The Kennyetto Kronicle

nineteen thirty six  

Source:  This yearbook was kindly donated to the web site by Gordon Cornell, Broadalbin Historian.  It is part of his private historical collection.

The KENNYETTO KRONICLE seeks to record the activities of BROADALBIN HIGH SCHOOL and to make the days of the students spent here, happy ones to remember.



Florence Jewell Jeffords


The Class of 1936

 gratefully dedicates this book

Editorial Staff
Editor-in-Chief, Lewis Frank
Assistant Editors, Lillian Eaton; Doris Smith; Gene Haff
Humor Editor, Allen Stewart
Art Editor, Sprague Jennings
Photograph Editor, Elwood Eaton
Sports Editor, Edward Lockrow
Alumni Editor, Dorothy Dorman
Business Manager, Floyd Weiss
Advertising Manager, Helen Buell
Assistants, Kathryn Sywyk; Tesse Salak
Faculty Advisor, Florence Jeffords

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Wilson N. Perkins
Principal of Broadalbin Central School


Board of Education of the Broadalbin Central School

Left to Right:  Supervising Principal, Wilson N. Perkins
Thompson, Stewart, Cecil Finch, Paris, Nelson Finch,
Putman, Pitcher

John M. Paris, Sr., District Superintendent
Dr. H. G. Hawley, President

Cecil Finch, Nelson L. Finch, Morton C. Putman, Clarence D. Stewart

Lyon F. Pitcher, Clerk
G. Max Thompson, Treasurer

To this body of men we owe much for their ready willingness to help aid in any of the school activities.  Our interests are theirs.

We have enjoyed and appreciated attending school in this new building, which is the result of their foresight and effort.


Broadalbin High School Faculty  

First Row: Catherine Suits, Wilson N. Perkins, Florence J. Jeffords, Anita E. Winne
Second Row:  Ruth Putnam, Elizabeth B. Hager, William Stillman, Dorothy Stillman


Broadalbin Central School Faculty

Mary H. Sawyer, 8th-Grade, Broadalbin     Mary Cruthers, Rural Grades, Benedicts
Edith R. Wood, 8th-Grade, Broadalbin Charlotte Groff, Rural Grades, N. Broadalbin
Dorothy Davis, 7th-Grade, Broadalbin Dorothy Reed, Rural Grades, Frank District
Grace Lockyer, 7th-Grade, Broadalbin Helen G. Lee, Rural Grades, Northampton
Helen I. Paris, 6th-Grade, Broadalbin Anna R. Stead, Rural Grades, Northampton
Hazel R. Luff, 5th-Grade, Broadalbin Mary E. McMahon, Rural Grades, Mills Corners
Charlottie Shattuck, 4th-Grade, Broadalbin Theresa G. Sawyer, Rural Grades, Stevers Mills
Letha B. Leslie, 3rd-Grade, Broadalbin Annie J. George, Rural Grades, Vail Mills
Frances G. Kelly, 2nd-Grade, Broadalbin Violet Lockyer, Rural Grades, Union Mills 
Mae Hults, 1st-Grade, Broadalbin Florence M. Dye, Rural Grades, Union Mills
Rosalie Nellis, Cafeteria Mgr, Broadalbin



The Class of 1936

Class Motto:  "Drfiters Never Harvest"

Class Colors: Crimson and Silver

Class Flower:  Red Rose

Class Mascot:  Inky

President:  Lillian Eaton
Vice-President:  Lewis Frank
Secretary:  Gene Haff
Treasurer:  Elwood Eaton
Reporters:  Tesse Salak; Kathryn Sywyk
Class Historian:  Dorothy Dorman
Class Optimist:  Elwood Eaton
Class Pessimist:  Gene Haff
Class Will:  Sprague Jennings
Class Gifts:  Doris Smith; Allen Stewart
Class Alphabet:  Lillian Eaton
Class Song:  Evelyn Baird; Elwood Eaton; Gene Haff
Class Prophets:  Rogers Finch, '37; Carolyn Haff, '37
Class Adviser:  Florence J. Jeffords



