Businesses & Residents of Northampton,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 261-267.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:


Manning, Charles E. Northampton  cabinet ware & etc.   
Manning, Eli Northville    farmer
Manzer, Henry Y. Northville   farmer 16 
MANZER, LAWRENCE Northville   lumberman and farmer 175
Marble, Spencer Osborn's Bridge  farmer 60
Maroney, Michael Northampton tanner and farmer  4
Marvin, Laura B., Mrs. Northampton  farmer  2
Marvin, Philemon B. Northampton  prop. of Marvin House and farmer  100
Mason & Allen Northville  (Isaac Mason and Edwin Allen) dealers in stoves, hardware, crockery, oils, whips, etc.  
Mason, Gardiner C. Osborn's Bridge farmer 50 
Mason, Isaac Northville  Mason & Allen  
McAlister, Cornelius Northville  farmer  35
 McClusty, Hugh Northville  farmer  1
McCuen, Henry C. Northville  (with Joseph) farmer   
McCuen, Joseph Northville  mason and farmer  110
Miller, Joseph H. Northville  farmer  100
Miller, William H. Northville  Cook & Miller   
MINER, ADIN C. Northville  carpenter and wheelwright   
Minor, William S. Northville  carpenter and joiner and farmer  1
MOON, DUNCAN Northville  mineralogist and house and sign painter    
Moore, Albert B. Northville  master builder   
Moore, Darius Northville  farmer  8
Morrison, George Northampton blacksmith and farmer  19
Moul, Cornelius F. Northville   mason   
Moul, Richard A. Northville  saloon keeper and mason   
Nabb, Jannette Mrs. Osborn's Bridge farmer 1
NATIONAL HOTEL Northville Roland E. Ash, prop.   
NEWTON & HEATH Northville  (Michael W. Newton and Nathaniel H. Heath) marble works   
Newton, Michael W. Northville  (Newton & Heath)  farmer   60
NORTHVILLE HOTEL Northville  Silas Call, prop.   
Olds, James H. Northampton farmer  65
Olmstead, Joseph Northville   shoemaker   
Olmsted, David L. Northville  carriage maker   
Olmsted, Timothy F. Northville  blacksmith   
ORTON, DARIUS F. Northampton allo. physician and surgeon and farmer   3
OSBORN, CHARLES H. Northampton prop. of Fish House and farmer  18
Osborn, Hiram Northampton carpenter, jobber, and farmer  1
OUDDERKIRK, ABRAHAM B. Northampton farmer  157
 Page, David Northampton farmer  140
PALMER, ANDREW Northville  tinsmith   
PALMER, BENJAMIN Northville  mason   
Parmenter, Joseph B. Northville  farmer  170
Partridge, Arnold P. Osborn's Bridge farmer  57
Partridge, Hollis A. Osborn's Bridge cattle dealer and farmer 63
Patterson, Jane Mrs. Northville  farmer  2  
Patterson, John Northville  lawyer and insurance agent   
Pease, George Northampton justice of the peace, harness maker and farmer  1
Peek, Joseph C. Northville  farmer  15
Philips, Ephraim Northville  farmer  75
Phillips, Jacob Northville  (J. Phillips & Co.) farmer  28
Phillips, James Northville measure maker   
Phillips, J. & Co. Northville (Jacob Phillips and Aaron D. Slocum) manufs. of measures, bail boxes, butter firkins, kegs, etc.   
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM Northville measure maker   
PIERCE, GEORGE M. Northville farmer, leases of Moses Pierce 95
Porter, Aaron Northville blacksmith and farmer  105
Porter, Almond Osborn's Bridge farmer  42
Porter, Charles Northville  farmer  50
Porter, Hiram Northville  farmer 2
Porter, Sumner Northville  lumberman and farmer 216
Potter, William Northville  carpenter joiner and painter  
Potter, William Osborn's Bridge painter and carpenter  
Proper, Henry Northville  farmer 350
Proper, Seymour Northville  grocer, butcher, dealer in hides and pelts and farmer 9
PULLING, AUGUSTUS Northville  manuf. of carriages and sleighs, blacksmithing, & etc.  
Pulling, Henry D. Northville  carriage maker and painter  
Resseguie, Charles B. Northville  (with Joseph C. Brooker) farmer, leases of John Resseguie 225
Resseguie, David Northville  retired farmer  
Resseguie, Eunice Mrs. Northville  farmer 140
Resseguie, Hiram J. Northville  lumberman  
Resseguie, John Northville  farmer 225
RICE, HENRY A. Osborn's Bridge cooper and farmer 130
Rice, Moses W. Osborn's Bridge farmer 110
ROONEY, THOMAS H. Northville supervisor, lumberman and agent 3,000
Rowland, A. Mrs. Northville farmer 100
Russell, Daniel Northville farmer 2
Russell, William F. Northville farmer, leases of Samuel Harris 75
SACANDAGA HOTEL Northville Gardiner Winney, prop.  
