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Mystery "Brown" Photo

This picture was sent in by Marcia Buffett-
with a puzzling twist -

I'm pretty sure that "K. O. T. M" on there means Town of Mohawk(?), Minden(?) July 1908. I have the last names of everyone in it but not the first names.   Would be fun to find out who they really are!

Left to right Standing:  Kennedy, Gill, Fry, VanArnam, Brown
left to right kneeling:  Cook and Warner

The Brown I know. He is Frank "Buster" Herbert Brown born April 16, 1889, Township of Florida, Montgomery Co. However, he lived and died in Gloversville. He married Norra Groff. I'm currently searching for his parents.

Cabinet photograph of unidentified young woman taken at the studio of: "F. Girard, *Atelier, N. Main St., Gloversville" in about 1890-1900. It is most likely her graduation portrait. *Artist

Fredrick Girard, a photographer appears on the 1880 Federal Census in the Town of Johnstown (Gloversville), Fulton County, New York State. Aged 30 and born in Canada of Canadian parents, he was boarding and working on North Main Street with the photographer David Scidmore and family.

Donated by Barbara R. Langdon

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The following two pictures were sent in by Michael

"We found some old negatives while doing work in our attic last summer and we had them developed. I am sending you 2 photos that I would like posted to see if someone knows anything about them."

The first photo shows 3 girls standing on a sidewalk. I am pretty sure they are on Second Ave in Mayfield with the picture looking towards School Street. Mayfield High School would now stand in the open field on the left side in the background. Since the High School was constructed in 1939 this picture would have to be before then.

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The second photo shows 2 young girls also on Second Ave in Mayfield looking towards School Street.

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