Businesses & Residents of Stratford,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Hamilton Child: Syracuse, 1870) pages 277-279.


Name: Post Office: Occupation:


Allen, Daniel Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 70
Atkinson, Edward Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Tanner and farmer 50
Austin, Jerome B. Middle Sprite Farmer 150
Austin, T. J. Middle Sprite Farmer 50
AVERY, ANSON Stratford Lumberman and farmer 40
Ayers, Cornelius T. Stratford Farmer 15
Belding, O. C. Middle Sprite Stock raiser and farmer 260
BELL, RICHARD Stratford Farmer 133
Bennett, Wm. H. Stratford Commissioner, lumberman, prop. of saw mill and farmer 1,300
Bennet, Willis Stratford Lumberman and farmer  
BLEEKMAN, DANIEL T. Stratford Prop. of saw mill and farmer 30
Bleekman, Jerome Stratford (Bleekman & Livingston) Lumberman 100
Bleekman & Livingston Stratford (Jerome Bleekman and J. C. Livingston) merchants  
BLEEKMAN, N. O. Stratford Lumberman and farmer 2,311
Bliss, J. E. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Dairyman and farmer 175
Bliss, J. M. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Prop. of saw mill and farmer 35
Bliss, Malvin Stratford (with Marshall) Dairyman and farmer 280
Bliss, Marshall Stratford (with Malvin) Dairyman and farmer 280
BLISS, W. M. Stratford Prop. of saw mill, supervisor and farmer 160
Bogardus, Harlow Stratford Farmer 275
Bowers, Henry Stratford Farmer 140
BOWERS, SEBASTIAN Stratford Farmer 280
Brisee, Cornelius Stratford Farmer 21
Brownell, John Middle Sprite Farmer 120
BROWNELL, MALVIN Middle Sprite    
Bullock, Alonzo Stratford Farmer 130
Bullock, Chester D. Stratford Farmer 70
BURK, HIRAM Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Blacksmith and constable  
Burnett, David Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 50
Carman, Geo. Middle Sprite Farmer 141
Carroll, Albert Stratford Dairyman and farmer 150
Carroll, Andrew Stratford Dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 75
Clark, Lewis Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Wagon maker and farmer 7
Cole, Wm. Stratford Prop of saw mill and farmer 200
Congdon, Joseph Stratford Farmer 200
Conroy, John Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Tanner  
Cool, James L. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 80
Cramer, Alvin Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Tanner  
Cramer, Ann Mrs. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 66
Cramer, Benjamin Stratford Sawyer and farmer 110
Cramer, William Stratford Farmer 88
Cress, Coonrod Stratford Farmer 50
Crossman, Henry Stratford Carpenter and farmer 50
Crossman, Joshua Stratford Farmer 53
Crossman, N. R. Stratford Manuf. of butter tubs, cheese hoops and sap buckets and farmer 270
Daley, W. Stratford Farmer 100
Dalrymple, David H. Stratford Farmer 115
Davis, David J. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Boarding house  
Davis, Evan Stratford Dairyman and farmer 45
Davis, John Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Dairyman and farmer 140
DAVIS, JOHN W. Middle Sprite Farmer 300
Davis, Wm. C. Middle Sprite Cheese maker  
Dayley, Nathaniel Middle Sprite Sawyer  
Dehm, Abram Stratford Farmer 112
DELUN, JOHN W. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 17
Dochstader, Lois Stratford Farmer 15
DOCKSTADER, WM. Stratford Farmer 350
DONALDS, JAMES Stratford Farmer 120
Douglas, A. Mrs. Stratford Farmer 2
Dutton, Wm. M. Stratford (Hide, Dutton & Co.)  
Fish, David Stratford Lumberman 1,100
Fitzgerald, James Middle Sprite Farmer 140
Fitzgerald, John Middle Sprite Assessor, dairyman and farmer 550
Fitzpatrick, Mathew Middle Sprite Farmer 50
Flanders, Christian Middle Sprite (Jas. Stewart & Co.)  
