Johnstown 1922 Death List 137

Please Note: This copy of the newspaper was a little blurry. It was particularly difficult to distinguish between numbers 3 and 8 and the letters o and e. Please keep this in mind when reading through the list.

SourceThe Morning Herald, Gloversville NY, December 30, 1922.

Johnstown's mortuary list for 1922, up to and including yesterday, contains the names of 137 residents of the city who have passed on. The total number represents a decrease of 33 from last year and 35 from 1920.

In the following list the date of death, the name and age is given:

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
3Samuel HenryPurdy33 South Melcher43
7JohnZozicekMill street60
13RufusSuitsRailroad avenue78
13CoraVan Steenburgh404 North Market1 day
17Richard EldorBradt16 West Fulton1 day
22Jennie E.Noson18 North Melcher53
23HannahGeary19 West Clinton63
27Blanche A.Dean412 North perry3 months

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
3Mary LouiseHillock103 North Perry70
3Emma Maria Stroud109 East State75
6Amelia ElizabethBurns3 Gilbert58
6Julia A. Doubleday15 East Clinton70
7HermanIlse314 South Globe81
7Estella S.Russell34 South William59
9AngusJohnson320 North Perry77
20Anna B. Shaw2 East Clinton68
20MarekHavel9 Elmwood avenue52
22Amy G.Heagle9 First avenue73
22Harriet L.Johnson12 South William104
24Elizabeth S.Hartley15 East Clinton65

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
3Paulma O.Borst5 East Green66
3Harriet Jane Warren22 Chase74
4JohannaMarkell54 Mill68
6Ida Wemple140 Kingsboro avenue, Gloversville61
7Mrs. MargaretCalderwood22 South Market81
7Emily P.Ackerknecht424 North Perry49
8Wallace W.Belben119 East Clinton45
9Francis C.Ely8 McMartin72
10William A.Goodemote525 North Perry81
11Catherine W.Pease174 East State66
14John A.Karg4 Dove76
14James B.Hoff5 Smith52
15CharlesVan Antwerp35 South Perry93
17Mary HollandShoup407 Glebe76
18Frank LaMontMullins4 Hoffman46
22Hattie Vedder61 Whitmore avenue55
25LycindaWalrad159 East State 72
29WilliamStroud109 East State79
29MariettaRobinson73 Jensen avenue77
31Mary Sarrls32 South Perry9 months

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
3Thomas S.Smith38 Cayadutta69
13David B. Selmser11 South Market88
15MargaretFarrell306 West Clinton82
18Margaret E.Gillispie15 South Melcher street81
21Benjamin BriggsStaley31 North Perry78
21MaryPoliak116 Washington44
22Josephine A.Palkovic207 North Market35
27FlorenceRupert126 North Perry1 year

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
4JohnThompsonMill street, extension69
5NellisGetman75 East Main street66
16AnnaMiller2 Elmwood avenue75
18FrankBillington452 North Perry67
20Anna BurnsCarmody20 East Montgomery78
22Richard AnthonySolar7 Nicholas street2 months
26Carrie C.Bradley510 North Market62
29AnnaSchneidewind205 Pennsylvania avenue66
29FlorenceHodges6 East Madison avemue19

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
2Anna J.Lasher13 East Montgomery75
7Louisa CarolynO'Neill112 West Main79
9AlonzoBillington54 Mill57
10May JaneDawes406 South Melcher70
12Emma J.Folmsbee11 Hall avenue58
16BennyEntelisono7 West Fulton11 months
16LoisErkenbrack508 North Market86
19James W.Miller205 South Perry44
22Helena Moore304 South William41
23Frank J.Schneider103 Water44
25Catherine Rogers110 Dove 75
29Margaret ElizabethKennedy103 Second avenue48

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
1Julia PiersonWemple84 West main80
3Mary Boark842 Glebe71
6ElizabethVan Nostrand11 Fon Claire74
10Maggie MayBump18 E. Fulton39
12HiramHayner103 West Fulton64
13Evelyn A. Sutton5 Charles street22 days
14J. L. Lum128 East Main72
21[illegible] J.PerkinsEast avenue75

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
[illegible][illegible]dgettCrowe307 South Perry88
15CeliaBronk7 Pearl70
16ElizabethPatrick7 Grand 87
[illegible]JosephLicciaridi208 West State6 months
[illegible]Mary E. Geweye130 East Clinton81
28MarySprengler21 Hoosac66
29ElizabethYost106 Burton56
30PasqualePassero102 Mill57

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
6CatherineBrier67 East Main69
6Mary E. Allen6 Grand42
6Jennie C.Culbert6 Grand42
11FrankEcker7 Burton49
11Nora E. Nellis29 Cady9
11Margaret J.Stewart210 South Perry83
[illegible]CatherineHopkins529 North Perry60
[illegible]Thomas V.Ryan152 East Main66
[illegible]MarionKittenger122 Washington61

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
[illegible]George E.Ellithorp15 Beaver[59]
[illegible][Thom]as B.Parramore20 North Melchner52
[illegible][illegible] L.Potter[304] Wells52
10William W.Durey48 West49
11Achsah LeonardStreeter14 South Perry84
13JohnKratz24 West Montgomery70
16Hattie BilaHillside Park14 days
16NathanMiller15 East State74
16Nora Marie Ryan152 East Main22
18CarolineArgersinger300 South William76
20Ellen Harding4 Factory77
23LouisaCassel33 West Decker2 days
25William H.Van Alstyne436 North Perry70
28AnnieCelontono32 South Perry1 year
30CatherineDenmark31 Cayadutta80

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
1William C.wood18 Hamilton street64
1James KennethMcGuire44 Irving9
8Jane Ann BearcroftMacIntyre30 East State87
10MarthaKeidelWilling Helpers Home74
10AnnaFox115 Prindle avenue66
10Elizabeth MaryTompkins8 Baker23 days
13William A.Dorn5 Whitmore avenue71
13Anna Van Derveer518 North Market75
13JohnLachmayerNare street72
14Hiram SamuelBaker224 West Main67
15AnnaValik13 East Decker50
16HenriettaMiller308 N. Perry74
27ErmineWheelock140 E. Main87
27Alexander P.Martin1 South Melcher91

DayFirst Name(s)Last NameResidenceAge
4WalterBeck107 Fon Clair79
8JaneRowell81 East Main78
8ElizabethBulger211 N. Perry90
9Sarah LouiseDrumm93 E. Main83
15Alberta Phillips101 Meadow 2 years
17JuliaHladik16 Wells3 months
19Mrs. JamesCordon217 West Montgomery56
24Garry H.Snell138 East Main63
25Patrick J.SweeneyReid street54
28WillardWalrath301 South Melcher76


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