Miscellaneous Fulton/Hamilton County
School Information
For the Year 1908

Donated by Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery County NYGenWeb coordinator

Source: Fifth Annual Report of the Education Department, For the school year ending July 31, 1908. Albany: New York State Education Department. 1909.


Bachelor of pedagogy
Mabel Agnes Northrup, A. B. - Johnstown

English course
Lucy Alice Johnson - Gloversville
Alice Marion Merrill - Johnstown
Anna Elizabeth Schaupp - Northville
Janet E. Weir - Gloversville

ONEONTA NORMAL SCHOOL - graduates 1908

Normal Course
Edna B. Brundige - Galway
Nina Bell Heagle - Johnstown
Aimee B. Peterson - Gloversville

Kindergarten Course
Blanche Lee - Gloversville

Primary - Kindergarten Course
Florence Anthony - Gloversville

School Commissioners in the State of New York for the Term of 3 Years
Ending December 31, 1908 with Post Office and Express Addresses

Revised to August 1, 1908

County, Name, Post Office, Express Office

Hamilton - Charles B. Hanley, Wells, Northville

Superintendents of Schools in the cities of the State
Revised to August 1, 1908

Gloversville - James A. Estee
Johnstown - Frank W. Jennings

First grade certificates issued by school commissioners

Number of certificate, county/district/name, post office address, date of certificate

Fulton County NYGenWeb
5056, Mollie Gilbert, Cranberry Creek, August 1, 1907
4922, John M. Paris, Oneonta, August 1, 1907
4923, Julia A. Warren, Johnstown, August 1, 1907
4944, Bertha C. Johnson, Fairfield, August 1, 1907
4768, Lililan E. Doneburgh, Syracuse, August 1, 1907

Hamilton County NYGenWeb
5110, Amy M. Slack, Speculator, August 1, 1907

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