Johnstown High School
Class of 1928


The following material was kindly donated to this web site by Stephen J. Feit, who tells us a wonderful story to accompany this contribution.   In 1929, Stephen's father left his family (wife and two sons).  About two years ago, he discovered that his father had changed his name, and moved to Pennsylvania with a young Johnstown girl (Katherine Thorne) who was in the 1928 JHS class.  They had a girl (Mary) who is now living in Oregon.  Mary and Stephen are happy to have found each other.  She has told him stories of his "unknown" father while Stephen has told her the reality of Leo J. Feit Fox before her birth.  Mary went to Johnstown as a child when her mother visited, but has not been there since.  She gave Stephen the class photo and list below.


Class Name - Kay Thorne
Class Song - The Class of '28
Class Colors - Purple & Gold
Class Motto - Res Non Verba
Class Yell - 

Class Pin - Black & Gold
Class Flower - Roses
Class President - Alice Horton
Class Officers - 







Mildred Meyers     Paulette Salaques     Mary Ranirci
Alma Briggs Maxine Smith Lennie Cheltlain
Ruth Fox Harold Morey Ethle Doe
Edna Manzer Ashel Vaugn Dorthy Plantz
Marion Bulsom Joe Kane Mike De Magutris
Alice Horton Mildred Conolley Ed Collins
Doris Stoller Dot Nolan Bernie Mac Glyn
Renee Hollenbeck Jerry Robinson Bob Kiffney
Leonie Brown Katherine Rossiter Phil Resico
Helen Kadletz Eliz Pregenchiq Louis Kohler
Eliz. Palcovic Stan Bowen Louise Schelle
Ann Sullivan Marg. Quackenbush Richard Spattoltz
E. O'Mally Marg. Kambritz Art Lathers
Warren Pierce Walt Hogan Eliz. Joyce
Don Belinger Wm. Roubulsky Merril Wilson
Bob Quackenbush Kenneth Spann Don Berington
Geroge Brookeiser Harold Ackley   

    Note:  also include Katherine Thorne (owner of the original photo).


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