Businesses & Residents of Mayfield,

Child's Gazetteer

Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 255-260.
This piece were graciously typed by Mary Beth Johnson.


Below A - Z

Name, (Post Office Address), Occupation
ALLEN, Byron (Vails Mills) prop. of Vails Mills Tannery.
ALLEN, David W. (Vails Mills) farmer, 11.
ALLEN, George C. (Mayfield) prop. of skin mill and farmer, 15.
ALVORD, Chauncey G. (Vails Mills) tinman and farmer, 2.
ALVORD, Sylvester D. (Vails Mills) prop. of brick kiln and farmer, 80.
ANDERSON, Duncan (Gloversville) farmer, 130.
ANDRICH, A. (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
ANTHONY, Jay M. (Mayfield) farmer, 130.
ANTHONY, John M. (Mayfield) farmer, 60.
ANTHONY, Orin A. (Mayfield) edge tool manuf. and maker of steel plated sleigh shoes and mill irons, also farmer, 67.
ARGERSINGER, Archibald (Vails Mills) farmer, leases of Baltes Argersinger, 112.
ARGERSINGER, Baltes (Vails Mills) farmer, 112.
ARGENSINGER, Michael (Vails Mills) farmer, 175.
AUSTIN, Allen (Mayfield) basket maker.
BANKS, Alonzo J. (Mayfield) justice of the peace.
BANKS, Morgan (Mayfield) farmer, 72.
BARD, Uriel (Mayfield) farmer, 140.
BARNER, Ensign (Mayfield) engineer
BARTLETT, Harley (Mayfield) shoemaker and farmer, 12.
BARTLETT, Josiah (Vails Mills) farmer, leases of Mrs. W. Ellsworth, 175.
BECKER, Catharine Mrs. (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
BECKER, Charles H. (Mayfield) butcher.
BECKER, John (Mayfield) farmer, 170.
BEHLEN, William (Mayfield) farmer, 80.
BELLEN, Frederick (Mayfield) farmer, 70.
BERMIS, Willard S. (Gloversville) farmer, 195 1/2.
BEMIS, William (Gloversville) farmer, 200.
BERRY, Betsey Mrs. (Mayfield) farmer, 95.
BERRY, Chester (Mayfield) leather dresser and farmer, 3.
BARRY, Hiram (Mayfield) glove manuf. and farmer leases of John R. Barry, 67.
BERRY, Samuel P. (Vails Mills) farmer, 150.
BERRY, William R. (Mayfield) farmer, 54.
BETTER, David (Mayfield) farmer leases of Conrad Zimmerman, 80.
BICKFORD, William (Kingsborough) farmer, 3.
BISHOP, Francis (Mayfield) farmer, 70.
BISHOP, Fredom (Mayfield) (with Leonard) farmer.
BISHOP, James (Mayfield) shoemaker.
BISHOP, Leonard (Mayfield) farmer, 75.
BISHOP, Luther (Mayfield) farmer, 95.
BLANCHARD, Charles (Vails Mills) farmer, 100.
BLANCHARD, John (Gloversville) butcher and farmer, 140.
BLOWERS, Abram H. (Mayfield) skin dresser.
BLOWERS, Charles (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
BLOWERS, James (Mayfield) farmer, 86.
BLOWERS, Reuben (Mayfield) farmer, 30.
BOVIE, Asa (Mayfield) farmer, 31.
BRADT, John L. (Mayfield) farmer, 90.
BROOKS, Jefferson (Mayfield) farmer, 67.
BROWER, Abram (Mayfield) farmer, 86.
BROWER, Christopher (Mayfield) farmer, 90.
BROWER, Jacob Jr. (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
BROWER, William (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
BROWN, Augustus M. (Mayfield) glove cutter.
BROWN, Emerson (Cranberry Creek) carpenter and farmer, 5.
BROWN, Isaac (Mayfield) farmer, 150.
BROWN, James H. (Mayfield) glove manuf.
BROWN, John W. (Mayfield) glove salesman and farmer, 116.
BRUNER, John (Mayfield) carpenter and farmer, 3.
