Marriage Records extracted
from Montgomery Republican, 1830-1831


These records are from an old newspaper, no longer in publication, but have microfilmed. These are available for viewing at the Montgomery Department of History and Archives in Fonda, NY.


Groom Bride Date
ALEXANDER, Moses, of Bath, Steuben Co. TOMPKINS, Frances, Mrs. Jul 13, 1831
ALGYRE, John, of Johnstown S__OBE, Catharine Dec 23, 1830
BANTA, Francis, of Broadalbin BARTLETT, Jane A. Dec 28, 1830
BANTA, Henry, of Broadalbin VAN BUREN, Ann Eliza Jan 26, 1831
BEACH, Rufus, of Kingsborough SPENCER, Maria Sep 13, 1831
BERNARD, George, of Rome MUDGE, Julia Ann Feb 14, 1831
BOND, Col. Wm. M., of Luckport BOND, Nancy L., Mrs. Oct 3, 1831
BROWN, Gideon, of Mayfield OLMSTED, Chloe E. May 7, 1831
CADY, Daniel B., Esq., of Chittenango, Madison County FAY, Mary J. Nov 3, 1831
CHAMPLIN, Stephen W., of Kingsborough LEONARD, Polly Jun 6, 1831
CLINE, William A., of Cherry Valley YOUNGLOVE, Nancy Oct 17, 1831
COLE, Andrew, of Kingsborough HOSMER, Savhrona Oct 18, 1830
COUGHNET, Daniel, of Johnstown SHULER, Susan Maria Oct 11, 1831
DORNE, William, of Johnstown HARDEN, Hannah Oct 13, 1830
DOUGALL, James, of Princeton CAMPBELL, Mary Mar 10, 1831
EASTMAN, Rilus, of Bleeker GIBSON, Catharine M. May 5, 1831
EATON, D. C., of New York CADY, Harriet Eliza Dec 27, 1830
FEATHERSTONHAUGH, George William, Esq., of Duanesburgh CARTER, Charlotte Williams Jan 2_, 1831
FERGUSON, Harvey, of Broadalbin GREEN, Maria Nov 3, 1831
GILBERT, Lucien A., of Mayfield YEOMANS, Miranda May 25, 1831
GREEN, _____, Thomas, of Johnstown HAWLEY, Nancy Apr 20, 1831
HALLENBECK, _alti_, Jr., of Johnstown ARGOTSINGER, Mary Dec 16, 1830
HAPEMAN, Ira, of Johnstown RUPERT, Catherine Oct 13, 1830
HARRIS, George W., of Batavia MORGAN, Mrs. Lucinda Nov 22, 1830
HORTON, Julius, of Vermont QUACKENBOSS, Lana Dec 5, 1830
HOSS, Stephen, of Johnstown PADELFORD, Lydia Nov 2, 1831
KENYON, Wanton, of Broadalbin KENYON, Susan May 8, 1831
KINCAID, Elam H., of Washington City CORNELL, Mary Oct 30, 1831
LEAVITT, David, of Johnstown HEAGLE, Catharine Oct 19, 1830
LISWELL, John T., merchant of Caughnawaga YOST, Catharine M. Sep 14, 1830
McCOLLOM, Clifton H., of Bellville, Upper Canada LUSHER, Hannah Aug 16, 1831
M'INTYRE, Donald, Esq., of Canajoharie EACKER, Jane Maria Jan 2, 1831
MOORE, Daniel, Capt., of Johnstown YOST, Jane Dec 1, 1831
MOORE, John, of Albany Bush BROWER, Catharine, Mrs. Sep 17, 1830
MOREY, Peter, Esq., of Cazenovia GORTON, Nancy May 5, 1831
OLMSTED, Alvah, of Rush, Monroe County BANT, Ann May 5, 1831
PALMER, Cornelius G., of Schenectady COLVARD, Clarice Amelia May 25, 1831
PLANTZ, George, of Johnstown RUNYANES, Hannah Sep 8, 1830
REYNOLDS, Philip, of Johnstown RICHARD, Louisa Georgianna Mar 31, 1831
ROMEYNE, Henry, of Amsterdam VAN EPS, Agnes Dec 1, 1830
SACIA, David F., Esq., of Canajoharie MARSELIS, Angelica Matilda Nov 8, 1830
SAMMONS, Frederick, of Johnstown YOST, Loraine H. Dec 23, 1830
SMITH, Daniel, Dr., of Kingsborough ENES, Esther Sep 12, 1831
SMITH, Edwin, of Bristol, Conn. BURNS, Helen Aurelia Dec 22, 1830
SPENCER, Master George, of Compton, Mo. JOHNSON, Sarah, Mrs. Jul 13, 1831
TAYLOR, John, of Johnstown DOLLY, Maria Dec 3, 1831
VAN BROCKLIN, Malachi, of Johnstown VEEDER, Ann Jun 4, 1831
WARFORD, Jewel, of Johnstown WILEY, Gertrude Oct 20, 1831
WEAVER, William, Esq., of Lynchburg WOODMAN, Eliza, Mrs. 1831
WELLS, Richard W., Esq., of Mayfield CLINE, Sarah Jun 5, 1831
WOOD, Elijah L., of Johnstown GRINNELL, Mary Mar 10, 1831


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