Evelyn Abbie Baird, Valedictorian
Helen Mason Buell, Salutatorian
Anthony Peter Czupryk
Dorothy Rita Dorman
Elwood Franklin Eaton
Lillian Eva Eaton
Martha Elizabeth Fletcher
Lewis Eugene Frank
Gene Adele Haff
Sprague Lincoln Jennings
Edward Williamson Lockrow
Mary Agnes Maine
Gerlad De Forest Moore
Dorothy Katherine Moran
James Frederick Rockwell
Cecelia Tesse Salak
Doris Louise Smith
Allen Clarence Stewart
Kathryn Sywyk
Mabel Vandenburg
Hazel Ruth Weiderman
Floyd Vincent Weiss


Class Alphabet

A is for Al, our hero, not slow.     M is for Mary, Moore and me.
B, Buell and Baird, to whom honors go.   N is for nuisance, we have all proved to be.
C is for Czupryk, who adores a dark lass.   O is our optimist, happy and gay.
D is for Dorothy, we have two in the class.   P is our pessimist, right the other way.
E is for Ed, our apt mathematician.   Q is for qualms, we as Seniors now feel.
F is for Fletcher, with lots of ambition.   R is for Rockwell, who talks a great deal.
G is for Genie, who aquires all the boys.   S is for Smitty, of basketball fame.
H is for Hazel, who makes a lot of noise.   T is for Tesse, from the country she came.
I is for Inky, our mascot you see.   U is for Utch, a wonderful pal.
J is for Jennings, a big pest is he.   V is for Vandenburg, a very nice gal.
K is for Kathryn, the light curly head.   W is for Weiss, with wise winning ways.
L is for Lewis, who is dangerous, it's said.   X, Y, Z, for our bright future days.

- Lillian Eaton

The Class of 1936

Class History

In September, 1932, our class entered a new world (high school), awkward, terrified and green.  We always seemed to be in the way of the upper classmen and nothing we did was proper.

Our first horror, which appears annually to all Freshman Classes, was initiation.  We were stage struck, at first, but we soon overcame this while accomplishing our miraculous feats.  Numerous rules were published by the Seniors and we had to obey them or suffer the consequences.

Our first entertainment was a play, "Circus Solly", and we were assisted in this, our first dramatic attempt, by the Sophomore Class.  In the Spring we held the Freshman dance.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, proving it to be a social, if not a financial success.  We sold Christmas cards which proved to be very profitable and made a great increase in our Washington fund.  At the close of the year, we enjoyed a picnic at Healy's Park.  Swimming, boating and dancing were enjoyed by all.  Edward Lockrow, Lillian Eaton, Elwood Eaton and Dorothy Dorman were our leaders during the year.

We entered our Sophomore year with big ideas.  We still thought that studying in high school was easy but we soon changed our minds when it came to Geometry and Caesar.  Nevertheless, having departed from the ranks of green Freshman, and advanced to those of wise Sophomores, we tackled the hard tasks ahead of us.

Because of the absence of our advisor, we didn't sell any Christmas cards, but we did hold a card party in the Spring.  Again, may I repeat, it was a social, if not a financial, success.  During this year our Washington fund did not increase very rapidly.  Benny Adamkoski, Elwood Eaton, Evelyn Baird, Lillian Eaton, Allen Stewart and Sally Young managed our affairs for the year.  In June we all enjoyed a picnic at Lansings' where swimming, boating and miniature golf provided amusements.  This was also a farewell party in honor of Miss Evelyn Fortmiller.

We really began to feel very grown up (this may not have been noticeable to the faculty), when we entered our Junior year.  As the time was growing nearer for our Washington trip and Commencement, we decided we must increase our funds considerably at once.  We worked strenuously this year.   We sold Christmas cards and a large amount was added to our funds.  In the Spring, we decided to reveal our hidden dramatic talent and presented "Flo's Beau".  It proved to be a great success and a sum of one hundred and fifty dollars was netted.

