer, 90
Van Veghten, John Gloversville Howe, Simmons & Co.
Van Voast, A. S. & Son Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, north side Main
Van Vranken, Nelson Gloversville Carriage, house and sign painter,17 Middle
Van Vranken, Stephen Gloversville Livery stables, Washington
Van Vranken, John M.  Gloversville Carpenter and joiner, 22 School
Van Vranken, W. H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, and farmer, 40, 43 Bleecker
Van Wait, Purdy Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 19 Elm
Veeder, Eliphalet Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Veeder, James A. Gloversville Glove cutter, 35 School
Veeder, Seymour Gloversville Farmer, 130
Veeder, ____ Mrs. Johnstown Milliner, Market
Veghte, Henry W. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 160
Veghte, Lewis Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 156
Venner, John Gloversville Supt. of Prospect Hill Cemetery, owns 3
Voorhees, Garrett Johnstown Wilcox & Voorhees
Voorhees, John H. Johnstown Voorhees & Younglove
Voorhees & Younglove Johnstown (John H. Voorhees and James Younglove) Planing mill and lumber yard, Market
Vosburgh, Minard Johnstown Farmer, 140
Vosburgh, Minard Johnstown Farmer, 185
Vrooman, John Keck's Center Farmer, 2
Wade, Mortimer Johnstown County clerk, prop. of tannery, manuf. of gloves and mittens
Wait, William Johnstown Attorney and counselor at law, corner Main and William
Walker, Alexander Johnstown (with Daniel J.) Dairyman and farmer
Walker, Daniel Johnstown Farmer, 390
Walker, Daniel J. Johnstown (with Alexander) Dairyman and farmer, 168
Walker, Duncan Johnstown (with Gilbert) Farmer, 130
Walker, Gilbert Johnstown (with Duncan) Farmer, 130
Wallace, John G. Gloversville Farmer, 180 
Walter, Daniel S. Gloversville D. S., G. H. & J. B. Walter
Walter, D. S., G. H. & J. B. Gloversville (Daniel S., George H. and John B.) Lumbermen and farmers, 175
Walter, George H. Gloversville D. S., G. H. and J. B. Walter
Walter, John B. Gloversville D. S., G. H. and J. B. Walter
Ward, Edward  Gloversville George Gillespie & Co.
Ward, Edward Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, insurance agent and revenue assessor, 108 Mills Block, Main
Ward, H. M. Gloversville Agent for the sale of all kinds of marble and granite, 131 Main
Ward, Marcus P. Gloversville General Insurance agent, 8 Spring
Ward, Martin Johnstown Farmer, 3
Warner, Eleazer G. Kingsborough Carpenter and joiner
Warner, Seymour Gloversville Warner, Smith & Co.
Warner, Smith & Co. Gloversville (Seymour Warner, Enos M. Smith, and E. A. M. Smith) Dry goods, and manufs. trimmings, 92 Main
Warner, T. B. Gloversville Photographer, 102 Main
Warren, James Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 112
Warren, John Sammonsville Retired farmer, 100
Warren, Joshua Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 300
Warren, Levi Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 100
Warren, Wm. Johnstown Farmer, leases of John Warren, 100
Washburn, Alfred B. Gloversville Groceries and provisions, 133 Main
Washburn, Benjamin F. Gloversville Livery stable and boarding house, corner Fremont and Middle
Washburn, M. G. Gloversville Restaurant, 117 Main
Washburn & Parsons Gloversville (Rufus Washburn and James O. Parsons) Manufs. of buckskin gloves and mittens, 96 and 98 Fulton
Washburn, Rufus Gloversville (Washburn & Parsons) (Wm. B. Kirby & Co.) Farmer, 40 
Washburn, Wm. W. Gloversville Farmer, 66
Watson, George Gloversville Master builder, 34 Church
Wayne, Thomas Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Weaver, Adam Johnstown Retired farmer, owns 2,250
Weber, Geo. W. Johnstown Foreman of saw frame
Webster, James Johnstown Teamster
Welch, Frank Gloversville Jobber
Wells, David A. Gloversville Gilbert & Wells
Wells & Dudley Johnstown (John Wells and James M. Dudley) Attorneys
Wells, Edward A. Johnstown Farmer, 30
Wells, James Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Melcher
Wells, John Johnstown Wells & Dudley
Wells, John E. Johnstown Prop. of Johnson's Hall and farmer, 130
Wells, N. P. Johnstown (N. P. Wells & Co.) Notary public
Wells, N. P. & Co. Johnstown Bankers, south side Main
Wemple, Eli Sammonsville Cider and vinegar manuf.
