Doxstader/Glenar Deaths
and related families

The following records were contributed by researcher, Pat Hacker, which she obtained from Vital Records, Albany N. Y..  She is researching Glenar (my Dad's father), Dockstader/Getman (my Dad's mother),  Salgues, Frezal, Fabre, Zenzen, and Hayman.  She has been returning to Johnstown, NY about once a year, for the past five years since the "bug" hit. She was born and brought up in Johnstown and graduated from JHS, moving to California with the parents in 1955 lock stock and barrel.  If you have any connections, she would like to hear from you.

Death Certificates for the following:

My Mothers grandfather:  Casimir Salgues
Registered No. 3176
Certificate No. 26548
Lived at 316 W. Clinton, Johnstown, NY
Resident for 3 years
72 years old
Born in France
Died: June 15, 1909
Buried at the Ferndale Cemetery, Johnstown, NY


Grandmother's side: Peter Dockstader (was also known as John Peter Dockstader in some other records)
Registered No. 25
Certificate No. 40884 (possibly 40384 - kind of blurred)
Born: Oct. 23, 1839
Retired Farmer
Born in Montgomery County
Father: Frederick Dockstader
Birthplace of Father: NY
Mother maiden name: Keziah Soules
Birthplace of Mother : NY
Died: June 15, 1917
Buried Ephratah, Rural Cemetery, June 21, 1917


Mary Elizabeth (Getman) Dockstader
Registered No. 5
Certificate No. 2636
Died: January 19, 1916
Born: September 18, 1840
Born Fulton County, NY
Father's name: Peter G. Getman
Birthplace of father: Fulton County, NY
Maiden name of mother:Dorothy Getman
Birthplace of mother: Herkimer County, NY
Buried Ephratah, Rural Cemetery Jan. 22, 1916


Luella Dockstader Glenar
Registered No. 42
Certificate No. 17982
Died: March 29, 1961
Born: August 5, 1875; Ephratah
Father's name: Peter Dockstader
Mother's maiden name: Mary Getman
Buried Ephratah, Rural Cemetery
Her husband was Herbert Glenar.


Phillip Glenar
Registration No. 80
Certificate No. 35961
Born: June 24, 1853
Farmer/Section Laborer for Railroad
Born Sprakers, NY
Father was born in Germany (no names listed on certificate)
Mother was born in Germany (no names listed on certificate)
Date of death: June 24, 1933
Buried in Canajoharie, NY June 27, 1933
Married to Anna Lossa.


Herbert Glenar
Registered No. 133
Certificate No. 62752 (not sure, numbers blurred)
Father's name: Philip Glenar
Mothers maiden name: Anna Lossa
Born March 20, 1879 (birth day blurred - not really sure)
Buried in Ephratah, Rural Cemetery on November 20, 1934
Married to Luella Dockstader.


Annie Glennar (Anna Lossa)
Registered No. 198
Certificate No. 17023
Born in Canajoharie, NY
Died in Canajoharie, March 27, 1892
Fathers Name: Luie Lussa
Father's birthplace: Germany
Mothers maiden name: Looks like first name starts with a "D" and last name "P" (can't read it)

Marriage Certificate:
Herbert Glenar and Luella Dockstader
Married June 4, 1902
Johnstown, NY
Witnesses: Etta Dockstader (her sister)
Frank N. Viall (the husband of Herbert's sister Eva)


When referring above to Register No. - that was generally a handwritten number in the corner, but the Certificate No. - was a stamped on number which I suspect came from Vital Records.


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