This probate record was donated by Lee Garlock who currently lives in Virginia and writes ~

"In his will, Truman mentions a good friend Jacob Dennie, His mother was a Dennie; also buried in the Christie Cemetery is Sarah, the wife of Jacob Dennie who departed this life Feb 7th in the 27thyear of her...(the rest is buried below the ground). Truman signed a will on 14 Apr 1840 in Fulton Co.,   NY.  Truman is the son of Simeon Christie.  Simeon Christie's last Will & Testament.  See more information about this family at the bottom of the page.


Last Will and Testament of Truman Christie, Records of the Surrogate Court, Fulton County, Johnstown, New York. Book # , Pages  . 



The last will and testament of Truman Christie of the town of Mayfield county of Fulton & State of New York el.  Truman Christie considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind & memory (Blessed be Almighty God for the same) do make & publish this my last will & Testament in manner & form following (that is to say):

I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Theodocia Christie one third of my real estate lying & being in the town of Mayfield aforesaid during her natural life or as long as she shall remain my widow together with the privilege of a home to support on the estate & the use of whatever articles of household furniture she may desire as long as she chooses to make her home. 

To my two sons John R. Christie and Truman V. R. Christie I .(failed to copy last line on the page)....use by them as they shall see fit when my younger sons shall arrive at the age of twenty one years. Until that time it is my will that the estate should remain entire & that the Partnership should be managed by my son John R. Christie, with the consent & advice of his mother & that he be assisted in the performance of the necessary labor by my younger son Truman V. R. Christie and furthermore that as a compensation for his services my son John R. Christie receive besides his necessary food & clothing the sum of fifty-dollars a year paid either from the income of  the estate or from the avails of my personal property But if he shall refuse or neglect to perform the duty above specified the compensation shall be with held & the management of the business shall devolve upon my wife together with my son Truman V. R. Christie  as to my son Truman V. R. Christie it is my will that he receive a support on the estate until he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years & also that he receive four months schooling in each year if he shall chose to avail himself of the privilege.

I bequeath to my daughter Catharine E. Christie the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid by my sons when the younger of them shall arrive at the age of twenty one years together with two beds & whatever bedding her mother consider suitable to accompany them.  It is also my will that she have a home on the place if she desire it as long as she shall remain unmarried.

I also direct that my sons pay all lawful debts & whatsoever expenses are necessary in the settlement of the same.  My personal property after the payments of my lawful debts shall  be equally divided between my two sons with the exception of the household furniture which when my wife shall have done with it shall be equally divided among all my children.

And further my (?express) will & meaning is, I do hereby order and appoint that is any difference, dispute question, or controversy shall be [?]nsoved, arise, or happen concerning any gift, bequest, smaller or sharing in this will given & bequested expressed or contained that then no suit or suit in law or equity or otherwise shall be brought or commenced or prosecuted for & concerning the same but the same shall be referred wholly to the award & order & determination of my brother Simeon Christie & my friend Jacob Dennie both of the town of Mayfield aforesaid & if they are unable to agree they shall select a third man & what they shall order direct or determine therein shall be binding and conclusive to all & every person & persons therein concerned.  And  lastly I do hereby appoint my son John R. Christie sole Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills made by me in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the 14th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Fourty.
                                                       Truman Christie LS

The Probate Records of Fulton Co NY, lists place and date of death as 9 August 1849 in Vermont.. His estate was probated on 17 Dec 1849 in Fulton
Co., NY.  In the probate papers in the Fulton Co. courthouse is the notice of service to the heirs of Truman Christie.

I admit due service of the within citation mark upon me this 18th day of December 1849
                                    signed:                      Van Rensselear Christie
                                                                    Theodocia Christie
                                                                    William E. DeRonde
                                                                    Catharine E. DeRonde

Fulton Co. : John R. Christie being duly sworn says that he saw the above named persons Van Rensselear Christie, Theodocia Christie, William DeRonde and Catharine E. DeRonde sign the foregoing admission.  Also he says Van Rensselear Christie is the same person with the within writing mentions Truman V. R. Christie as written in the within citation.  That he was named Truman Van Rensselear Christie But now writes it Van Rensselear Christie and that he was [speaking?] of father....y Truman in the will of a father.    
                                  signed:    John R. Christie

Subscribed & sworn before me this
31st day of December 1849
John Wells, County Judge.

To John Wells, Court Judge of Fulton County,
    The petition of John R. Christie of the town of Mayfield in the county of Fulton,  respectfully showth that your petitioner is the sole executor named in the last will and testament of Truman Christie late of the town of  Mayfield in said County deceased, that said deceased was at or immediately previous to his death an inhabitant of the county of Fulton, and departed this life in the state of Vermont on the 9th day of August last past and that his said last will and testament relates to both real and personal estate.
   Your petitioner further shows that the heirs and next of kin of the said Truman Christie deceased are. Truman V. R. Christie, Catharine DeRonde and your petitioner.  All children of the said deceased and all of full age & resident of the county of Fulton.  That said deceased left a widow her surviving, vis. Theodocia Christie & residing in the county of Fulton aforesaid.
  Your petitioner therefore pray that a citation may be issued out of & under seal of this court to be directed to the proper persons pursuant to the statue in such case made & provided. requiring them & each of them at such time and place as shall be in said citation mentioned to appear and attend the probate of the said will & testament.  And that each further or other proceeding in the premises should be duly had as may be requisite to the proving and recording of the said will & testament and the granting probate & letter testamentary thereof and your petitioner will ever pray & e.
   Dated this 17 day of December 1849
                                                           John R. Christie 

Children of Truman CHRISTIE and Theodocia were:
i. John R. (Randolph) CHRISTIE was born about 1812 in Montgomery (Fulton) Co., NY.  He was married to Abigail about 1843.  Abigail was born about
1814 in NY. Letters of administration of John's estate were granted in 1870 in Fulton Co., NY.  He died about 1870 in Fulton Co., NY.  In the 1845 Census of Mayfield, Fulton Co NY, Randolpf Christie is listed with 1 male and 2 females, 1 eligible for military service/1 voter, 1 married female under 45, 1 female under 16, 1 female born in the past year.  All 3 born in NY.  The 1850 Federal Census shows Randolph Christie age 38 born in NY, a farmer with reality valued at $2000, Abigail age 36 b. NY, Snythia age 6 (f), Ester age 3 (f), Amos age 1 (m), Truman Christie age 28, and Theodosia Christie age 59 (f).
ii. Catharine E. CHRISTIE  3 was born in 1816.  She was married to William Elingston DE RONDE was born on 16 Dec 1817 in Mayfield, NY.  He was christened on 24 May 1818 in Mayfield Reformed Dutch Church, Fulton Co NY.  He died after 17 Sep 1886. Catharine signed a will on 15 Mar 1881 in Mayfield, Fulton Co NY.   Catharine De Ronde's last Will & Testament

Children of John R. (Randolph) CHRISTIE and Abigail included:
i. Cynthia CHRISTIE was born about 1844 in NY.
ii. Ester CHRISTIE was born about 1847 in NY.
iii. Amos CHRISTIE was born about 1849.


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