BUCHANAN, John L. (Vails Mills) farmer, 150.
BURBY, Edwin (Vails Mills) glove cutter and farmer, 30.
BUSICK, Philip (Mayfield) farmer, leases of Levi Yost, 112.
CAMFIELD, Truman (Gloversville) farmer, 25.
CANFIELD, Josiah (Mayfield) farmer, 30.
CASE, Henry V. (Mayfield) farmer, 2.
CASE, Joseph (Vails Mills) (with Miss Phebe) farmer.
Case, Phebe Miss (Vails Mills) farmer, 99.
CATTEN, Caroline Mrs. (Vails Mills) farmer, 75.
CHRISTIE, Edward (Mayfield) supervisor and farmer, 150.
CHRISTIE, Jacob (Mayfield) farmer.
CHRISTIE, John R. (Mayfield) (with Van Rensselaer R.) farmer, 100.
CHRISTIE, Simeon (Mayfield) farmer, 180.
CHRISTIE, Vanrensselaer R. (Mayfield) (with John R.) farmer, 100.
CHRISTIE, William H. (Mayfield) (with Simeon) farmer.
CLARK, Daniel (Gloversville) farmer, 50.
CLEAVER, Frederick (Gloversville) farmer, 90.
CLEVELAND, Smith G. (Vails Mills) farmer, 40.
CLEVELAND, Thomas (Vails Mills) farmer, 125.
CLOSE, A. B. & Co. (Mayfield) (N. E.) general merchants.
CLOSE, Abram B. (Mayfield) (A. B. Close & Co.) post master and farmer, 90.
CLOSE, Asa (Broadalbin) paper maker.
CLOSE, Beroth (Broadalbin) prop. of Closeville Paper Mills and farmer, 75.
CLOSE, Chauncey (Broadalbin) paper maker and farmer, 25.
CLOSE, Isaac T. (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
CLOSE, N. E. (Mayfield) (A. B. Close & Co.).
CODDINGTON, John (Broadalbin) farmer, 130.
COLE, George (Mayfield) mitten cutter.
COLLINS, William H. (Northville) farmer, 240.
CONWAY, John (Mayfield) farmer, 2.
COZZENS, William (Mayfield) carpenter.
CRATER, Jacob (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
CRUGER, John (Vails Mills) farmer, 200.
DAVIS, Hosea H. (Vails Mills) farmer, 20.
DEGOLYER, Calvin (Mayfield) farmer, 49.
DEMAREST, Richard (Vails Mills) farmer, 114.
DENNIE, Dennis (Mayfield) (with Edwin) lime burner and farmer, 80.
DENNIE, Edwin (Mayfield) (with Dennis) lime burner and farmer, 80.
DENNIE, Henry (Mayfield) prop. of line kiln and farmer, 70.
DENNIE, Jacob (Mayfield) farmer, 114.
DENNIE, James (Mayfield) lime burner and farmer, 140.
DERNODE, William E. (Mayfield) farmer, 96.
DINGMAN, George (Broadalbin) farmer, 1.
DINGMAN, John (Gloversville) farmer, leases of James Christie, 100.
DIXON, Baltus W. (Mayfield) farmer, 96.
DIXON, Walter W. (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
DIXON, William W. (Mayfield) assessor and farmer, 25.
DRURY, Patrick (Vails Mills) farmer, 50.
DUNNING, Josiah (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
DUTCHER, John (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 10.
DUTCHER, John P. (Mayfield) carpenter and joiner and farmer, 2.
DUTCHER, Richard (Cranberry Creek) carpenter and farmer 15.
EARL, Melvin (Vails Mills) prop. of Earl's Hotel, postmaster and farmer, 40.
EATON, Benjamin (Gloversville) farmer, 85.
EDWARDS, Leman (Vails Mills) farmer, 75.
EGLIN, John (Cranberry Creek) farmer, leases of William Ashton, 90.
ELLIOTT, Daniel (Mayfield) blacksmith.
ELLSWORTH, Dyer (Vails Mills) farmer, 91.
ELLSWORTH, John (Mayfield) carpenter & joiner, collector of town taxes and farmer, 170.
