1877 Broadalbin High School Class,
1902 Reunion


3rd Reunion of Class of '77,
Held June 24th, 1902

The "Class of 1877" met at the house of Mrs. N. F. Burr March 1st, 1902 to make arrangements for another "Reunion" to be held the coming June.  The following Members were present:  D. D .Crouse, George Stever, W. O. Cleveland, W. J. Sheldon, Dr. H. C. Finch, Robert Earl, Mrs. Frank Brimmer, Mrs. W. O. Cleveland, Mrs. W. J. Sheldon, Mrs. Ella Manning, Mrs. R. H. Lee, Miss Alice Finch

The following Officers were then elected:

President - Dr. H. C. Finch
Secretary - Mrs. Nelson F. Burr
Treasurer - Mrs. R. H. Lee
Class Historian - Miss Alice Finch

The Following Committees were then appointed:

Com. on Programme:
D. D. Crouse
Robert Earl
Mrs. Frank Brimmer
Mrs. W. O. Cleveland
Mrs. W. J. Sheldon

Com. on Reception and Decoration:
Miss Ella Broderick
Mrs. Lottie Finch
Mrs. Ella Manning
Mr. W. J. Sheldon
Mr. W. O .Cleveland

Com. on Arrangements:
Geo. Stever
R. H. Lee
Henry Dye
Walter Furguson

The meeting then adjourned to be called again at the pleasure of the President.


1902.  Paid into treas. for Reunion Expenses.
Tax 1.25 per scholar.

Mrs. Mary Kested
John Drury 1.25
Charles E. Merriam 1.25
Mrs. Minnie Capron 1.25
Mr. Harmon VanArman 1.25
Mr. E. D. Knappen 1.25
Mrs. Chauncey Heagle 1.25
Mrs. Isabel R. Hough 1.25
Mr. L. A. Rowley 1.25
Miss Anna Frank 1.25
Mrs. Lillie Burr 1.25
George Hillman 1.25
Nelson J. Gulick 1.25
Mrs. Nellie Argotsinger 1.25
Mrs. Anna Kenyon 1.25
Mrs. Emma Furman 1.25
Miss Alice Finch 1.25
Mrs. Frank Brimmer 1.25
George Stever 1.25
William Chapman 1.25
Joseph Greenslete 1.25
Clayton Grinnell 1.25
Mrs. Charles Marriott 1.25
Mr. Henry Dye 1.25
Mr. N. F. Burr 1.25
Lottie Finch 1.25
R. B. Earl 1.25
W. O. Cleveland 1.25
Mrs. W. O. Cleveland 1.25
Edward Schermerhorn 1.25
Lina Schermerhorn 1.25
W. J. Sheldon 1.25
Mrs. W. J. Sheldon 1.25
Mrs. Ella Manning 1.25
Clarence Lullar 1.25
George Chapman 1.25
R. H. Lee 1.25
Mrs. R. H. Lee 1.25
Walter Furguson 1.25
Charles Vail 1.25
Thomas Cleveland 1.25
Cash .25
Recd of Ida Lee to pay bal 1902 expenses .23


1902 Paid Out of Treas. for Reunion Expenses.

1 Account Book .25
! Package Envelopes .10
1 Tablet .05
18 Postage Stamps .36
5 Postage Stamps .10
1 package Envelopes & stamps .25
7 postage stamps .14
Postage stamps 1.00
Envelopes & Invitations 3.00
Stamps .16
300 admission Tickets 1.50
Programms 3.50
Hall 5.00
Broadalbin Heralds .75
Wrappers .28
For Supper Tickets 21.00
To Mrs. Fenton for moving tables .50
Ribbon .60
To pay Orchestra 3.00
W. A. Furguson for Flowers 2.00
For cord & c .22
Stamps for pictures .52
F. A. Brimmer for pictures 7.20


P. O. Addresses of Members, 1902


Mrs. Nellie Argotsinger 2028 Clarkson St., Denver Col.
Miss Nellie Brockway Gloversville, NY
Mr. W. D. Brown 27 E. Fulton St., Gloversville, NY
Mrs. Minnie Capron Johnstown NY
Mr. William Chapman 50 East Pine St., Gloversville, NY
Mr. Edwin Chapman 15 East Clinton St., Johnstown, NY
Mason Delano Mosherville, Saratoga Co., NY
Mr. John M. Drury Gloversville, NY
Mrs. William Frank Vail Mills, NY
Miss Anna Frank 33 East Pine St., Gloversville, NY
Mrs. Leonard Furman South Amboy, N. J.
Joseph Greenslete 7 Potter St., Gloversville, NY
Rev. Clayton Grinnell Ossinging, NY
Nelson J. Gulick
1245 E. Chelton Ave,
Germantown, Phila.
Mrs. Chauncy Heagle Johnstown, NY
Mark Hoffman Mill Point, NY
Mrs. Belle Hough Johnstown, NY
Mr. Walter Jeans Eagle St., Gloversville, NY
Mrs. Anna Kenyon Archdale, Washington Co., NY
Mrs. Charles Kested Gloversville, NY
E. D. Knappen 57 Perry St., New York City
Clarence Lullar
Cor. Homer & Aaashalnd Sts.,
Newton Centre, Mass.
Mrs. Charles Marriott Gloversville, NY
Charles Merriam Rochester (Hinesburg, VT)
Mr. Henry Neugen Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co., NY
Rev. L. A. Rowley 39 39 Hayes St., Binghamton, NY
Charles Rumeu Mail Carrier, Amsterdam, NY
Mrs. Edward Schermerhorn Gloversville, NY
Mr. Edward Schermerhorn Gloversville, NY
James Smith Poole Ave., Gloversville, NY
Mr. Frank Spencer Susquehanna, Penn.
Mr. Charles Vail Vail Mills, NY
Mr. Harmon VanArman Westerville, NY
Mr. Edward Washburn Gloversville, NY
Mr. Harley Washburn Helena, Montana


Miscellaneous Notes:

Please Note:  These are papers tucked in the book, referring to the 1902 Reunion.


From E. D. Knappen, dated April 2nd, 1902 - 

"Mrs. Nelson F. Burr, Secretary, Broadalbin, N. Y.

Dear Friend,--

In compliance with your favor request of March 20th I hand you herewith $1.25 Money Order for membership assessment to cover expenses of reunion of Class of '77.  You do not give the date of the event.  However, I regret to say that I shall probably not be able to attend.  So, if the matter is published in the local paper, I should be duly grateful to you for a copy of it.

I know you will have a grand old jollification - - and so may it be.  With warmest greetings and best wishes to all, I am,

Most truly yours,
E. D. Knappen
Address:  381 Third Street, Brooklyn, N. Y."

Note:  typed on letterhead of "The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers", 95 Liberty Street N. Y.  It lists E. D. Knappen as Secretary of the Association.

Postcard dated July 21, 1902 from L. A. Rowely, East Marion, L. I.  -

"Dear Mrs. Burr,
I have this day received a photo of the "Class of 1877".  Please give my thanks to whoever was kind enough to send it.
I am sorry it was so poorly taken as I fail to recognize some of the faces.
Very yours Truly, L. A. Rowley"



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