Wemple, Mynard P. Keck's Center Dairyman and farmer, 143
Wemple, Wm. Sammonsville Straw board manuf.
Wentworth, Anson Johnstown Farmer, 1
Wert, Christian Keck's Center Dairyman and farmer, 360
Wert, Daniel Johnstown Farmer, 175
Wert, James Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, leases of Daniel Wert, 100
Wert, John D. Keck's Center Dairyman and farmer, 55
Wert, Michael Johnstown Farmer, 185
Wert, Wm. Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer, 110
Wessel, Annis Miss Johnstown Dress maker, over Getman's store
West, Wayland D. Gloversville Assistant cashier, National Fulton Co. Bank
Wheaton, Cyrus Johnstown Farmer, 170
Whipple, I. B. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Main
Whitaker, E. V. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 22 Fremont
Whits, John Gloversville Farmer, 1
White, J. W. Gloversville Kid dresser and colorer and manuf.  of kid gloves, East Fulton
White, Michael Gloversville Farmer, 60
Whitney, Asel Johnstown Cabinet ware, Market
Wilbur, Freeman Johnstown James Sutliff & Co.
Wilcox & Voorhees Johnstown (W. P. Wilcox and Garrett Voorhees) Tobacconists, south side Main
Wilcox, W. P. Johnstown Wilcox & Voorhees
Willey, E. Johnstown Farmer, 50
Williamson, James A. Johnstown Pastor of United Presbyterian Church
Wilson, David & Co. Gloversville (Michael McDonough) Meat market, 111 Main
Wilson, George Gloversville House, sign, carriage and ornamental painter, and dealer in paints, oils, etc., 135 Main
Windoes, Charles Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, and owns 11, corner Fremont and Washington
Winegar, John Gloversville Carpenter, wagon and cabinet maker
Wing, J. F. Gloversville Gulick & Wing
Wolford, John Johnstown Farmer, leases of Minard Vosburgh, 185
Wood, Joseph Kingsborough (with Levi Parsons) Farmer, 510
Woolrich, Henry Keck's Center Farmer, 3
Wooster, Geo. H. Kingsborough Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Wooster & Lee Kingsborough (Michael E. Wooster and James Lee) Manuf. of gloves and mittens
Wooster, Michael E. Kingsborough Wooster & Lee
Wooster, W. S. Kingsborough General merchant and post master
Wormuth, Wm. Sammonsville Sawyer
Woster, Jonathan Kingsborough Saw mill and lumber dealer
Wright, Ephraim S. Kingsborough Glove manuf. and farmer, 1
Wright, Joel S. Kingsborough Stone quarry and farmer, 100
Wright, John A. Kingsborough Lumber and wood dealer and farmer, 195
Wright, William Kingsborough Stone mason and farmer, leases 30
Yauney, Philip Johnstown Farmer, 100
Yost, Abram Johnstown (with Henry S. and Peter) Dairyman and farmer, leases of John B. Yost, 325
Yost, David Gloversville Farmer, 3
Yost, Edward Johnstown Lord & Yost
Yost, Henry S. Johnstown (with Peter and Abram) Dairyman and farmer, leases of John B. Yost, 325
Yost, John J. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Market
Yost, John B. Johnstown Retired farmer, 325
Yost, Michael Johnstown Farmer, 180
Yost, Peter Johnstown (with Henry S. and Abram) Dairyman and farmer, leases of John B. Yost, 325
Yost, Peter Johnstown Farmer, 50
Yost, Wm. J. Johnstown Farmer, 200
Young, Andrew Kingsborough Teamster
Young, F. M. Gloversville Dealer in groceries, provisions, etc., 121 Main
Young, Jeremiah D. Johnstown J. & J. D. Young
Young, John J. Gloversville Leather cutter, wagon maker and carpenter
Young, Peter Rockwood Farmer, 200
Young, Wm. Johnstown W. & J. D. Young
Young, William S. Johnstown Physician and surgeon, Perry
Young, W. & J. Johnstown Fruits, vegetables, oysters, etc., William
Young, W. & J. D. Johnstown (William and Jeremiah D.) Fruit, Yankee notions, fancy articles, etc., north side Main
Younglove, James Johnstown Voorhees & Younglove
Youngs, James Keck's Center Farmer, 1
Zens, Chrisjohn Johnstown Farmer, 12
Zimmerman, [   ] Mrs. Gloversville Seamstress


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