ELPHEE, Edward A. (Mayfield) grist mill and farmer, 45.
ELPHEE, Walter (Mayfield) miller.
ERDRIST, David (Mayfield) farmer, 30.
FERGUSON, Abram (Mayfield) farmer, 1 1/2.
FERGUSON, Daniel (Mayfield) farmer, 33.
FERGUSON, Sylvester (Mayfield) prop. stage route from Gloversville to Northville.
FILKINS, Seneca (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
FINN, George (Vails Mills) farmer, 57.
FLETCHER, Flint (Vails Mills) farmer, 125.
FONDA, James G. (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
FONDA, John J. (Gloversville) farmer, 120.
FONDA, Marcus D. (Gloversville) butcher and farmer, 115.
FOOTE, Robert (Mayfield) farmer, 170.
FORT, Isaac (Mayfield) (with Lewis) farmer, 120.
FORT, Lewis (Mayfield) (with Isaac) farmer, 120.
FOSMIRE, Andrew (Broadalbin) wagon maker.
FOSMIRE, Charles (Mayfield) skin dresser and farmer, 3.
FOSMIRE, William P. (Mayfield) farmer, 56.
FRANK, Abram Jr. (Vails Mills) farmer, 140.
FRANK, Abram Sen. (Vails Mills) farmer, 140.
FRANK, David (Vails Mills) farmer, 190.
FRANK, Jacob (Vails Mills) carpenter and farmer, 14.
FRANK, John A. (Vails Mills) farmer, 120.
FREDERICK, Peter (Gloversville) farmer, 55.
FREEMAN, Hiram (Mayfield) (Kenney & Freeman)
FREEMAN, Ziba (Mayfield) mason and farmer, 2 1/2.
FRITCHER, David W. (Cranberry Creek) glove and mitten maker and farmer, 1.
FRY, George C. (Mayfield) farmer, 9.
FERGUSON, Benjamin (Mayfield) farmer, 22.
FURGESON, William (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 2.
GARRISON, George W. (Kingsborough) farmer, 150.
GATES, Hiram (Mayfield) grocer and farmer, 40.
GELSLEIGHTOR, Nicholas, Rev. (Mayfield) M. E. Clergyman and farmer, 60.
GEORGE, Isaac (Vails Mills) farmer, 100.
GEORGE, William (Vails Mills) farmer, 10.
GETMAN, David (Mayfield) notary public, conveyancer, pension and claim agent.
GETMAN, David Jr. (Mayfield) patent right dealer.
GIFFORD, Charles F. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 117.
GIFFORD, Isaac (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 50.
GIFFORD, Morris (Mayfield) farmer, 15.
GIFFORD, Norman (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 300.
GIFFORD, William (Mayfield) carpenter.
GOLDER, Derick G. (Kingsborough) school teacher and farmer, 65.
GOLDER, William S. (Mayfield) mason and farmer, 75.
GOODEMOTE, Frederick B. (Broadalbin) farmer, 130.
GOODEMOTE, Godfrey (Broadalbin) farmer, 6.
GOODEMOOT, James H. (Mayfield) blacksmith and farmer, 33.
GOODEMOTE, William (Mayfield) farmer, leases of Richard Van Allen, 220.
GRANGER, Thomas (Vails Mills) kid dresser and farmer, 30.
GRAY, Philander N. (Mayfield) farmer, 80.
GREEN, John (Mayfield) glove and mitten manuf. and farmer, 35.
GULICK, Jacob (Mayfield) farmer, 2.
HAINES, David N. (Mayfield) shoemaker.
HAINES, Jacob L. (Mayfield) harness maker.
HALEY, Peter (Mayfield) tanner and currier.
HALEY, William (Mayfield) tanner and currier.
HALL, Christopher (Mayfield) farmer, 3.
HALL, Elijah S. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 84.
HALL, Ephraim S. (Mayfield) farmer, 1.
HALL, Henry (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 207.
HALL, James (Mayfield) farmer, 5 1/2.
HALL, James S. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 50.
HALLENBECK, Selah W. (Mayfield) farmer, 64.
