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Mr. Peter Betz
Perth Historian
178 Noonan Road
Fort Johnson, NY 12070

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Perth Municipal Complex
1849 Co. Hwy 107
Amsterdam, NY 13470


History of Perth

    "Perth is situated in the southeastern corner of Fulton County.  It is bounded by the Town of Mayfield and the Town of Broadalbin on the north; by the Town of Galway, Saratoga County on the east; by the Town of Amsterdam on the south and the town of Johnstown on the west. 

    Its surface is gently rolling and was originally covered with a heavy growth of virgin pine.  Limestone is found in places throughout the town and also ledges of slate.  The soil is mostly comprised of a clay loam.

    ....Perth was formed from the town of Amsterdam and became a separate town in Fulton County on April 18, 1838, the same date that the county was formed.  Small portions of the Town of Mayfield and the Town of Broadalbin were also added to Perth on the north side on February 17, 1842, and since that time the boundaries have remained the same.

    ....The first town meeting of Perth was held at the house of John Rob on what later became the Calvin McQueen farm on Johnstown Road, on May 1, 1838.  The town officers elected at that time were as follows: 

Supervisor - William Robb
Town Clerk - John M. Benedict
Justices - Stephenson T. Bostwick, Arthur Smith, Henry Banta
Commissioners of Highway - Godfrey Swobe, George S. Joslyn and Henry Banta
Commissioners of Schools - John B. Beagle, John McQueen, Jr. and Henry G. Van Neste
Tax Collector - Abraham Mosher, Jr.
Overseers of the Poor - Abel Dunning and Peter Vosburgh
Constables - Abraham Mosher, Jr., Francis Snyder, Isaiah McNeil and Jacob M. Coon

   Named after Perthshire in Scotland from where most of its first settlers came, the town contains parts of the Kayaderosseras and Sacandaga Patents.  The earliest settlement within the present limits of the town and the first white settlement in Fulton County was prior to the American Revolution in the 1750's and 1760's, on the road leading from Tribes Hill to Sacandaga, which is now Sacandaga Road.  These early pioneers were Scottish glovemakers and were encouraged to settle here by Sir William Johnson.  The area became a hamlet called Philadelphia Bush and it grew into a thriving community.  Besides making gloves in their homes which they sold in Johnstown at Robert Adams store, these people became farmers to supply their needs.  The community eventually boasted a blacksmith shop, a mercantile store, grist mill and and cider press.  It later became known as West Perth and had a post office and school house as well, and the farms became large and prosperous.

    Among the early pioneers who settled in Perth between 1772 and 1773 were two brothers, Daniel and Duncan McIntyreDaniel McIntyre quickly became a leader in Perth Centre and the first town meeting recorded for the Town of Broadalbin was held at his home on Tuesday April 1, 1794.  He also gave Broadalbin its name after his native home in Scotland, Breadalbane.  He started the church at Perth Centre and after this section became the Town of Perth in 1842 he still remained a bulwark to the community.  Others who settled at this time were David Walker, James McLaren, Alexander McGlashan, Duncan McCarty, Charles Mereness, Marcus Reese, Lawrence E. Van Allen, Conrad and Francis Winne, Derby Newman, Peter Vosburgh and Michael Swobe.  Some of them settled in Perth, some in Perth Centre and some in West Galway.

Source:  The history above is taken from Sylvia Zierack's book, "Perth, Memories and Reflections".  With her permission it is reprinted, taking parts from pages 1-2.  This book is available for sale from her for $10.00, includes postage & shipping.  You may contact her at 934 Midline Road, Amsterdam, New York 12010-6256.


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