West Bush School
P. T. A. Meetings
West Bush School District # 17
Town of Johnstown, New York
1947 thru 1951



List of Members West Bush
1949 - 1950

There were 9 meetings held between September 1949 and June 1950.

Name Meetings Attended
Armstrong, Helen 7
Button, Elizabeth 7
Buyce, Bessie 1
Carpenter, Pauline 0
Edel, Marion 8
Hurd, Stella 9
Looman, Harriet 3
McLain, Bertha 4
McLain, Luella 8
McLain, Margaret 9
Rose, Harriet 4
Rose, Earl 0
Roy, Adrianne 1
Roy, Charles 1
Shear, Elizabeth 8
Smullen, Ida 2
Smullen, Laura 9
Ryder, Ruth 9
Vosburgh, Millicent 9
Walters, Eleanor 9
Walters, Eugenie 3
Ward, Grace 5
Woodcock, Violet 1
Yuckniewicz, Jennie 9


September 8, 1949

The Fall meeting of the West Bush P. T. A. was held September 8th. The meeting was opened with the "Lord's Prayer", by Jennie Yuckniewicz.

Miss Yuckniewicz mentioned that the State Convention of the P. T. A. was to be held in Buffalo (N.Y.), anyone who was able could attend. Anyone who was interested in subscribing to the P. T. A. magazine could do so if they wished.

The Secretaries report was read and approved. No Treasurer's report was read on account of the absence of Treasurer Armstrong.

It was decided to have a Harvest Food Sale Saturday, October 1st. Martin & Naylor's was picked to have the sale, if it was available. Elizabeth Shear, Marion Edel, Jennie Yuckniewicz and Eleanor Walters are on the committee.

Some money was taken for membership.

The food committee for our next meeting is:  Eleanor (Sally) Walters, Ruth Ryder, Jennie Yuckniewicz and Stella Hurd.

Stella Hurd motioned that the meeting be adjourned, Laura Smullen seconded it. Secretary, Stella Hurd.

(Note:  Martin & Naylor's was a large department store on N. Main Street in Gloversville. It was sold and there are several small businesses in the building now. However, the store front entrance remains the same as it was in the 1940's and '50.)

October 6, 1949

The regular meeting of the West Bush P. T. A. was held on October 6, 1949.

The Secretaries report was read and accepted.

It was decided to sell Jello for raising money. Helen Armstrong was appointed for Jello distribution. Wonder Sheets, Aluminum Foil will also be sold by the P. T. A. Miss Jennie Yuckniewicz is in charge of that sale.

A Halloween dance will be held Friday, October 28th. Laura Smullen, Marion Edel and Stella Hurd are on the dance committee. Each member will donate Twenty-five cents (.25) toward the donuts to be sold at the dance.

The November meeting will decide plans for that month. We discussed objectives such as having some youngest teeth fixed or eyes examined and providing glasses or other defects that could be adjusted by the P. T. A.

Millicent Vosburgh made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Euginia Walters.

For committee for November is Mrs. Shear, Harriet Rose, Margaret McLain and Marion Edel.

Secretary, Stella Hurd

November 3, 1949

The regular meeting of the West Bush P. T. A. was held Thursday, November 3. It was opened with the saying of the "Lord's Prayer".

Both Secretaries and Treasurers reports were read and accepted.

Miss Yuckniewicz read to us about the Workshop Meeting that was held at the community room of the Y. W. C. A.  Margaret McLain and Stella Hurd volunteered to attend the Workshop Meeting. That is when they could do so.

We are going to order Pudding to sell with the Ready Jello.

They decided after much discussion to have a Harvest Dance instead of supper on November 19th, Saturday. Grace Ward and Laura Smullen are on the committee.

Our P. T. A plans to have a Christmas Party at our next meeting, with a grab bag at Fifty cents (.50).

We hope to have the Spurr Family our next meeting.

After much discussion the meeting was finally adjourned.

Secretary, Stella Hurd

(Note:  The Spurr Family came to our District School periodically to present both Bible Stories and a Musical Programs. They used a very unusual method of story telling. This required a felt board resting on a tripod, on which they put Biblical Characters made of felt.)

December 1, 1949

The West Bush P. T. A. meeting for December opened with the "Lord's Prayer".

The Secretaries and Treasurer's reports were red and accepted.

A general discussion was held concerning the over-seeing of dances and other affairs that are held at the school in the future. They wondered if they should or should not have dances at the school.

Mrs. Shear and Miss Yuckniewicz priced candy will be distributed to the youngsters at the School Christmas Program. No present to the children this year. The children are to draw names and their grab bag presents are not to be more than Twenty-nine cents. (.29).

We finally decide to have a dance and see what the outcome will be.

Laura Smullen motioned that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Harriet Rose.

