Fulton County Placenames

The following information was collected from the USGS GNIS system and from a 1993 Rand McNally Road Atlas. The bold names are ones were found in the Road Atlas.

Note that the USGS 7.5' Map name is usually the name of the town under which the location is found, but not always.

Populated Place Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Benedict 430706N 0740837W Broadalbin
Berkshire 430257N 0741910W Gloversville
Beyers Corners 425953N 0740655W Pattersonville
Bleecker 430711N 0742205W Gloversville
Bleecker Center 430902N 0742341W Caroga Lake
Bliss Corner 430927N 0744007W Stratford
Bradtville 430421N 0743026W Lassellsville
Broadalbin 430331N 0741149W Broadalbin
Broadalbin Junction 430506N 0741740W Gloversville
Canada Lake 431027N 0743043W Canada Lake
Caroga Lake 430816N 0742854W Caroga Lake
Carpenters Corners 431307N 0740916W Northville
Cork 430241N 0742740W Peck Lake
Cranberry Creek 430920N 0741312W Northville
Crum Creek 430222N 0744251W Oppenheim
Dempster Corners 430521N 0743454W Lassellsville
Dennies Crossing 430425N 0741836W Gloversville
Dennies Hollow 430739N 0741508W Jackson Summit
Doxtater Corner 430700N 0744401W Oppenheim
Emmonsburg 430911N 0744236W Stratford
Ephratah 430003N 0743234W Lassellsville
Eppie Corners 430019N 0742816W Peck Lake
Fish House 430840N 0740800W Northville
Garoga 430238N 0743101W Lassellsville
Glasgow Mills 430610N 0743152W Lassellsville
Gloversville 430310N 0742039W Gloversville
Gorthey Corners 430556N 0741005W Broadalbin
Hale Mills 430110N 0742004W Gloversville
Hill Corners 430126N 0741025W Broadalbin
Hoeseville 430110N 0740615W Galway
Honeywell Corners 430229N 0740834W Broadalbin
Ingham Mills 430327N 0744551W Little Falls
Jackson Summit 430803N 0741704W Jackson Summit
Johnstown 430024N 0742205W Gloversville
Kecks Center 430028N 0742725W Peck Lake
Kingsboro 430402N 0742030W Gloversville
Knappville 431348N 0743942W Stratford
Kringsbush 430052N 0743811W Oppenheim
Lassellsville 430257N 0743602W Lassellsville
Lindsley Corners 431022N 0742209W Jackson Summit
Lotville 430702N 0744157W Oppenheim
Mayfield 430616N 0741555W Gloversville
Meco 430321N 0742258W Peck Lake
Middle Sprite 430714N 0743821W Oppenheim
Mills Corners 430344N 0740724W Galway
Munsonville 430520N 0741424W Broadalbin
Newkirk 430647N 0743035W Lassellsville
North Broadalbin 430625N 0740946W Broadalbin
North Bush 430505N 0742934W Peck Lake
Northville 431332N 0741021W Northville
Oppenheim 430420N 0744135W Oppenheim
Oregon 431532N 0743918W Morehouse Lake
Perth 430103N 0741140W Broadalbin
Peters Corners 430957N 0742409W Caroga Lake
Pine Lake      
Progress 430235N 0741751W Gloversville
Rasbach Corner 430622N 0744432W Oppenheim
Red Bunch Corners 430435N 0741535W Gloversville
Riceville 430537N 0741656W Gloversville
Rockwood 430329N 0743016W Lassellsville
Sacandaga Park 431258N 0741123W Northville
Sammonsville 425918N 0742602W Randall
Scotchbrush 430418N 0743427W Lassellsville
Smiths Corners 430351N 0742234W Peck Lake
Stairs Corners 430022N 0740910W Broadalbin
Steele Corners 430355N 0740830W Broadalbin
Stever Mill 430359N 0740945W Broadalbin
Stewart Landing 430833N 0743538W Canada Lake
Stratford 431047N 0744150W Stratford
Sweets Crossing 431117N 0741157W Northville
Tomantown 431202N 0741744W Jackson Summit
Union Mills 430523N 0740802W Broadalbin
Vail Mills 430300N 0741306W Broadalbin
West Bush 430459N 0742243W Peck Lake
West Galway 430013N 0740606W Galway
West Perth 430045N 0741613W Gloversville
Wheelerville 430926N 0742914W Caroga Lake

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