West Bush School
Annual School Meetings
West Bush School District # 17
Town of Johnstown, New York
1928, 1936, 1939


This is a continuation of school records contributed to the site by Jeanne Galway.
(The following years were found on loose sheets of paper and left in the Log Book which held the
Annual School Meeting Records for Dist. #17, from 1895 thru 1923.)

May 3, 1928
Annual School meeting held in Dist. #17
Town of Johnstown, Co. of Fulton on Tuesday May 3, 1928 at 7:30p.m.
(Standard Time).

The following proceedings was had and action taken.
Meeting called to order by Clarence Foland, Dist. Clerk.

Motion made by Fred Clute and Seconded by Clarence Foland that Milton Beck be Chairman for this meeting Carried.

Motion made by Fred Clute and Seconded by Clarence Foland that Trustee report be accepted Carried.

Motion made by Clarence Foland and Seconded by Fred Clute that Collectors report be accepted Carried. 

Motion made by Fred Clute and Seconded by Harry Smullen that Harold Ryder be nominated for Trustee Motion Carried.

The Following present vote:

Frank Ryder Minnie Travor
Fred Clute Mrs. Ryder
Clarence Richards Harry Smullen
Levi Travor Mrs. Grant
Harold Ryder Clarence Foland
Ralph VanValken Milton Beck
Michael VanValken     

13 Votes cast for Harold Ryder Elected Trustee.

Motion made by Harry Smullen and Seconded by Fred Clute that Frank Ryder be nominated for Collector Motion Carried.

The following voted:
(All the above present, except Clarence Foland and Frank Ryder.)
11 Votes cast all for Frank Ryder Collector.

Motion made by Frank Ryder and Seconded by Fred Clute that Clarence Foland be nominated for Clerk Motion Carried. Harry Smullen -Milton Beck.

Motion made by Fred Clute and Seconded by Frank Ryder that $1,600 (Sixteen Hundred) be raised in tax Motion Carried.

Motion made by Fred Clute and Seconded by Frank Ryder that the Trustee Harold Ryder hire Miss Margaret McDowell for another year Motion Carried. (Miss McDowell may have taught at the school.)

Collector's Report May 1, 1928
Teachers Wages to Date 1,320.90
Janitor's Wages & Expenses to Date 72.50
School Fixtures to Date 188.50
Money Paid Out 1,599.00

Money Collected by Tax 1,417.06
Public Money 176.33
Public Money From Last Year 209.00

Money Collected & on Hand 1,802.39
Money Paid Out 1,599.00
Money on Hand 5/1/28 203.39

Motion made by Fred Clute and Seconded by Milton Beck that we adjourn. Motion Carried.

Trustee - Harold Ryder
Collector - Frank Ryder
Clerk - Clarence Foland
Chairman - Milton Beck


(The following was recorded on a loose sheet of paper which had a title
printed by a Printing Company.)

Town Clerk
Town of Johnstown
County of Fulton, N.Y.
Clarence Foland

Gloversville, NY ______
West Bush

(Date line to the right of sheet, there is a hand written date:
May 5, 1936.

This appears to be a list of those present who voted for Trustee and Collector.)


George Seeley (?) Chancey Skiff Edward Edel
Mrs. Huntzinger Clarence Foland Mr. Huntzinger
Cyrus Bartlett Eugene Ward Ella Skiff
Stella Ryder Grace Ward Ida Smullen
Mildred Walters Sadie Semek Frank Ryder
Harold McLain Paul Edel Bessie Buyce
Mrs. Richards Lizzie Shaffer Len (?) Rulison
Edward McLain Steve Semek Frank Hurd
Phillip Edel Mrs.Hurd Levi Travor
Ed Ploof Laura Smullen Ruth Ryder
Walter Blood John Shaffer Ed Kimball
Reginal (?) Cook E.(lizabeth) Keck Mrs. Geo. Smullen
Maggie Beck Margaret McLain Frank Young
Judson Ward Sarah Young C. (Kip) Walters
Mr. Fowler Mrs. VanVranken George Richardson
Mary Grant Lester Buyce Bernard Kimball
John Darling George Wilbur Minne Travor
Ralph VanValken Walter D___(?) Francis Skiff
Harold Ryder E(?) Cook Harry Smullen
Mrs. Carley (?) Lester Blood Cy Bartlett
Laura Edel Walter Blood John Skiff
Leulla McLain    Mr. Filkins

(There are no minutes from this meeting.)


1939 Annual School Meeting

Annual School Meeting Dist. #17, Town Johnstown, N.Y.
held at School House in said District on Tuesday May 2, 1939 at 7:30p.m. (DST)
The following proceeding was had and action taken.
Meeting called to order by Clifford (Kip) Walters Trustee.

Motion made that Cyrus Bartlett be Chairman.

Minutes of last meeting read by Clerk.

Motion made by Mr. Richardson that Trustee report be accepted Motion Carried.

Motion made by Laura Smullen and seconded by Elizabeth Keck that we accept Collectors report Motion Carried.

Clifford Walters Elected Trustee by 30 votes.

(There are several confusing lines , no Motion was made. Just names appear Richardson and Y____(?) Darling(?) and Trustee 3 Rec'd 2 - Blank.)

Collector by Morton Huntzinge - Lee Bartlett Rec'd 27
George Richardson Morton Huntzinger Rec'd 7

Ralph Van Vranken, Seconded by Edward McLain
Clarence Foland by Bernard Kimball, Seconded by Geo. Richardson
Chairman cast One Vote for Clerk.
Cyrus Bartlett -----Clarence Foland
(It appears that the Chairman's vote represented all those
present, making the decision on the Clerk's position.)

Motion made by Bernard Kimball and Seconded by George Richardson, that the District authorize Clifford Walters to purchase 8 tons of stove coal at Summer prices Carried.

Motion made by Grace Ward Seconded by Geo. Richardson that District raise by tax $1,365.00 Carried.

The Trustee raise teachers wages by $2.20 per week. By Ballot Yes 16, No 17.

Trustee - Clifford Walters
Collector -  Lee Bartlett
Clerk  - Clarence Foland
Chairman - Cyrus Bartlett

May 2, 1939

(This year may be notes actually written during the meeting to be
referred to by Clerk and put into a permanent record.)


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