Businesses & Residents of Northampton,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 261-267.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:


Abbott, David Northville farmer 2
Abrams, I. Northville farmer 65
Akley, Asa Northampton farmer, leases of Isaac B. Place 80
ALBRO, LEVI D. Northville farmer, leases of Norman Gifford 381
Albro, Richard Osborn's Bridge farmer 134
Allen, Edwin Northville Mason & Allen   
A_ibal, Robert P. Northville principal of Northville school   
Anthony, John Northampton farmer 156
Appleyard, Robert Osborn's Bridge farmer 80
Armstrong, Ebenezer R. Osborn's Bridge farmer 73
Armstrong, William H. Osborn's Bridge  farmer  86
ASH, ROLAND E. Northville prop. of National Hotel and farmer 50
Ashton, George W. Northville farmer 150
Ashton, Watson Osborn's Bridge carpenter and farmer 100
ASHTON, WATSON J. Northville farmer 160
Ashton, William J. Northville farmer 123
BACON, CHARLES Northville photographer and general artist, dealer in picture frames & etc.   
BACON, JOEL Osborn's Bridge farmer 100
Bailey, John W. Osborn's Bridge glove distributor and farmer 65
Bailey, Joseph Osborn's Bridge wholesale glove peddler and farmer,
leases of George Clark
Baker, Charles A. Northampton farmer 20
Baker, Eleazor M. Northville farmer 50
Baker, James Cranberry Creek farmer 35
Baker, Jonathan Northampton patent right dealer and farmer 1
Baker, Simon W. Northville farmer  50
Barber, David Osborn's Bridge farmer  50
BARKER, JOHN S. Northville grocer, dealer in fresh fruit, fish and oysters, news dealer and farmer 8
Barker, W. F. Northville (W. F. Barker & Co.), member of assembly, postmaster, prop. cooper shop and farmer 6
Barker, W. F. & Co. Northville general merchants  
Barlett, Henry Northville farmer 3
Bass, Joel N. Northville farmer 120
Bass, Myra A. Mrs. Northville farmer 60
Beecher, Abram B. Northampton (with Chauncey P.) farmer  
Beecher, Chauncey P. Northampton farmer 150
Beecher, David H. Northampton (with Chauncey P.) farmer  
Bemore, Valentine Osborn's Bridge farmer 92
BENNETT, BENJAMIN Northampton carpenter and joiner and farmer 125
Bennett, John Northville farmer 50
Benson, James C. Northville lumberman  
Bentley, Taber B. Northville carpenter and joiner  
BENTON, ANDREW Northville Benton & James  
BENTON, CHARLES H. Northville tinsmith  
BENTON & JAMES Northville (Andrew Benton and Edward D. James)  dealers in and manufs. of sheet iron, tin ware, hardware, cutlery, stoneware, wooden ware, crockery, glass, plated ware, agr. implements, stove, hollow ware, rope, cordage &etc.   
BENTON, ORIN Northville cooper and farmer 1
BENTON, SAMUEL B. Northville cooper and farmer 5
Berry, James L. Northville carpenter and joiner and farmer, leases  of Warner Corey 100
Bidwell, Charles Mrs. Northville milliner  
BLAKE, JOHN F. Northville allo. physician and surgeon and farmer 17
Blowers, Andrew J. Osborn's Bridge farmer 147
Blowers, Benedict Osborn's Bridge farmer 730
Blowers, Jeremiah Northville farmer  
Bowman, Julius Northville farmer 75
Brooker, Joseph C. Northville (with Charles B. Resseguie) farmer, leases of John Resseguie 225
Brooker, Orry Cranberry Creek farmer 23
Brooks, Eli Northampton farmer, leases of Gideon O. Brown 128
Brown, Charles H. Northville barber 70
Brown, David Northampton farmer,
leases of George Clark
Brown, Gideon O. Northampton town assessor and farmer 128
Brown, John Northville tanner and currier  
Brown, John W. Northville farmer 86
BROWN, JOSHUA Osborn's Bridge farmer 35
Brownson, Johnson H. Northville retired physician, dentist and farmer 60
Brundige, Ira S. Northville harness shop and farmer 5
Brundige, Seymour I. Northville harness maker  
Brundridge, Clark P. Northville farmer 120
BUNCE, GEORGE Osborn's Bridge charcoal burner and farmer 185
Burgess, Oscar Northville cooper  
BURLEY, CHARLES T. Northampton (with Wayne F.) farmer  203
Burley, Wayne F. Northampton (with Charles T.) farmer 203
Bushnell, John Cranberry Creek farmer 483
CALL, SILAS Northville prop. of Northville Hotel and farmer 23
CARPENTER, JOSEPH C. Northville carpenter and joiner and farmer 1
CARPENTER, WILLIAM Northville carpenter and joiner and farmer 1
Carr, Josiah  Northampton mason   
Chapman, Chauncey Northampton farmer 2
Chase, Marvin Northampton prop. Amsterdam and Northville stage route  
Clark, C. M. Rev. Northville Methodist clergyman  
Cole, Byron Northville harness maker  
COLE, JAMES A. Northville Wm A. Smith & Co.  
