1877 Broadalbin High School Class,
1907 Reunion


4th Reunion of Class of '77,

The Class of 1877 met at the house of Mrs. N. F. Burr May 7, 1907 to make arrangements for their 4th Reunion to be held the coming June.  Those present were as follows:  Mrs. Ida Lee, Thomas Cleveland, George Chapman, Henry Dye, W. O. Cleveland, Dr. H .C .Finch, Mrs. Lottie Finch.  On account of the absence of Mr. Crouse no business was transacted.  The meeting adjourned until Friday evening, May 10th to meet with Dr. H. C. Finch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The second meeting of the class of 1877 was held May 13 at Dr. Finch's.  Members present:  W. O. Cleveland, Mrs. W. O. Cleveland, Henry Dye, George Stever, Mrs. H. C. Finch, Thomas Cleveland, Mrs. R. H. Lee, Mrs. N. F. Burr, D. D. Crouse.  

The following Officers were elected:

President - Dr. H. C. Finch
Secretary - Mrs. Nelson F. Burr
Treasurer - Mrs. R. H. Lee
Class Historian - Miss Alice Finch

It was decided to hold our Reunion June 25, 1907, to have a banquet at Kenneytto Inn, also to have Class pictures taken on school grounds at 2 o'clock.

The Following Committees were appointed:

Com. on Reception and Decoration:
Mrs. H. C. Finch
Mrs. Ella Manning
Mr. George Stever
Mr. W. A. Furguson
Mr. W. O .Cleveland & wife

Com. on Arrangements:
D. D. Crouse
R. H. Lee
Henry Dye
George Chapman

The meeting then adjourned untill May 24th to meet with Dr. Finch,


1907.  Paid into treas. for Reunion Expenses.
Tax 1.25 per scholar.

Cash on Hand from Flower fund 5.00
R. B. Earl 1.25
John M. Drury 1.25
Mrs. M. A. Mason 1.25
Mrs. Ella Manning 1.25
Charles E. Merriam 1.25
Mrs. N. F. Burr 1.25
Dr. H. C. Finch 1.25
Mrs. H. C. Finch 1.25
Loren A. Rowley 1.25
George Stever 1.25
George Hillman 1.25
Anna Kenyon 1.25
D. D. Crouse 1.25
Mrs. Mary Kested 1.25
Clarence Lullar 1.25
Anna Frank 1.25
Minnie Capron 1.25
E. N. Chapman 1.25
Mrs. R. H. Lee 1.25
R. H. Lee 1.25
N. F. Burr 1.25
Joseph Greenslete 1.25
Isabel Hough 1.25
Anna Heagle 1.25
W. O. Cleveland 1.25
Mrs. W. O. Cleveland 1.25
Clayton Grinnell 1.25
George Chapman 1.25
Henry Dye 1.25
Mrs. Leonard Furman 1.25
Harley Washburn 1.25
Nellie Brockway 1.25
Charles Vail 1.25
Harmon Van Arman 1.25
Mary Marriott 1.25
Thomas Cleveland 1.25
Walter Furguson 1.25
Mark Hoffman 1.25
Lincoln Jennings 1.25
Alice Finch 1.25
William Chapman 1.25
Received from tickets sold at Banquet 22.00

Total Amount

Amount paid out 72.72
July 13, 1907 Bal on Hand 51.48


1907 Paid Out of Treas. for Reunion Expenses.

1 Box Writing Paper .10
20 postage stamps .40
1 Box Writing Paper .10
Stamps .15
Stamps .10
Stamps .08
6 postal cards .06
2 postage stamps .04
Stamps .08
Stamps .04
1 Box Writing Paper .10
Stamps .09
Cards .15
Ribbon .50
For Programms 3.50
W. Thorne for 48 Suppers 48.00
Forbes for Music 6.00
Forbes for Pictures 12.00
Postage for Pictures 1.00
Ida Lee expenses for 1902 .23



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