SATTERLEE, NORMAN Northville (Satterlee & Van Arnam) farmer 1
SATTERLEE & VAN ARNAM Northville (Norman Satterlee and A. Newton Van Arnam) iron founders  
SCIDMORE, HENRY N. Northville dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry, Yankee notions, fishing tackle, & etc., manuf. of Scidmore's celebrated fly rods   
SCRIBNER, BENJAMIN F. Northville farmer, leases of Hiram Scribner  100
Scribner & Ellsworth Northville (Hiram Scribner and John Ellsworth) props. of livery stable  
Scribner, Hiram Northville (Scribner & Ellsworth) farmer 200
Scribner, Samuel C. Northampton farmer 25
Scribner, Theodore Northville farmer, leases of John A. Scribner 90
Seeley, Nehemiah Osborn's Bridge farmer 105
Shipman, Hiram Northville measure maker  
Shipman H. Mrs. Northville milliner  
Shippee, Amasa Northampton farmer 2
Shufelt, Nicholas Cranberry Creek farmer 80
Shutts, Gilbert M. Osborn's Bridge (with Royal) farmer  
Shutts, Royal Osborn's Bridge justice of the peace and farmer 60
Slocum, Aaron C. Northville (J. Phillips & Co.) farmer 23
Slocum, Harmon Northville measure maker  
Slocum, Humphrey Northville farmer 140
Slocum, Lewis Osborn's Bridge farmer 20
SLOCUM, WRIGHT N. Northville blacksmithing, ox shoeing & etc.  
Smith, Emerly  Northampton gun smith and farmer 5
SMITH, ERASTUS L. Northville wagon and sleigh maker, turning lathe and farmer 28
Smith, George P. Northampton house and carriage painter  
Smith, Harvey D. Northampton general merchant  
Smith, Henry A. Northville carpenter, joiner and millwright  
Smith, James Northville harness maker  
Smith, James H. Northampton general merchant and farmer 15
 SMITH, WM A. & CO. Northville (James A. Cole and N.W. Welch Jr.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, hats, caps, boots, shoes, fancy articles & etc.  
Snyder, Joseph C. Northville farmer 50
Snyder, Morgan L. Northville farmer 50
Sovereign, Alonzo Northville engineer and farmer 2
Spier, Joseph F. Northville assistant revenue assessor, notary public, conveyancer, claim and insurance agent and farmer 40
Spier, William E. Northville manuf. of wooden ware and lumber and farmer 100
Sprague, John W. Osborn's Bridge farmer 1
Stark, John W. Northampton farmer 110
STODDARD, WILLIAM Northville blacksmith  
STODDARD, WILLIAM H. Northville blacksmith  
Stone, Cyrus Northville farmer 125
Sturges, Emery Northampton harness maker  
Sweet, Elmira Mrs. Northville farmer
Sweet, Isaiah Cranberry Creek farmer 100
Sweet, John Cranberry Creek farmer 50
Sweet, Levi Northville farmer 63
Sweet, Robert Northville farmer 125
Sweet, Samuel Osborn's Bridge farmer 30
SWEET, THOMAS Northville farmer 120
Tanner, Abram Northampton farmer 50
Tanner, Clark S. Osborn's Bridge school teacher and farmer 50
Tanner, Erskine A. Northampton school teacher (with Abram) and farmer  
Thayer, Orlando L. Northville eclectic physician and gunsmith  
Truax, Aaron Northampton shoe maker and farmer 25
Tyrrell, Garshom, Jr. Cranberry Creek farmer 6
Underwood, Christopher Northville farmer 1
VAN ARNAM, A. NEWTON Northville Satterlee & Van Arnam  
Van Arnam, Amos H. Northville carpenter and manuf. of wheel horse rakes  
Vanarnam, Jacob B. Northville farmer 16
Van Arnam, John F. Northville farmer 130
Van Arnnam, Albert H. Northville farmer 80
VANDERHOOF, EZRA Northampton farmer  195
VAN DYKE, GILES C. Northville carriage, wagon and blacksmith shop, ox shoeing, custom work and farmer
Van Dyke, Leman Northville blacksmith  
Vanhoosen, Jacob Northville farmer 90
Vannavery, Annanias Northampton farmer 50
Van Ness, Garett L. Osborn's Bridge general merchant and post master and farmer 3
Van Slyke, George Northampton jeweler and farmer 5
VAN VLECK, PHILIP Northville dealer in groceries, flour, feed, provisions, boots and shoes, crockery and Yankee notions & etc.  
Vibbard, Reuben Northville glove and mitten cutter and farmer 1
Wait, Milo K. Northampton dental surgeon  
Walker, Albert F. Northville carpenter and farmer 9
Walker, Simon Northville farmer 50
Warner, Jason Northampton thrasher and farmer 75
WELCH, N. W., Jr. Northville Wm A. Smith & Co.  
Wemple, John B. Osborn's Bridge auctioneer and farmer 79
WERNER, HERMAN Northville merchant tailor  
Wescot, Alexander Northampton clerk in Marvin House and farmer 2
WESTBROOK, ZERAH S. Northampton attorney and counselor at law and U.S. claim agent  
Wilcox, Gilbert Northampton prop. of billiard saloon and dealer in candies, nuts, oysters , & etc.  
Willard, Levi E. Northville glove and mitten cutter  
Willard, Reuben Northville dealer in dry goods and groceries and farmer 100
Williams, Elias Northville carpenter, joiner and farmer 1
Williams, Sanders Northville farmer, leases of D. Marks 100
Wilson, Dennis Northville grocer and farmer 100
Wilson, Lodowick Northville carpenter and farmer 230
Wilson, William Osborn's Bridge farmer 80
WINNEY, GARDNER Northville prop. of Sacandaga Hotel  
Wood, Alvah Northampton allo. physician and farmer 11
WOOD, EDWARD S. Northville cabinet maker, dealer in cabinet ware and chairs, jobbing and repairing & etc., farmer 1
Wood, Joseph Northville farmer 60
Wood, Wesley Osborn's Bridge farmer 100
WRIGHT, NORMAN L. Northville eclectic physician  
Wright, William L. Northville prop. of  Park Tannery and farmer 200


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