Cole, Oris Cranberry Creek glove maker and farmer 5
Coleman, Hiram H. Osborn's Bridge farmer 4
Collins, Electa Mrs. Northville farmer 10
Collins, Joseph A. Northville general merchant and farmer 250
Conklin, Isaac Osborn's Bridge farmer 89
Conklin, Israel Northampton farmer, leases of Richard Albro 72
Conkling, Rosa L. Northampton druggist and town clerk  
Cook, Amos W. Osborn's Bridge farmer, leases of Jacob Decker 100
Cook, Azariah Northampton farmer 124
Cook, David Northampton (with Wallace) farmer  
Cook, Henry Northampton (with Wallace) farmer  
Cook, John B. Northville Cook & Miller  
Cook & Miller Northville (John B. Cook and William H. Miller) meat market  
Cook, Wallace Northampton farmer 200
Corey, J. Northville farmer  100
COREY, SMITH P. Osborn's Bridge farmer 300
Corey, Warner Northville farmer 100
Cornell, Albert H. Northville cooper  
Conlay, Patrick Northampton farmer 125
Cowles, Elijah Northville millwright and farmer 100
Courtney, John Mrs. Northville farmer 1
Coval, Joseph Northampton attorney and counselor at law  
Cronkhite, Tunis Cranberry Creek stone cutter, mason and farmer 2
Crowter, Edwin Osborn's Bridge farmer 1
Crowter, Mathew Osborn's Bridge farmer 40
Crowter, William H. Northville farmer 25
DANIELS, JAMES H. Northville barber and dealer in collars & cuffs & etc.  
DAY, JOSHUA Rev. Northville pastor of Baptist Church  
DEMING, ANDREW Northampton boots and shoes  
Denton Brothers and Sisters Osborn's Bridge (Albert, Wm, Eliza, Mary, Matilda and Emily) farmers 100
Denton, Whitley Osborn's Bridge blacksmith, carriage maker and farmer 2
Denton, William Osborn's Bridge farmer 50
DEWARS, LAWRENCE Northville farmer, leases of Dennis Wilson 160
Dimmick, Orlando Northville farmer 1
Duncan, Samuel Mrs. Northville farmer 6
Dunham, James S. Northville ax helve manuf.  
Dutcher, Charles Northville painter  
Dutcher, John Northville farmer 200
Eastman, G. C. V. Rev. Northampton Episcopal clergyman and farmer 12
Edwards, Erastus P. Cranberry Creek basket maker   
EGLIN, HENRY Northville druggist and dealer in liquors, spices, coffee, tea, tobacco, cigars, etc.  
Ellsworth, Dyer W. Northville carpenter  
Ellsworth, John Northville (Scribner & Ellsworth) farmer 12
FERGUSON, CHARLES Northville carpenter and farmer 1
Field, Alfred C. Northampton harness maker and carriage trimmer and farmer 20
FISH HOUSE Northampton Chas. H. Osborn, prop.  
Fish, Martha Mrs. Northville farmer 53
FISH ROCK HOTEL Northville John Hennesey, prop.  
Fish, William Mrs. Northville farmer 13
FLINN, JOHN H. Osborn's Bridge shoe maker, carpenter and farmer 17
Foote, John W. Northville undertaker and cabinet maker, farmer 2
Frasure, Joseph W. Northville house and carriage painter  
Fritcher, Adam Northampton farmer 137
Fritcher, Gilbert Osborn's Bridge farmer, leases of John Wallin
and of Mrs. Jenkins
FULLER, CHAUNCEY Northville prop. of grist and saw mill, farmer 30
Gifford, Aaron Northville farmer 390
Gifford, Avis Mrs. Northville farmer 1
Gifford, Ezra Osborn's Bridge farmer 15
GIFFORD, EZRA S. Northville (With George W.) farmer, leases of Aaron Gifford 390
GIFFORD, GEORGE M. Northville farmer 1
GIFFORD, GEORGE W. Northville (With Ezra S.) farmer, leases of Aaron Gifford 390
Gifford, Joseph H. Osborn's Bridge farmer 8
Gifford, Joseph M. Northville justice of the peace, general merchant and farmer 100
GIFFORD, LEVI Osborn's Bridge farmer 70
Gifford, Merritt Northville farmer  84
GIFFORD, MOSES Northville farmer 175
GIFFORD, RUFUS Northville general merchant, lumberman and farmer 700
Gifford, Rufus S. Northampton farmer, leases of Adam Fritcher 137
Gifford, Seneca Northville farmer 50
Gifford, Sidney J. Northville farmer 50
Gilbert, Berzllia Osborn's Bridge retired farmer  
Gilbert, John Osborn's Bridge farmer 85
Gilbert, L. Miss Northville milliner  
Gilbert, Lucien A. Osborn's Bridge farmer 20_(9?)
