Marriage Records of
1st Pres. Church of West Galway Perth, NY

Marriages 1834-1841


Transcripts of these records can be found at the Montgomery Department of History & Archives in Fonda, NY.

Names of Persons Married by Revd. James Donald


(No date) Mr. John Miller To Miss Matilda Carpenter at his fathers

May:  Mr. H. Emerson Preston to Miss Mary Snyder at her fathers

(No date) Mr. Joseph Moss to Miss Hanah Degolyer at her fathers

June 16:  Mr. Arnold Holland to Miss M. Caroline Allen at her fathers

Dec 24:  Mr. John Grant to Miss Marrilla McCormick at her fathers


Feb 9:  Charles Kerson to Sarah Hicks, widow at Mrs. Mills

Feb 22:  Elisha Alvert to Prescilla Hicks at Widow Hicks

Mar 19:  James Bell to Elisa W. Smith at Mr. Deans

April 6:  Mr. ____ Clute to Mrs. Groat at her house, Deacon Jones present

Nov 26:  J. Hanson to ____ Holland at her mothers house

Dec 10:  John Cooper to Lucinda Jones at her fathers house


Feby 2:  Joseph James to Martha Clark at her fathers house

March 11:  David Clark to Miss ______Storee at Mrs. Logans house

March 16:  Amasa Mosher to Susan Allen at Mr. Mills

April 7:  Aaron Swarts to Mrs. Jane Anderson at her Fathers, M. Hartley

May 26:  Joseph Bell to Matilda Brush at Gen. Stimsons


Feby 10:  Francis Van Buren to Maria Bonta at her mothers house

May 22:  William Munn Saunderson to Cathrine Hosch at the house of Mr. William McLeod

Nov 2:  John Kerr to Agnes Chalmers at her fathers house

Decemb 31:  C. B. Cochrane to Rebecca Wheeler at Mr. Wheelers


April 24:  John Storie to Jean Miller at her mothers house

Sep 25:  ____ Cheeseman to Miss ____ Knapp at her fathers house

Oct 18:  Alexander Stewart to Miss ____ Stewart at her fathers house

Oct 23:  ____ Stevens to Miss Esther Dean at her brothers house

              ____ James to Miss ____ Fort at her fathers house

Decem. 27:   ____ Davidson to Miss Warren at the house of Mr. Lanson


Jany 1:   ____ Smith to Miss Sarah Vrooman at her fathers house

Do:  Milton H. Mc Duffie to Miss Julia Ann Burnup at her brothers house

Jany 27:  Harmand Vedeer to Mariah Banta at her Fathers house

Sep :  ____ Skemehorn to Miss ____Skermahorn at her Fathers house, ____ Skermahorn


Feb 13:  R. H. Palmer to J. A. Davidson at her Fathers house, Tho. Davidson

June 20:  Andrew Sponbeck to Elisabeth Bradly at her house. Witnesses present -  Mrs. Clute & sister, Mr. Van Vrankins, son, & c

Octo 1:  Mr. James Bell to Miss Sarah Ann Pangburn at the house of Mr. Wendal Van Sant

Decem.:  Mr. Thomas Wetherby to Miss Eunice Clark at her Fathers house


June 3:  Mr. Jehial Dean to Mrs. Sarah Jones at her house


Transcribed by  Terry Allen.

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