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"The Gem of the Sacandaga Valley"

Giffords Valley Schoolhouse #9

Now the home of Northville/Northampton Historical Society Museum


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~~~ Historian ~~~
(where to inquire for information)
~~~ Town Clerk~~~
(where to inquire for official records)

Mrs. Gail Cramer
Historian, Town of Northampton
Box 1035, 875 St. Hwy 30
Northville, New York 12134

Town Clerk of Northampton
PO Box 479
Northville, NY 12134
(518) 661-5414


~~~  Historical Attractions  ~~~


Former Giffords Valley Schoolhouse #9

Now the home of Northville/Northampton Historical Society Museum
412 South Main Street, Northville, New York 12134
Museum of local history.  Free admission.

This one room schoolhouse (pictured at top of page), built prior to 1856 and possibly as early as 1813 was partially dismantled and moved to its present location on April 25, 1990.   It was donated to the Northville/Northampton Historical Society by Warren and Janet Meter in April 1989.

The museum is open from June through October. Wednesdays and Saturday's 10 - 2.  Or by appointment. Groups are also welcome.  For information concerning the museum, you can call Gail Cramer, Museum Curator at (518) 863 - 2628.


~~~ Historical/Annual Events ~~~


The Chimney Swifts.
Hubbell Memorial Chimney.   Corner of Bridge & Second Street, Northville, New York

Every year on May 6th, residents and visitors gather to watch the "swifts" swoop down the Hubbell Chimney at dusk.  The Village of Northville makes a family day out of it - planning activities & entertaining visitors while they wait for dusk and the swifts to return.

Hundreds of these swifts whirl in a pattern, circling the chimney.  And then at some precise moment of time, they look like they are being suctioned into the chimney as they make their descent.  They remain in the area until late August when they leave for their natural habitat in South America - about an 8,000 mile flight.  The chimney swifts are small (about 5 inches long), black swallow-like birds that seem to frolic in flight.

Ray Hubbell owned and operated the Hubbell Glove Company in Northville, NY.  In 1918, the building was destroyed by a fire  - but what remains is its "tall,  stately chimney" - a monument to its builder, Stephen Acker.   Stephen Acker also built the abutments for the first iron bridge across the Sacandaga in 1882.  He died in December 1883 - the first to be buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery at age 45.

"There are several uncanny phenomena that are linked to Ray Hubbell, his factory and the swifts that come back each year on May 6th to lodge in his chimney.  Strange - isn't it - that May 6th is Ray Hubbell's birthday!"


~~~ Book Resources  ~~~

Adirondack Country Store
PO Box 210, 252 North Main Street, Northville, New York 12134
Not only Adirondack crafts but they have an assortment of historical books, topics including the Adirondacks and local towns.  The series "Images of America" are also carried at this store.

The Red Barn
202 South Main Street, PO Box 149, Northville, New York 12134
Built ca. 1860, it was originally the livery stable for the Winney House Hotel.  Today, it's an old fashioned Adirondack treasure chest - with antiques, crafts and most importantly for researchers, old postcards, books, etc!  Open mainly during the summer and fall (April 1 - October 31, 10 am - 5 pm), appointments can be made during off-season months.


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