HATHAWAY, David W. (Mayfield) prop. of saw mill.
HATHAWAY, Isaac (Mayfield) retired farmer.
HATHAWAY, Seth C. (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
HAYS, John (Broadalbin) mason and farmer, leases of Louisa Satterlee, 70.
HEGEMAN, Micah (Mayfield) lime burner and farmer, 181.
HESTEAD, Anthony (Vails Mills) farmer, 30.
HICKEY, Edmund (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 300.
HICKEY, Michael (Cranberry Creek) surveyor.
HILL, Lewis (Broadalbin) farmer, 100.
HOLLENBECK, James B. (Mayfield) farmer, 20.
HOLLETT, James F. (Mayfield) leather dresser and schoolteacher.
HOLLETT, John H. (Mayfield) farmer, 90.
HOLON, Michael (Vails Mills) tanner and farmer, 10.
HOUSEMAN, William H. (Mayfield) farmer, leases of Mrs. Catherine Becker, 105.
HOWLAND, Frost P., Farmer, 300.
HOWLAND, Harrison (Vails Mills) farmer.
HOWLAND, Reuben H. (Vails Mills) farmer, 80.
HUSTED, Reuben (Vails Mills) farmer, 100.
HUTCHINS, Frederick A. (Vails Mills) farmer, leases of A. McFarland, 100.
JACKSON, James E. (Mayfield) farmer, 175.
JACKSON, Robert (Mayfield) farmer, 135.
JACKSON, William (Mayfield) prop. of Mansion House and owns 400.
JAYAER, George (Vails Mills) farmer, 261.
JEWEL, George (Vails Mills) farmer, 1.
JOHNSTON, Nathan (Mayfield) allo. Physician.
JOSHLIN, Mary Mrs. (Vails Mills) farmer, 46.
KEETTLE, Leonard (Vails Mills) farmer, 3.
KENNEDY, Alexander (Vails Mills) mason
KENNEDY, Arthur (Cranberry Creek) tanner and currier.
KENNEDY, Daniel (Vails Mills) mason and farmer, 47.
KENNEDY, David (Vails Mills) justice of the peace and farmer, 125.
KENNEDY, John M. (Vails Mills) (Rosa & Kennedy).
KENNEDY, Robert (Vails Mills) (with Daniel) farmer.
KENNEDY, William (Cranberry Creek) tannery and farmer, 14.
KENNEY & FREEMAN (Mayfield) (Moses KENNEY and Hiram FREEMAN) props of skin mill.
KENNEY, Moses (Mayfield) (Kenney & Freeman).
KENNICUTT, Allen (Mayfield) steel trap maker and farmer, 19.
KENT, Charles T. (Cranberry Creek) grocer.
KESTED, John (Broadalbin) farmer, 1.
KESTED, William (Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer, 76.
KEYSOR, Lucian B. (Mayfield) farmer leases of John Becker, 100.
KIRCHEN, Henry (Broadalbin) farmer, 30.
KNAPP, George W. (Mayfield) farmer, 146.
KNAPP, Harvey O. (Mayfield) farmer, 116.
KNAPP, James H. (Mayfield) prop of lime kiln and farmer, 66.
KNAPP, John V. (Mayfield) farmer, 91.
KRING, Philip (Mayfield) sawyer.
LAIRD, Alexander (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
LAIRD, John (Mayfield) carriage maker.
LAIREY, Barney (Mayfield) farmer, 180.
LANSING, Abram (Vails Mills) farmer, 200.
LANSING, Reuben F. (Mayfield) butcher, carpenter and farmer, 1.
LASHER, Jacob (Broadalbin) farmer, 140.
LASHER, John E. (Broadalbin) (with Jacob) farmer.
LASHER, Nelson (Mayfield) farmer, leases of George Langham, 125.
LEE, George (Mayfield) farmer, 98.
LEFLER, Isaac (Kingsborough) farmer, 145.
LETTICE, Abram (Vails Mills) cooper and farmer, 97.
LEVERSEE, Richard T. (Broadalbin) farmer, 215.
LIGENFELTER, John (Vails Mills)) farmer, 1.