Foster, Aaron Middle Sprite Prop. of saw mill, carpenter and farmer 363
Franklin, Louis Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 100
Gardener, Joseph Stratford Sawyer  
GARDNER, WM. Stratford Laborer  
Geiger, Alios Stratford Tanner  
Getman, Peter Middle Sprite Farmer  
Gibson, Ephraim Stratford Farmer 55
GLEASON, PATRICK Middle Sprite Farmer 100
Goodwin, Geo. P. Stratford (Goodwin & Shook) Justice of the peace  
Goodwin & Shook Stratford (Geo. P .Goodwin & Henry B. Shook) Props. of saw mill  
Gransbury, Ruth Mrs. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 10
Hadcock, Norman Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Carpenter, assessor and farmer 119
Hadcock, Simon Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Blacksmith, butcher, constable and farmer 2
Hagadorn, Abram Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co.    
Hagadorn, Dwight Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 160
Hall, Benjamin Stratford Tanner and farmer 50
Harinshaw, John Stratford    
HARRINGTON, HENRY Middle Sprite Laborer  
Haughton, Allen Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Gunsmith, wagon maker and farmer 40
Hay, David Middle Sprite (Chas. Stewart & Co.)  
Hays, Andrew L. Stratford Farmer 5
HAYS, JOSEPH E. Stratford Farmer 70
Hays, Lester Stratford Cooper  
Hays, Lorenzo Stratford Cooper  
Hegadoin, Wm. Stratford Farmer 50
Heller, Wm. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Dairyman and farmer 115
Helterline, David Stratford Lumberman and farmer 300
Helterline, Henry Stratford Tanner  
HELTERLINE, JOSEPH Stratford Prop. of saw mill and tannery 4,700
Hicks, James Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 30
HICKS, SAMUEL Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 55
Hix, Wm. Stratford Farmer 125
Houghland, Thomas Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Tanner and farmer 35
Hyde, Dutton & Co. Stratford (I. Hyde Jr., Henry Hyde & Wm. M. Dutton) Sole leather tanners  
Hyde, Harry Stratford (Hyde, Dutton & Co.)  
Hyde, I. Jr. Stratford (Hyde, Dutton & Co.)  
JENNINGS, HAMILTON Stratford Farmer 83
JOHNSON BROS. Lassellsville (O. & M. A. Johnson) props. of saw mill and farmer 850
JOHNSON, M. A. Lassellsville (Johnson Bros.)  
JOHNSON, O. Lassellsville (Johnson Bros.)  
Keenen, John Stratford Farmer 100
Kelly, Martin Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Dairyman and farmer 133
Kibbe, Wm. H. Stratford Lumberman and farmer 112
Kimball, G. H. Stratford Mechanic  
Kimball, G. H., Jr. Stratford Dairyman and farmer 170
Kirchen, John Stratford Farmer 49
Knapp, James E. Stratford    
Knapp, John Stratford Farmer  
Knapp, Wheeler Stratford Prop. of saw mill and turning shop and farmer 1,500
La Due, Nathan Middle Sprite Farmer 70
La Due, Orin Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Prop. of hotel  
Lancaster, Wm. Middle Sprite Farmer 93
Leavitt, David S. Stratford Dairyman and farmer 105
Ledue, Eli Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 200
Lepper, Wyant Stratford Prop. of saw mill, carpenter, justice of the peace and farmer 140
LIVINGSTON, JAMES E. Stratford (Bleekman & Livingston) Lumberman  5,080
Madison, Dewey Lotville Sawyer and farmer 101
Madison, Eliza A. Mrs. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 112
Madison, Wm H. Stratford Farmer 150
MALLETT, PHILANDER Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Justice of the peace and farmer 325
Martin, George Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Tanner  
McClain, John C. Stratford Farmer 30
McClain, Wm. J. Stratford Dairyman and farmer 576
McDougal, B. Stratford (with Lemon Stanton) Prop. of saw mill and farmer 10
McGoun, John Middle Sprite Lumberman  
McGuire, Jas. Stratford Farmer 2
McHenry, Alexander Middle Sprite Farmer 65
McMeaster, Geo. W. Middle Sprite Farmer 12
MILLARD, EUGENE L. Stratford Farmer 100
Monk, Abram Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 2
Monk, Philo Middle Sprite Farmer 11
Mosher, Geo. H. Middle Sprite Stock raiser and farmer 70
