Broadalbin High School
Class of 1877

Teacher: D. D. Crouse

Pictured above:  Nelson Burr and his wife, Lillie Chase with family
Donated by the Broadalbin-Kennyetto Historical Society.


Sometimes you stumble across a wonderful time capsule of history like a diary or a book of notes extended through a period of time that really gives an insight as to the people, society and thoughts.  The following is taken from the records of Mrs. Nelson Burr, Secretary of the Class of 1877.  Over a span of at least 40 years, she recorded people, deaths, reunions and other data relative to the class.  These names have been transcribed as they appear in the records.  At the bottom of this listing you will find various notes concerning these scholars, as Mrs. Burr refers to them.  Over the next few months, stay tuned for more on this class as pages are added.

Ida Tymerson
Anna Hillman
Anna Rosa
Hattie Bacon
Frank Tymerson
Cora Phillips
Lina Allen
Lillie Chase
Allie Rawson
Matie Buchanan
Emma Fuller
Winne Allen
Ella Dye
Lottie Barker
Matie Neugen
Ella Broderick
Maggie Broderick
Nellie Brockway
Nellie Burr
Matie Close
Matie Tymerson
Debbie Woodworth
Anna Frank
Maggie Earl
Charles Rumeri
Mark Hoffman
George Burr
George Hillman
George Chapman
Will Cleveland
Nelson Girlick
Nelson Burr
Ed Washburn
Will Sheldon
Walter Furguson
Dick Lee
Will Chapman
Joseph Greenslete
James Smith
Frank Spencer
Henry Neugen
Harley Washburn
Fred Jeans
Charles Vail
Charles Merriam
Loren Rowley
Will Bacon
Fred Hayes
Will Brown
H. C. Finch
Clayton Grinell
Will Grinell
Walter Jeans
Edward Schermerhorn
Elmer Washburn
Macy De lano
Robert Earl
Henry Dye
Harmon VanArman
Tom Cleveland
John Drury
Dexter Knappen
Edward Chapman
Charles Chapman
Alice Finch
Kittie Cleveland
Stella Briggs
Homer Demorest
Mate Earl
Lucy Alvord
Belle Rosa
Lincoln Jennings
Emma Horten
Etta Horten
George Stevens
Clarence Tullar


Mrs. Nelson Burr, as she is documented throughout her notes, is actually Lillie Chase.  She and Nelson lived on the corner of N. Main and North Streets in Broadalbin. 

The teacher, D. D. Crouse, married one of his students, Kittie Cleveland. He was about 14 yrs. her senior. She died young, in 1886. David D. Crouse later married Mary R. Brown. David died in 1909. The Methodist Church has a project well along of photographing all of the stained glass windows, obtaining and copying photos of those memorialized thereon, with a brief write up of each person. It so happens that D. D. Crouse is memorialized on one of these windows.  If anyone happens to have a photograph or information, please contact the Church Historian by email at:  to help in this project.  Thank you!

Ida Tymerson married Dick Lee.

Will Sheldon married Emma Horton (Horten

H. C. Finch married Lottie Barker.  H. C. Finch became a renowned Broadalbin doctor and his wife, Lottie was the daughter of another Broadalbin doctor, Dr. David N. Barker.

Ella Dye and Henry Dye are brother and sister.

Nelson Girlick is probably Nelson Gulick (Gulick is an old Broadalbin name).

George Stevens is probably George Stever or Stevers. George Stever became a well known undertaker and Stevers Mills is named after the paper mills owned by his father.


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