In May we held the first Junior Prom ever to be held in Broadalbin High School.  It was a gay and colorful affair with a ten piece band furnishing the music.  Evelyn Baird, Lewis Frank, Elwood Eaton, Helen Buell and Edward Lockrow were our leaders for the year.  Our annual picnic was held at Lansings'.

What!  Was this a dream or were we really Seniors.  It didn't seem possible that our four years of work in high school were almost completed.  The majority of our time had  to be spent in earning money and studying.  Although at times it proved very tiresome, we really enjoyed it.  Our first duty and may I add, great pleasure, was to initiate the Freshmen.  We forgot that three years ago we were in their same embarrassing positions and made them do hard and embarrassing feats.

The rest of the first semester was spent in performing certain Senior duties.  The time came to choose rings and jackets.  The selecting of rings proved to be no job at all but no one of the student body of Seniors seemed to want to agree when it came to the question of sweaters and jackets.  Finally we decided on gray suede jackets with red letters.  In October we presented "The Light Eternal".  We had to work but it was a great success.  We, ourselves, were astonished to find such dramatic talent among our classmates.  Just imagine Divvy making an audience cry!  At Christmas we held a Carnival Dance and also sold Christmas Cards to help swell our Washington fund (we had regular customers now.)

In the last semester,  we continued with our work.  In February, we held a pancake supper which proved a success.  Ed made the coffee!  During the year we sold candy and ice cream.  At last it was time for our trip to Washington.  Every one enjoyed the trip tremendously.  We made many new acquaintances but were really glad to arrive home.  Lillian Eaton, Lewis Frank, Elwood Eaton and Gene Haff managed our affairs for the year.  Now a hard and tedious struggle lies ahead of us but we all feel that with a little ambition, and assistance of the faculty, we will graduate with honors.  Success to all my classmates.

- Dorothy Dorman


Senior Play

"The Light Eternal"

Michael O'Brien, a brick layer... Allen Stewart
Maggie O'Brien, his wife... Doris Smith
Margaret O'Brien, his daughter... Dorothy Dorman
George O'Brien, his son... Edward Lockrow
Daniel Collins, Margaret's Fiance... Lewis Frank
Marie Stafford, a music and vocal teacher... Gene Haff
Father Patrick Nolan... Elwood Eaton
Mrs. Mary Conway, a gossip... Lillian Eaton
James Nolan, a stranger... Sprague Jennings

Directed by Florence Jeffords


Junior Class

Anselment, Marie Argotsinger, Crawford Baldwin, Lewis
Benedict, Doris Breen, Bettina Brownell, Roy
Buell, George, Jr. Bunn, Alice Mae Close, William
Davidoff, William Eglin, Martha Mae Fick, Mildred
Finch, Rogers Fraker, Richard Frank, Joyce
Goodemote, Mary Goodemote, Robert Haff, Carolyn
Hrinishin, William Jeffords, Harrison Kenyon, Madalene
Klymkow, Mary Kretiv, Mary  Meaney, Grace
Mulligan, Mabel Olmstead, Hazel Ryder, Irene
Sawyer, Robert Seredensky, Eva Shivka, Helen
Stead, John Sywyk, Nellie VanNostrand, Evelyn
Weiderman, Bernice    Yatsenik, Joh

Faculty Advisers:  Dorothy Stillman, Catherine L. Suits


Sophomore Class

Anselment, Arlene Baker, Walter Barna, Michael
Batiuchok, George Bellen, Elizabeth Bilobran, Mary
Bojanowski, Leo Brownell, Howard Bubela, Sophie
Christofferson, Marjorie Coloney, Muriel Cook, June
Eaton, Gladys Ferguson, Virginia Finch, Stuart
Fosmire, George Geelan, Elfreda Horton, Millicent
Hovak, William Kenyon, Kenneth Kenyon, Lewis
McMurray, Russell Millington, Charles Millington, John
Nadwocki, Emma Perkins, Thelma Pettit, Marion
Phillips, James Pickering, Audrey Potter, Worden
Putman, Harold Rozdolski, Michael Shaw, Dorcas
Skapik, Julia Skapik, Wilma Smith, Donald
Snyder, Helen Stahl, Emma Steele, Elsie
Syzdek, Helen Vandenburg, Marion Warren, Rita
Weiderman, Robert   Weiss, Kenneth