Respectfully yours,
Stella Hurd Secretary

(Note:  The discussion about the dance may have been held because there was a problem at the Halloween Dance that past Fall. Someone had let the air out of the tires on several cars. Which had to be blown up with a bicycle pump.)

January 5, 1950 (Thursday)

The saying the of the "Lord's Prayer" opened the meeting of the West Bush P. T. A.

The Secretaries and Treasurer's reports were read and approved.

The subject of Photographs was discussed and Miss Jennie Yuckniewicz was elected to look into this matter.

A Card Party is planned for January 20th. We plan to charge Fifty cents (.50) for adults and Twenty-five cents (.25) for school children. Salad, sandwiches and cake will be served for refreshments. Each member is to donate Ten cent (.10) toward prizes for the Card Party.

A Founder's Day Program is planned for the February meeting.

Millicent Vosburg asked the meeting to be adjourned, seconded by Laura Smullen.

Stella Hurd, Secretary

February 2, 1950 (Thursday)

The West Bush P. T. A. opened with the "Lord's Prayer" on February 2, 1950. The roll was called.

Secretaries and Treasurers reports were read and accepted.

We donated Two dollars (2.00) to each of the following:
The Jenkin's Memorial Fund,
National Congress of Parent - Teachers Building Fund
Founder's Day Fund.

Miss Yuckniewicz attended to the business of finding out something about the pictures, which we wanted taken of the children. The man at the studio said it would not pay him. After a little more discussion concerning the photographs, Stella Hurd volunteered to see Mr. Morse at the Photo Lab.

We had a Founder's Day Program entitled "P. T. A. Cornerstone". The participants were:  Laura Smullen, Ruth Ryder, Grace Ward, Margaret McLain, Luella McLain, Miss Jennie Yuckniewicz and Stella Hurd.

The meeting was asked to be adjourned by Laura Smullen and Luella McLain seconded the motion.

After the meeting a Stork Shower was held for Alice Smullen.

Secretary, Stella Hurd

(Note:  The Stork Shower mentioned above given to Alice Smullen, was none to soon.  Michel John Smullen was born March 3rd. So in his own way he too attended West Bush School.)

March 2, 1950 (Thursday)

Meeting Postponed.

April 6, 1950 (Thursday)

The regular meeting of the West Bush P. T. A. was opened with the "Lord's Prayer". The roll was called.

The Secretaries and Treasurer's reports were each read and accepted.

President Yuckniewicz reminded us that the P. T. A. Training School is to be held May 1st - 4th at Cornell. Also if anyone was interested they could attend.

We thought it would be appropriate to have a delegation for the P. T. A. Spring Conference, which will be in Ilion, N.Y. Helen Armstrong will order Jello and polyurethane blankets and food bags, to raise money for our treasury.

At the next meeting we will have a Covered Dish Supper and an Elephant Sale. The three McLain's, Luella, Bertha and Margaret are on the committee for the supper.

Concerning the pictures. We decided to collect the money first and notify the parents of that fact.

Our new Officers were nominate and elected. They are:
President -  Stella Hurd
Vice President -  Millicent Vosburgh
Treasurer -  Helen Armstrong
Secretary - Margaret McLain
Reporter  - Harriet Rose

The meeting was adjourned. Followed by a social time.

Secretary, Stella Hurd

May 4, 1950 (Thursday)

The West Bush P. T. A. opened with the "Lord's Prayer lead by Jennie Yuckniewicz.

The Secretaries and Treasurers reports were both read and accepted.

We discussed ways and means of raising more funds for the treasury. They decided to have "one more dance" . The dance will be May 19th, on Friday.  Laura Smullen and Stella Hurd assuming charge and anyone else that would be willing to help.

The P. T. A. decided that Mr. Morse of the Photo Lab should he be available, on any day during the week of the 22nd of May. That would give the youngsters a chance to bring their money.

We left plans for the picnic to be arranged at the June meeting.

The motion was made to adjourned and seconded by a member. Names unknown.
Refreshments were served.

Secretary, Stella Hurd

June 1, 1950 (Thursday)

The last and regular meeting of the West Bush P. T. A. opened by the saying of the "Lord's Prayer".

The Secretaries and Treasurers reports were both read and accepted.

We voted to buy stamps, straws and a can opener.

We also gave Ten dollars (10.00) for prizes to be awarded at the Commencement Exercises.

Our picnic will be held at Caroga Lake. Millicent Vosburgh will see about chartering a bus. The picnic is to be held June 24th, 1950. The parents are to be notified by the children as to what Covered Dish they are to bring. We donated Sixty dollars (60.00) toward expenses of the picnic. What is left will be put back into the treasury.

The Officers elected at the April meeting were installed by Laura Smullen. After the installation of the Officers the meeting was adjourned. Motion made by Ruth Ryder. A social time followed.

Stella Hurd, Secretary


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