MAJOR, Joseph A. (Vails Mills) farmer, 107.
MANSION HOUSE (Mayfield) Wm. Jackson, prop.
MANZER, Henry (Mayfield) farmer, 35.
MARLEY, Joseph Mrs. (Mayfield) farmer, 25.
MARTIN, John (Northville) farmer, 70.
McALISTER, Alexander (Vails Mills) butcher.
McALISTER, James (Mayfield) retired farmer.
McALISTER, John (Mayfield) leather dresser and farmer, 1 1/2.
McCLARA, Hiram (Mayfield) farmer, 35.
McCLARY, Alexander (Mayfield) farmer, 25.
McCOLLOM, John (Gloversville) farmer, 66.
McFARLAND, Archibald (Vails Mills) farmer, 100.
McFARLAND, William H. (Broadalbin) farmer, 140.
McKINLAY, John (Mayfield) (with Alexander) farmer
McKINLAY, Peter (Vails Mills) farmer, 138
McLINLEY, Alexander (Mayfield) farmer, 190.
McVEAN, James I. (Mayfield) farmer, 130.
MEAD, Charles M. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 100.
MEAD, Joseph N. (Northville) farmer, 100.
MEAD, Luman B. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 120.
MEAD, Nathaniel (Northville) farmer, 100.
MERCER, Samuel B. (Mayfield) carpenter and joiner and farmer, 96.
MERCHANT, Justus (Vails Mills) farmer, 66.
MERCHANT, Manvill (Broadalbin) farmer, 97.
MERCHANT, Zadok B. (Broadalbin) farmer, 75.
MICKEL, Joseph (Mayfield) farmer, 6.
MOORE, Ira (Mayfield) foreman in Jackson Summit Tannery.
MOORE, Levi (Mayfield) farmer, 1/2.
MORTIMER, James (Mayfield) farmer, 75.
MUNSON, Ebenezer B. (Broadalbin) prop. of carriage & blacksmith shop & farmer, 350.
MYERS, Emanuel (Mayfield) farmer, 35.
NEWTON, Archibald I. (Vails Mills) farmer, 147.
NICHOLS, Jeremiah (Mayfield) farmer, 137.
NOYES, Joel B. (Gloversville) farmer, 111.
OBRIST, Henry (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
ODELL, Collins (Mayfield) resident.
OSTRANDER, Margaret Mrs. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 135.
OUDERKIRK, John (Cranberry Creek) farmer, leases of G. W. Sutherland, 260.
PADDOCK, John (Mayfield) farmer, 129.
PADDOCK, Stephen (Mayfield) teamster.
PARKS, James (Mayfield) (with John) farmer, 60.
PARKS, John (Mayfield) (with James) farmer, 60.
PECK, Jesse (Vails Mills) farmer, 1 1/2.
PEEK, Marcus (Vails Mills) wagon shop.
PERRY, Anthony (Mayfield) glove and mitten cutter and manuf.
PERRY, Henry (Mayfield) cooper and farmer, 2 1/2.
PERRY, Samuel L. (Kingsborough) stove and tin peddler and farmer, 15.
PETERSON, Emily Mrs. (Mayfield) farmer, 1.
PETERSON, Oloff (Vails Mills) farmer, 135.
PETTERSON, Mary Co Mrs. (Vails Mills) cigar maker.
PETTINGILL, Stewart (Mayfield) farmer, 4.
PHILIPS, Reuben (Vails Mills) farmer, 200.
PHILIPS, Samuel D. (Vails Mills) farmer,185.
PIERCE, Rufus M. (Mayfield) farmer, 9.
PINCKNEY, Barney (Vails Mills) farmer, 8.
PINCKNEY, George (Vails Mills) farmer, 15.
PLANK, Frederick C. (Gloversville) farmer, 100.
PORTER, Elias (Mayfield) farmer, 14.
POTTER, Charles E. (Mayfield) grocer.
POTTER, Patience and Roana Misses (Broadalbin) farmers, 21.
POTTER, Richard (Mayfield) farmer, 240.
PROPER, John H. (Cranberry Creek ) grocer and farmer, 3.