Faculty Advisers:  Ruth Putnam, Elizabeth B. Hager


Freshman Class

Allen, Veru Brown, Gladys Bryce, Fred
Butler, Barbara Canary, Donald Canfield, Frances
Close, Ruth Crannell, Donald Crannell, Eleanor
Cruthers, Millicent Dingman, Marion Dorman, Fred
Eglin, Virginia Fairchild, Marion Frasier, Lillian
Gerring, Mary Ellen Gniewzynski, Joseph Goodemote, Howard
Groff, Mary Horton, Robert Jeffords, Catherine
Jennings, Hugh Kibler, Victor Klymkow, Peter
Lee, Kenneth Lyman, Ross McLouth, Allison
Milroy, Bette Milroy, Donald Mysyk, Dymetro
Oldfield, Richard Olmstead, Agnes Perkins, Roger
Pettit, Orrin Rebisz, Anna Rebisz, Josephine
Richardson, David Salak, George Sleezer, Marion
Solomaschuck, Nettie Stahl, Myrtle Stead, George
Stecyk, Anna Street, Curtis Underwood, Edythe
Weiss, Gladys Winney, Marion Yeager, James
   Zbyzenski, Walter   

Faculty Adviser:  Anita E. Winne

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Lillias Littlejohn VanBuren (Mrs. Clarence E.) and her husband spent the winter in Florida.

Ernest Lee, Pharmacist, died November 11, 1935.
Percy Finch, M. D., deceased.

Byron Chapman, M. D., Brown and Albany Medical College.
Mae Halloran Hults (Mrs. Christopher), teaches the first grade in Broadalbin Central School.

Grace Sawyer Sism teaches at Hagedorn Mills.

Hazel Rosa Luff (Mrs. Ernest) and her husband, their daughter Margretta, who graduated in 1935, and Arlene McVean of the Class of 1932, spent the Easter vacation in Florida.

Millicent Finch Chaloner (Mrs. Robert), graduate of Vassar College, two children Robert and Barbara.

Dulcie Hatzenbuhler, teaches in Amsterdam, New York.
Catherine Warren (Sister Mary Borromeo) is principal of the Vincentian Institute, 
Albany, New York.

Edith Rose Wood (Mrs. Arthur) teaches the eighth grade in Broadalbin Central School.

Alta Cornell Wardwell (Mrs. William), two children William Jr. and Thomas.

Florence Rose Warren (Mrs. Frank), has a son, Billy.

Elizabeth Lansing Reid (Mrs. Ralph) is a graduate of Syracuse University, one child, Norma.
Helen Lansing Trevett (Mrs. F. Mason) R. N., two children, Nadene and Lansing Peter.

Dorothy Hathaway Reed (Mrs. Leland) has one child, Willard.  She teaches school.
Mason Trevett is a Funeral Director, Broadalbin, New York.
Edgar Vail married Ethel VanEmburg.  They have a daughter Nancy.

Helen Duell Sabattis (Mrs. Everett) has one child.
John Paris, Jr. is a teacher.  He married Ruth Zimmerman.  They have one 
child, Barbara Ruth.
Grace Lockyer teaches the seventh grade in Broadalbin Central School.

Hugh Brown, Harvard graduate.  He married Leilla Hillabrandt of St. Johnsville, who is a teacher at Amsterdam, New York.  Hugh is a lieutenant in the Reserve Corps and at present is located in the state of Washington.
Dorothy Wemple Davis (Mrs.  Orton) teaches the seventh grade in Broadalbin Central School.
Theresa Sawyer teaches school at Stevers Mills.

