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This section is part of the Annual Catalog of the Gloversville Business School, for the school year 1906-07.  The following was generously typed by Laura Stewart.  Laura has transcribed many of Fulton's pages and has a deep interest of the history and area of Johnstown.  She is searching for information on NOLAN families, who worked and resided in Johnstown. Their main occupations were as masons and construction workers; in fact, they built several of the brick houses in Johnstown.


Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: I take this opportunity of expressing my appreciation of the Gloversville Business School and my gratitude to you for your careful supervision and instruction while a student in your institution. I have ever found the training received at your hands to be of great benefit to me in my work. Therefore I feel that I can honestly and heartily recommend to any and all the Gloversville Business School and its methods of training for business life.

Very Respectfully yours,

Clerk of the Surrogate's Court of Fulton County

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: Having completed the commercial course in your school, I was enabled to so successfully pass the State Civil Service Examinations that I obtained an appointment without delay. I believe a business course to be beneficial to every young woman, whether she intends to earn her livelihood thereby or not.


Bookkeeper, N. Y. S. W. R. C. Home, Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y.

To the Enterprising and Ambitious:

If you desire advancement and promotion, there is no more certain way to it than by means of stenography and typewriting. Do you desire something better than what you now have? If so, and you want, as you of course do, a thorough course, enter the Gloversville Business School, which I, as well as all others who have ever attended, heartily endorse.

Your appreciative scholar,

Stenographer with Isthmian Canal Commission, Colon, Panama

Messrs. Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: I wish to state that I completed both the shorthand and business courses at the Gloversville Business School, and consider your school modern and very complete in all its various branches. To any desiring a business education I would heartily recommend your school.
Wishing you continued success in the future, I am,

Very truly yours,

Stenographer with The E. J. Wilkins Co., Gloversville, N. Y.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: I take pleasure in recommending the Gloversville Business School to anyone wishing a thorough course in bookkeeping, shorthand and typewriting.

Yours very truly,

Stenographer with The Daniel Hays co., Gloversville, N. Y.

To the General Public:

I am glad to have an opportunity to speak of the merits of the Gloversville Business School. This institution is fully equipped in every respect and gives its patrons the very best attention. They are thorough and painstaking with their pupils and show them every consideration.

Stenographer with Jacob Adler & Co., Gloversville, N. Y.

To Whom It May Concern:

In April, 1905, I came to this city, almost an entire stranger, and although backed by several years' experience and the best of references, I found it difficult to secure a clerical situation by reason of the fact that when a vacancy occurred it was immediately filled by a graduate of the Gloversville Business School. I therefore, after consulting with the principals, decided to take a short business course, with the result, that in one month from the time I commenced the course, the principals had secured for me a position as bookkeeper and collector, a position I would not have gotten had I not gone to the school, as my employer made a written application to the principals for a man suitable for the situation. I heartily recommend the school as being strictly up to date in its methods, complete in its equipments, and an excellent medium through which to secure a remunerative employment.

E. A. McGLATHERY, Johnstown, N. Y.
Bookkeeper with W. T. Briggs.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: I am only too glad to add my testimonial of appreciation for the benefits I received through your system of stenography and typewriting, and recommend all who intend engaging in either of theses lines of work to attend the Gloversville Business School.

Yours truly,

Stenographer with R. G. Dun & Co., Gloversville, N. Y.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: I wish in this way to express my appreciation of the Gloversville Business School, and can heartily recommend its value to anyone desiring a business training.
I always found you and your competent assistants obliging and courteous.

Very truly yours,

Bookkeeper with The E. J. Wilkins Co., Inc., Gloversville, N. Y.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: As you are well aware, when I first entered your school, I was in this country but a short time, and consequently did know but little of the English language. I can safely say that through your constant efforts and attention to me I became acquainted with the language, as well as mastered the course of studies taken, very rapidly, and I have therefore only the highest praise for your institution, and can recommend the same to all young people.
Wishing you the success that you so well deserve, I remain,

Yours very truly,

Stenographer with Levor & New, Gloversville, N. Y.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: I am very glad to contribute a testimonial to the excellent foundation for success which was laid during the course of study taken at your shoal. And so abreast with the times do you keep, in your methods of instruction, that I often feel I might profit by a post graduate course.
Wishing you continued success. I remain,

Yours respectfully,

Bookkeeper with R. C. Wilhelm & Co., 104 Wall St., New York City

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: Some time ago I took a course at the Gloversville Business School in bookkeeping and stenography, and through your instrumentality secured my present position, which I have held for nearly four years. The instruction is thorough in every way, and I do not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone.

Yours very truly,

Stenographer and assistant bookkeeper with Lucas & Kennedy, Johnstown, N. Y.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: As a former pupil, I wish to recommend the Gloversville Business School to any person desiring a business education.

Yours respectfully,

Bookkeeper with A. J. Wands, Gloversville, N. Y.

Patterson & Burr,

Gentlemen: Having taken a course in bookkeeping at the Gloversville Business School, I take pleasure in availing myself of the opportunity of expressing the high estimate I have of your school. The care and painstaking attention you give to the minutest detail assures the student a thorough business education. I know of no institution where an earnest seeker after the equipment necessary to a successful office career can better realize reward for their efforts than at the G. B. S. You are also to be congratulated upon your success in securing positions for your graduates.

Very respectfully,

Bookkeeper and stenographer with Johnstown Knitting Co., Johnstown, N. Y.

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