PUTMAN, Richard S. (Vails Mills) town assessor and farmer, 213.
REYNOLDS, Collis (Cranberry Creek) (with Ransom Reynolds) farmer.
REYNOLDS, Jesse (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 24.
REYNOLDS, John (Cranberry Creek) grocer and farmer, 7.
REYNOLDS, Niles (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 10.
REYNOLDS, Ransom H. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 50.
REYNOLDS, William (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 10.
RHODER, William (Mayfield) farmer, 116.
RICE, Harvey P. (Mayfield) farmer, 40
RICHARDSON, John H. (Mayfield) farmer, 2.
RICHARDSON, Rosanna (Mayfield) farmer, 25.
RICHARDSON, William J. (Mayfield) painter.
RIDDLE, Joseph (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 135.
RIVERS, Jacob (Mayfield) farmer, 49.
ROBERTS, Jedediah (Mayfield) farmer, 177.
ROBERTSON, Daniel (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
ROBINSON, Abijah P. (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
ROBINSON, James (Broadalbin) blacksmith.
ROBINSON, William (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 25.
ROGERS, Hiram (Cranberry Creek) farmer, leases of Jacob Decker, 300.
ROSA, James P. (Vails Mills) (Rosa & Kennedy).
ROSA & KENNEDY (Vails Mills) (James P. Rosa and John M. Kennedy) general merchants.
SERVISS, Dewitt (Mayfield) (with John) farmer.
SERVISS, John (Mayfield) farmer, 116 1/4.
SHAFER, Jacob (Vails Mills) farmer, 29.
SHAFFER, Henry G. (Broadalbin) farmer, 75.
SHAW, William H. (Mayfield) farmer, 132 1/2.
SHELDON, Benajah (Broadalbin) (with Alexander Merrill) farmer, 45.
SHIRES, Ira C. (Gloversville) farmer, leases of Joel B. Noyes, III.
SIMMONS, Thomas (Vails Mills) farmer, 6
SMITH, Chauncey J. (Broadalbin) farmer, 50.
SMITH, George H. (Broadalbin) paper maker and farmer, 18.
SMITH, H. H. Rev. (Mayfield) pastor of M. E. Church.
SMITH, John J. (Vails Mills) blacksmith and farmer, 1.
SNYDER, Martin (Mayfield) farmer, 67.
STEELE, Chauncey (Mayfield) farmer, 140.
STEENBURGH, Benjamin J. (Gloversville) farmer, 50.
STEWART, David E. (Mayfield) prop of lime kiln and farmer, 1000.
STEWART, Duncan (Vails Mills) farmer, 228.
STEWART, George (Mayfield) farmer, leases of Edward Burke, 83.
STEWART, Isabella Mrs. (Vails Mills) farmer, 1.
STEWART, Niel (Mayfield) prop of lime kiln and farmer, 300.
STEWART, Peter M. (Vails Mills) (with D. Stewart) farmer.
SWART, Samuel B. (Vails Mills) farmer, 97.
SWEET, Freeman (Northville) farmer, 33.
SWEET, Solomon (Northville) farmer, 3.
TANNER, John H. (Vails Mills) shoemaker and farmer, 1.
TEMPLETON, Daniel (Mayfield) stage driver.
TEMPLETON, Thomas (Mayfield) farmer, 5.
TERRILL, Hezekiah G. (Mayfield) farmer, 75.
THOMPSON, Benjamin (Mayfield) farmer leases of John R. Berry, 100.
THURSTON, John (Mayfield) farmer, 25.
TITCOMB, John C. (Mayfield) general merchant and farmer, 10.
TOMLINSON, Langdon I. (Broadalbin) farmer, 70.
TOOKER, Caleb W. (Mayfield) general merchant.
TOWNER, Charles F. (Mayfield) farmer, 6.
TOWNER, Erasmus B. Rev. (Mayfield) Baptist clergyman.
TURK, Frederick (Mayfield) painter.
TYRRELL, Bennett (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 23.
TYRRELL, Elias (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 65.
TYRRELL, Nathan (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 22.
