Family Bible Records
of Thomas Getman and Alida Vrooman


Transcribed by Clyde J. Getman, 21 October 2002, from image of Bible of Thomas Getman. Thomas Getman (1831) is the son of Robert (1804), son of Johann George (1774), son of Thomas (1752), son of George (1723).


Name    Date
Thomas Getman    February 10, 1831
Alida Getman    May 21st, 1832
Robert Getman    August 14th, 1853
Martin Getman    March 19th, 1855
Anna M. Getman   July 8th, 1857
Henry H. Getman   April 23d, 1863
Volkert L. Getman   August 11th, 1865
Charles Getman   August 24th, 1867
Sidney Getman   May 1st, 1870
Sarah Getman   April 27, 1873



Name Date Burial
Charles Getman April 12, 1883, 15y 7m 18d Sand Flats
Anna Mary Getman
January 30, 1911, 53y 6m Sand Flats
Thomas Getman June 8, 1914, 83y 4m Sand Flats
Alida Vrooman Getman January 10, 1917 Sand Flats, NY
Henry Harrison Getman March 12, 1935 Sand Flats, NY
Robert F. Getman May 30, 1939 Tacoma, Wash.
Martin L. Getman February13, 1940 Prospect Hill, Gloversville
John L. Miller January 17, 1941 Sand Flats
Volkert L. Getman July 20, 1950 Prospect Hill, Gloversville
Anna L. Getman May 23, 1933 Sand Flats
Sidney Getman 1943 Sand Flats
Sarah Getman Miller August 31, 1953   
Katie Alida Getman Whiting August 11, 1957 Ephratah



Name Date
Thomas Getman to Alida Vrooman November 25, 1852
Robert Getman to Hattie Wheller March 11, 1883
Anna M. Getman to John H. Dockstader December 18, 1879
Martin Getman to Libbie Sexton December 19, 1883
Henry H. Getman to Anna L. Rupert March 10, 1885
Sidney Getman to Lena E. Jackson January 18, 1893
Sarah Getman to John L. Miller June 2, 1897
Volkert L. Getman to Mary Walling October 12, 1897

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