Gilbert, Myron A. Cranberry Creek (with Lucien A.) farmer  
Gilman, William Northville carpenter and joiner and farmer 1
Gorton, Silas C. Northville cooper  
Greenman, Charles H. Northville farmer 38
Greenman, James Northampton carpenter and joiner
Grennell, Graves Northville farmer  60
Grinnell, Clark S. Mrs. Northampton farmer 1
Grinnell, Daniel Northville carpenter and joiner and farmer 12
Grinnell, Hiram E. Osborn's Bridge cooper  
Groff, Paul Northville farmer 17
Groosbeck, Nicholas Osborn's Bridge farmer 35
Groves, George C. Cranberry Creek farmer, leases of William Brown 200
Hammond, Cornelius Osborn's Bridge shoe maker and farmer 8
Hayden, John G. Osborn's Bridge farmer 71
Heath, Nathaniel H. Northville (Newton & Heath) farmer 3
HENNESEY, JOHN Northville prop. of Fish Rock Hotel and farmer 18 
Herron, David Rev. Northampton Presbyterian clergyman  
Hinkley, Elijah Northville boot and shoe maker, billiard saloon & etc.   
Hinkley, George Northville boot and shoe maker, tanner and farmer 1
Hinkley, Nathaniel Northville boots and shoes   
House, Henry Cranberry Creek (House & Jones) farmer 100
House & Jones Cranberry Creek (Henry House & Daniel D. Jones) props. of lime kiln  
HOUSEMAN, ABRAM Northville (Houseman Bros.)  
HOUSEMAN BROS. Northville (John and Abram) carpenters and joiners and farmers 215
HOUSEMAN, ELDERT Northville farmer 100
HOUSEMAN, JOHN Northville (Houseman Bros.)  
Houseman, Peter Northville farmer 75
Hubbard, Barnes J. Northville carpenter and joiner and farmer 50
Hubbell, Shelden Northville prop. of saw mill and farmer 375
Hudson, Samuel Northville farmer 100
Humphrey, Robert Northampton (Robert Humphrey & Son) postmaster  
Humphrey, Robert, Jr. Northampton (Robert Humphrey & Son)  
Humphrey, Robert & Son Northampton (Robert Jr.) general merchants  
Ingalls, Collin Northampton homeo. physician and farmer 1
Ingraham, Wm. I. Cranberry Creek postmaster   
AMES, EDWARD D. Northville Benton & James   
Johnson, Noah L. Northville  farmer 89
Jones, Daniel Cranberry Creek  farmer, leases of David A. Ziely 14
Jones, Daniel D. Cranberry Creek House & Jones   
Judd, Edwin L. Northampton shoemaker   
Kenney, Chester Northville  lumberman and farmer 50
KENNEY, HORACE Northville  farmer 84
Kenney, Theodore Northville farmer 41 
Kested, Frank J. Northampton harness maker   
King, Andrew J. Northville farmer 14 
King, Benedict Northville wagon maker and farmer 80 
King, Job Northville farmer 2
King, Maria Mrs. Northville farmer 83
King, Patrick Northville tanner   
King, Philetus Osborn's Bridge farmer 80
KROUSE, WILLIAM F. Northville merchant tailor   
Ladd, Charles F. Northville harness maker   
LADD, ROYAL Northville harness maker and farmer 12
Latcher, David Jr. Northville millwright   
Latcher, David C. Northville farmer 70 
Latcher, Jacob Northville carpenter and farmer 29
LAWRENCE, PHILO R. Northampton carpenter and joiner and farmer 50
Lawton, William Northville farmer 20
Lewis, Annanias Northville vat caulker and farmer 90
Lewis, James K. Northville moulder   
LEWIS, LUCIAN E. Northville tinsmith   
Lewis, Margaret Mrs. Northville farmer 100
LEWIS, MORGAN Northville land agent, justice of the peace and farmer 25
Lewis, Morgan Mrs. Northville milliner   
Lobdell, Bradley N. Northville glove and mitten manuf. and farmer 12


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