VAIL, William (Vails Mills) prop of grist & saw mill, excise commissioner & farmer, 100.
VanALLEN, Richard (Mayfield) farmer, 220.
Van AMMON, William R. (Vails Mills) blacksmith.
VanARNAM, Howland F. (Vails Mills) carriage trimmer and farmer, 1.
VanBUREN, Austin (Mayfield) farmer, 70.
VanBUREN, Charles H. (Mayfield) patent right dealer.
VanBUREN, Francis H. (Broadalbin) farmer, 75.
VanBUREN, James (Broadalbin) farmer, 120.
VanBUREN, John (Mayfield) farmer, 60.
VanBUREN, Oliver (Mayfield) prop of lime kiln and farmer, 32.
VanBUSKIRK, Peter (Mayfield) farmer, 52.
VANDENBURGH, Benjamin B. (Broadalbin) farmer, 300 and (with Isaac Brown) prop of saw mill.
VANDENBURGH, John (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
VANDENBURGH, Mathew P. (Broadalbin) farmer, 170.
VANDERPOOL, John (Mayfield) physician.
VANDIKE, Abram (Mayfield) lime burner.
VanDYKE, John W. (Mayfield) mitten maker.
VanNOSTRAND, William (Mayfield) farmer, 192.
VanVRANCKEN, Abram (Mayfield) carpenter and farmer, 50.
WAITE, Benjamin (Mayfield) shoemaker, glove, mitten and harness maker and farmer, 1.
WALLACE, James W. (Mayfield) farmer, 195.
WALLACE, William (Mayfield) tanner and farmer, 51.
WANDS, John (Broadalbin) farmer, 106.
WARNER, Alanson (Northville) farmer, 50.
WARNER, John (Northville) prop of sawmill and farmer, 100.
WARNER, William (Northville) farmer, 60.
WARNER, William (Mayfield) farmer, 20.
WARREN, Daniel (Gloversville) (with John J.) farmer.
WARREN, John J. & Sons (Gloversville) farmers, 217.
WARREN, John Jr. (Gloversville) (with John J) farmer.
WARREN, William (Gloversville) (with John J) farmer.
WELLS, Albert A. (Mayfield) carpenter and joiner and farmer, 1 1/2.
WELLS, Francis (Mayfield) farmer, 40.
WELLS, Francis H. (Mayfield) leather dresser and farmer, 5.
WELLS, John A. (Mayfield) blacksmith and farmer, 33.
WELLS, Reuben T. (Mayfield) glove maker and farmer, 6.
WELLS, Russell C. (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 220.
WEMPLE, John (Kingsborough) farmer, 35.
WEMPLE, Simon P. (Mayfield) farmer, 110.
WEMPLE, Volkert (Mayfield) farmer, 100.
WENTS, John (Mayfield) farmer, 50.
WETHERBEE, Josiah (Broadalbin) farmer, 6.
WETHERBEE, Thomas (Broadalbin) carpenter and farmer, 100.
WHITNEY, Francis R. (Mayfield) painter and farmer, 5.
WILCOX, Frederick (Vails Mills) farmer, leases of the Judge Western estate, 100.
WILKINS, James S. (Mayfield) patent right dealer.
WILKINS, John J. (Mayfield) farmer, 125.
WILKINS, Palmer S. (Mayfield) assessor and farmer, 90.
WILKINS, Robert (Mayfield) farmer, 90.
WILKINS, Wilbur F. (Mayfield) (with Palmer S.) farmer.
WILLIAMS, James (Vails Mills) farmer leases, 16.
WILSON, Chester (Cranberry Creek) farmer, 60.
WILSON, Stewart (Mayfield) photographer and farmer, 100.
WOOD, Jeremiah Rev. (Mayfield) Presbyterian clergyman and farmer, 26.
WOODRUFF, Elisha (Gloversville) farmer, leases of Philip Plank, 18.
WOODWORTH, David L. (Mayfield) (with Walter D.) farmer.
WOODWORTH, Hiram (Mayfield) farmer, 70.
WOODWORTH, Walter D. (Mayfield) surveyor, land agent, justice of the peace, notary public and farmer, 100.


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