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Broadalbin Births in 1847

Transcribed by Denise Wellenstein.

The 1847 law requiring the recording of vital records required that each school board review the records of local doctors and midwives to compile their data and provide a copy to the town clerk. The town clerk then copied all the records of the school boards within their town and sent it on to the county clerk. The county clerk then copied all the records sent in by the towns and sent it in to the state. This process was fraught with errors and ommisions and the law was suspended in 1850.

This handwritten document was a bit difficult to read. Guesses of the spellings of names, etc., are placed in [ ]. If not readable at all, then the info is left blank. See any addional notes for this page below the table. The original document may be viewed online thru records digitized on

f 27 Mar 1847 Emily Augusta Abraham and Almira Fo[n]day**
f 3 Apr 1847 Martha Ann John C. and Christy Perry
m 4 Jul 1847 William Henry Jeremiah and Lucy Sheilds
f 15 Jul 1847 Mary George and Charlott[e] Howard
m 19 Apr 1847 Henry C. Linus and Eunice Jennings
m 25 Oct 1847 Jacob F. Peter and Sally Ann La[sher]
f 16 Jul 1847 Clarasa Francis and Amanda Hillman
m 7 Aug 1847 James Baldwin Henry W. and Eliza Spencer
m 26 Aug 1847 James Joel and Susan Brown
f 5 Dec 1847 not named John C. and Grace A. Robertson
f 22 Nov 1847 Malinda Lorenzo and Laura Bliss
m 30 Nov 1847 not named James and Maria C[ar]ter
m 15 Feb 1847 William Logan Andrew and Margaret Taylor
f 23 May 1847 Margaret Jane John and Hannah Jane Reese
f 21 Sep 1847 Margaret Jane Ebenezer C. and Mary J. Durkee
f 10 Jul 1847 Lovina Helen Seymour and Lovina St. John
f 26 Jan 1847 Marion Anson and Sally Pease
m [11] Mar 1847 not named Daniel and Salome McKercher
m 5 Mar 1847 Smith James and Sarah Kested
f 18 Mar 1847 Anny Louisa Sebastian and Laura Visher
f 25 Jun 1847 Henry Daniel and Hannah Gifford
f 30 Aug 1847 Ruth Mariah David and Cordelia Root
f 25 Oct 1847 Loraine Elijah and Arlinda Philips
f 10 Jun 1847 Eliza Harriett Rowley and Harriett A. Day
f 4 Dec 1847 not named James and Mary Bradford
f 3 Feb 1847 Mary Emily Alfred and Elizabeth Bigalow
m 19 Apr 1847 Eli Elisha and Caroline Potter
m 22 Apr 1847 Alexander Silas and Ruth Roach
f 2 May 1847 Delia M. Justus and Mariah Booth
m 5 May 1847 Daniel Jacob and Louisa Brown
f 18 May 1847 Ruth A. Allen K. and Margaret Cornell
m 5 Jul 1847 Wendell Jacob S. and Elsie A. Clute
m 17 Aug 1847 Joseph W. William and Rachel Cole
m 23 Sep 1847 Samuel L. Daniel and Mary Brewer
f 22 Oct 1847 A[nn]ah M. Eliakim and Phebe F. Ripley
f [2] 27 Nov 1847 Mary Martha James and Betsy Markham
f 26 May 1847 Phebe Ann John and Julia Ann Har[don]***
m 6 Jun 1847 Israel H. James and Electa Honewell
m 8 Sep 1847 Charles Henry William and Hester Chase
f 5 Nov 1847 Phebe Ann H[ ]er and Phebe Chase
f 16 Jan 1847 Mariah Angeline John A. and Sally Brown
m 19 Mar 1847 John S. John S. and Phebe Davis
m 16 Jun 1847 Dewitt Clinton John and Abigail Carpenter
m 12 Jul 1847 Walter W. J[amot] J. and Lydia A. Whitehouse
m 10 Nov 1847 Almond T. Solomon and Jane Cole
f 28 April 1847 Lucy Jane James and Catherine Rider
m 18 Dec 1847 not named David and Deborah Tomlinson
f 18 Nov 1847 Mary Eliza John D. and Eliza Robertson
f 13 Jan 1847 Mary A. Richardson P. and Electa C. Clark
f 9 Apr 1847 Mary Jane Jedediah and Sally Cole
m 9 Jul 1847 John M. and Saywell W. and Lydia M. Kingsley
m 26 Jan 1847 [Enbe]rts A. Isaac and Lucy Manchester
f 26 Francis[sic] 1847 Francis A. E. Levi T. and Lucy A. Ingraham
f 2 Nov 1847 not named Pardon and Eleanor Allen
f 9 Jul 1847 not named Alexander and Eliza Culbert
m 21 Feb 1847 John R. Richard and Phebe Van Buskirk
f 14 Aug 1847 Lucy AnnJames L. and Sarah Ann Northrup
m 20 Apr 1847 Smith B. Benjamin and Olive Chase
f 26 Dec 1847 not named John and Sally Van Derwerken
m 1[st] Apr 1847 John Wesley Alvah J. and Julia Hill
m 25 Oct 1847 not named Samuel and Phebe Link
f 2[4] Sep 1847 Josephine Howland and Sarah Van Arnam
m 7 Sep 1847 Charles Edgar Rev. Wm. J. and Margaret Montheith
f 16 May 1847 Gertrude Joan Thomas L. and Jane P. Wakefield
m 28 Jun 1847 Charles Tiffany Tiffany and Cornelia Brockway

** Proper spelling is likely Fonda, but appears to be spelled as Fonday
*** Could be Hammond (from 1850 census listing), but does not appear to be spelled this way in this record.

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