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1847-1849 Births in the Town of Bleecker

There may be transcription errors. Please see originals on microfilm through (LDS church).

1847 (recorded 3 Feb 1848)

May 3, Johnneska Bargsteo, parents Derik Bargsteo and Arontye Bergsteo
May 28, Juliett Frick, parents Frederick Frick and Arontye Frick
Aug 10, Jacob H. Stockmore, parents Jacob Stockmore and Margaret Stockmore
Aug 20, Mary Miller, parents Jacob Miller and Mary Miller
Aug 28, George L. Lindsley, parents Hiram Lindsley and Elizabeth Lindslay
Nov 26, George Fisher, parents Martin Fisher and Christina Fisher
Dec 13, Mary Mariah Steel, parents Luther Steel and Sarah Steel
Jul 23, George H. Donaldson, parents Isaac B. Donaldson and Eliza Donaldson
Aug 25, Mary M. Leslie, parents James Leslie and Eliza Leslie
(note: the last two were listed after Dec 13 as given herein)

1848 (recorded 22 Jan 1849)

Feb 16, Mary Mandenny, parents Willard C. and Almira Wright
Mar 19, Mary Jane, parents Charles and Phebe Bowler
Apr 8, Emily Renny, parents David and Nancy Ann Foot
Apr 22, William Henry, parents Henry and Julia Daniels
May 2, Theodore, parents Frederick and Henrietta Nix
May 7, John Jacob, parents Christian and Elizabeth Sibert
May 20, Elizabeth, parents Frederick and Catharine Kline
Jul 31, John, parents Frederick and Catharine Holshauer
Sep 12, Anna Maria, parents Martin and Mary Ann Shafer
Sep 17, Martha Maria, parents Avery and Mary Allen
Oct 21, Aka, parents Zepke and Christia Slyke
Nov 15, Aka, parents Jacob and Gertrude Wiley
Dec 8, Aka, parents Samuel R. and Lydia Gardinier
Dec 23, Aka, parents John H. and Jane E. Smith

1849 (recorded 26 Jan 1850)

Apr 27, Mary Isabel, parents Asa E. and Mary Phelps
May 19, Sophia, parents Frederick and Frederica Frick
May 23, John, parents Zachariah and Hanna E. Smith
May 23, Aloma, parents Rilias and c. M. J. Eastman
Jun 3, Chauncey J., parents Allen and Nancy Skiff
Jul 17, Alma, parents Zachariah H. and Bulah Smith
Jul 28, Mary Catharine, parents Jacob and Margaret Stockmore
Aug 3, Susan, parents Jacob and Catharine Daniels
Aug 22, Eleanor Matilda, parents John D and Mary Ann Yenne
Aug 30, Sally Ann, parents Wm. H. and Polly Bard
Sep 15, William Henry, parents Beriah and Esther W. Bard
Oct 7, George, parents Thomas and Margaret Hall
Oct 15, George, parents Willard C. and Almira Wright
Oct 21, Hannah Sophia, parents Garret and Elizabeth Nixsel
Nov 4, Adam, parents Henry and Julia Daniels
Nov 25, Elizabeth, parents Jacob and Barbara Miller
Nov 26, Hannah Jane, parents Hiram and Elizabeth Lindsley
Dec 27, Christopher Ferdinand, parents Christopher and Amstace Yenne

transcribed and donated by Lisa Slaski in 2017

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