Mosher, Oliver Middle Sprite Farmer 100
Outhout, Gilbert Stratford    
Outhout, James Stratford Farmer 250
Outhout, John Stratford    
Patrick, Wm. Stratford Farmer, leases 98 100
Pengill, Wm. Stratford Blacksmith  
Perkins, Cornelius Stratford (Kibbe & Perkins)  
Perkins, W. N. Stratford Carpenter and farmer 4
Perry, Judson Middle Sprite Sawyer  
Philleo, Jacob A. Stratford Wagon maker and farmer 57
Philleo, Wm. E. Stratford Farmer 50
POTTER, WM. W. Stratford Farmer 200
Pratt, G. A. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Dairyman and farmer 340
Prim, Richard, Jr. Stratford Farmer 80
QUACKENBUSH, COONRAD Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 60
Richards, Richard Stratford Farmer 50
ROBERTS, JOHN Stratford Farmer 22
Robinson, H. P. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 7
Rockwell, Daniel Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 106
Rockwell, Nathaniel Stratford Farmer 1
Rogers, Denis Stratford Farmer 73
Rogers, Jenks Stratford Farmer 14
Rumrell, Albert Stratford Sawyer  
Rumrill, Benjamin Stratford Farmer 16
Seeley,  Ichabod Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 80
Seeley, James Stratford Farmer 84
Seeley, Lyman Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 27
Seeley, Sylvester Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 133
Seeley, Wellington Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 58
Shaad, George Stratford Farmer 47
Shook, Henry B. Stratford (Goodwin & Shook)  
Shull, A. J. Middle Sprite Prop. of saw mill and farmer 500
Shull, Alex Middle Sprite    
Shull, Geo. W. Middle Sprite    
SHULL, HARRISON Middle Sprite Lumberman and farmer 84
Shull, John Middle Sprite Dairyman and farmer  
Smith, Edward Stratford Farmer 50
Smith, John E. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 164
Smith, Levi B. Stratford Carpenter and farmer 10
Smith, Nelson Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co.    
Smith, Patrick Stratford Farmer  
Smith, Philip Stratford Farmer 66
Smith, Thomas Stratford Auctioneer and farmer 96
Smith, Thomas Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Blacksmith and constable  
Spencer, Miles Stratford Teamster  
STANTON, LEMAN  Stratford (with B. McDougal) Prop. of saw mill and farmer 10
Stewart, Daniel D. Middle Sprite (Jas. Stewart & Co.)  
STEWART, JAS. Middle Sprite Prop. of saw mill  
Stewart, Jas. & Co. Middle Sprite (J. W. Wheeler, David Hay, Absalom Thumb, Christian Flanders and Daniel D. Stewart) Lumbermen 4,700
Stewart, John B. Stratford Farmer 35
Stewart, J. E. B. Stratford Town clerk and shoe maker  
Stuart, T. B. Stratford Post master and merchant  
Thumb, Absalom Middle Sprite (Jas. Stewart & Co.)  
Turner, David Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Dairyman and farmer 110
VanAllen, James Middle Sprite Farmer 65
Ward, Daniel Middle Sprite Farmer 140
Waters, Wm. H. Stratford Prop. of saw mill and farmer 1,405
Watson, Nathan Stratford Shoe maker and farmer 100
Weaver, Geo. Stratford Justice of the peace and farmer 100
Webster, Leander Stratford Lumberman and farmer 550
WELCH, NICHOLAS Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 84
Wheeler, J. W. Middle Sprite (Jas. Stewart & Co.)  
WHIPPLE, IRA Stratford Farmer 100
Williams, Wm. N. Middle Sprite Farmer 155
Wood, Charles Stratford Farmer 60
Wood, Eddy Stratford Dairyman and farmer 110
Wood, Elisha Stratford Farmer 66
Wood, Ezra D. Stratford Farmer 700
WOOLWORTH, R. P. Stratford Prop. of saw mill, grist mill and turning shop, dealer in flour, feed, groceries, lath, curtain rolls, and lumber  
Yonker, David Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Farmer 10
Yonker, Geo. J. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Stock raiser and farmer 100
Yonker, Israel Lotville Farmer 80
Yonker, Jacob Lotville Farmer 50
Young, Ebenezer Middle Sprite Farmer 130
Young, John M. Emmonsburgh, Herkimer Co. Foreman of tannery  
Youngs, Oliver Middle Sprite Farmer 47
Youngs, Samuel Middle Sprite Farmer 60


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