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Groff Ice Company

Groff Family Photo

Deyoe Clute Box Company

A turn-of-the-century photo of the Baracca class which was held at the Baptist Church in Johnstown.  My great-great grandfather, Fred M. Robinson is standing at the far left of the back row.  His older brother George is standing in the center of the back row (directly in front of that hanging certificate).  The only others I know of are the Cole brothers (George and ????).  They are seated in the front row, second and third from the right.  Perhaps others may be able to identify some of the other gentleman.  I am assuming some are actually more relatives of mine, but I wouldn't be able to recognize them.

Donated by Alan Robinson

Alonzo Robbins and Family. He is the great grandson of Thomas Robbins, Rev. War soldier buried in Kingsboro Cemetery in Gloversville and Rosanna Woodworth.

The photo was taken ca. 1889.
Left to right are:

Alonzo "Lonnie" W. Robbins born Aug. 5, 1852 in Gloversville, Fulton Co.;  son of Alvin Cyrus Robbins and Eliza Whitaker.

On his lap is Daniel (b.1886).

Standing are Frank (b.1883), William (b. 1881), and on his wife's lap is Howard (b.1889).

Wife is Mary Jane "Janie" Kelly, daughter of William Kelly and Mary Wilson.

A child Sarah died in infancy (1875) and a child Gardner was not yet born (1891) when the photo was taken.

Donated by Marcia Buffet


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