Frances Mildern Nassel (Mrs. Norbert) has one child, Barbara Louise.

Violet Lockyer teaches the upper grades at Union Mills in the Broadalbin Central District.
Charles McVean graduate of Oneonta Normal, Principal of school at Factory Village.

Dorothy Brown Stillman (Mrs. William) is a graduate of Albany State College.  Dorothy was married at Easter.  She and her husband are members of the school faculty.
Marguerite Paris Harris (Mrs. Raymond) resides at Newport where her husband is a member of the school faculty.
Horace Jeffords is a graduate of the Simmons School of Embalming.  He married Florence Jewell in September, 1935.
Robert Shaw taught school for three years and is now a student at Union College, Schenectady, New York.

Florence Hults taught school for three years and is now a student nurse at the Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, New York.
Eleanore Meaney Paris (Mrs. Charles) has a daughter, Penelope Anne.
LeVerne Hoag, received his degree from Syracuse this month and has taken a position with the Eclipse Machine Company at Elmira Heights.
Lucius Washburn is attending Alfred University.
Alexandria Kross graduates from Albany State College for Teachers this month.

Catherine Paris will graduate from State College for Teachers at Albany this month.
Ruth Lockyer Brooks (Mrs. Elmer) resides in Gloversville.  Ruth was married in October, 1935.
Donald Coons is a student at Wanakena Reforestation, Wanakena, New York.
William Fullager will receive his degree from State College for Teachers at Albany this month.  Bill is to teach Math and Science next year at Schaghticoke.
Jack Haff has completed his second year at Union College.

Philip Fassett is a student at Columbia University.
Dorcas Crapo and Robert Shaw, of the Class of 1930, were married, Monday, June 8.  The attendants were Ruth Frank and Edward Vosburgh, of the Class of 1932.
Clayton Swears is a graduate of Wanakena Reforestation School.
Leo Hickok graduates from Oneonta Normal School this month.
Leon Jeffords and Lola Coloney were married in the fall of 1935.  They reside in Gloversvile.

Sonya Sirotick attends Syracuse University.
Pauline Anderson and Carol Fraker are students at Keuka College.
Kathleen Swears is studying physical education at Cortland Normal.  

Ruth Cornell attends Geneseo Normal School.
Charles Cunningham attends St. Michael's Academy.
Harold Kibler attends the Reforestation School at Wanakena.
Kathrine VanBuren is a student at Bennington College.



H. I. Abdella, 7-9-11 Church Street, Gloversville
Argersinger's, Department Store
S. Betor
John Boorman, Mason, Broadalbin
Breadalbane Farm
Broadalbin Bank
Broadalbin Drug Co.
Broadalbin Garage, Chevrolet, Warren Bros., Prop.
Brown's Garage, V-8 Ford
Chris' Garage
A. L. Cornell, Grocer, Broadalbin
Coulombe & Harris, Service Station
Crannell & Olmstead, Meat Market, Broadalbin
De Nure's, News and Confectionary
E. L. Durkee & Co., Gloversville's Sports Store
John Eaton & son
Endicott & Johnson
Enser's Variety Store
Finkle Candy Co., Gloversville
Gloversville Business School
Grinnell Dairy, E. Eglin, Mgr., Broadalbin
Hillman & Johnson
Hotel Broadalbin
L. S. Jennings, Locust Grove Filling Station
Doris Lee Beauty Salon, North Main Street
Perry Leslie, Dairy Farm, Broadalbin
Robert Leslie, Grocer, Broadalbin
George E. Manning, Florist, Broadalbin
Martin & Naylor Co., Clothing
Pedrick's Lunch, 50 North Main Street, Gloversville
Robinson & Smith Cleaners, Launderers
H. L. Sawyer
Earl F. Smith, Electrician, Broadalbin
Stever & Trevett
C. E . VanVranken, Grocer, Broadalbin
Wm. A. Weiderman, Mason, Broadalbin
Yerdon's Ice Cream



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