Last Will & Testament of
Abraham Wood


This will was contributed to the site by Judith Wood, who writes:   I am hoping that by listing the ancestors and descendants I will be able to put more pieces of the puzzle together.  Hopefully, some of the descendants of Abraham's other children will find this!  Listed at the bottom of this document (page) are ancestors and descendants of Abraham Wood.  If you find any relations, Judi would like to hear from you!


Last Will and Testament of Abraham Wood, Records of the Surrogate Court, Fulton County, Johnstown, New York. Book #2, Page 294. 

WILL OF ABRAHAM WOOD,  1819: transcribed by Judi Wood  3/21/2000 from photocopies of original will.

The people of the State of New York by the Grace of God free and independent,  To all to whom this presents shall come or may concern send greeting Know Ye that at Johnstown in the County of Montgomery before James Lausing Esquire surrogate of our said County the last will & testament of Abraham Wood deceased (a copy  whereof is hereunto annexed) was proved and is now approved and allowed of by us and the said deceased having whilst he lived and at the time of his death goods chattels or credits within this state by reasons where of the proving & [pequieting] the said will and the granting administration of all and singular the said goods chattels and  credits of {?} and also the auditing allowing and final discharging the account thereof do the belong unto us the administration of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased and any {?} concerning his will is granted unto Rufus Wood and John Wood two of the executors in the said will named they having first duly affirmed well and faithfully to administer the same and to make and exhibit a true and perfect  inventory of all and singular the said goods chattels and credits and also to render a just and true account thereof when thereunto required. In testimony whereof we have caused the seal of office of our said surrogate to be hereunto affixed, Witness James Lausing Esquire surrogate of the said County at Johnstown the twenty nineth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen and of our Independence the forty fourth.

James Lausing

The last will & testament of Abraham Wood of Mayfield, done at Mayfield July fourteenth in the year 1819 - I, Abraham Wood, being indisposed but of sound and perfect mind & memory do make publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner & form following that is to say. First - I give and bequeath to my wife Mary in lieu of dower a room in my dwelling house together with a good decent and comfortable support - both in health and in sickness during the period of her natural life out of my estate. Item, i give and bequeath to my sons Rufus, David, Daniel, Josiah, John and Asa all my estate both real & personal of what ever kind or nature in joint tenancy and not as tenants in common, subject however to the dower right as above allotted to my said wife and subject to the payment of all my lawful debts which now or may hereafter be contracted by me or for me justly chargeable to my said estate and also subject to the following provisions made for the members of my family as follows. I will & determine that they the said Rufus, David, Daniel, Josiah, John & Asa my said sons shall make suitable and { ?? } provisions for the comfortable support and maintenance of my sons William & Abraham (who are naturally incapacitated to act prudently & discreetly for themselves) for and during the period of their natural lives to be equally borne by and between them which support and maintenance I thereby make a lien upon my said estate And whereas I have heretofore done more for my said son Rufus than for any other of my said sons and he the said Rufus holds an obligation against me for fifty four dollars with interest for the doing so much as sixty be equal justice to all of them therefore, I will that he the said Rufus either cancel said obligation or pay to the said David, Daniel, Josiah, John and Asa each one sixth part of the amount of the said obligation. Item - I give and bequeath to my son Butler the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be five years hence without interest and after that period of five years to be paid him or his heirs at such time or times and in such manner as my executors herein after named shall think most conducive to his or his heirs benefit together with the interest thereof. Item- I give and bequeath to each of my daughters, Hannah Cole, Cynthia Brown, Edith Vandebergh, and to their heirs and  asigns the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars  to be one year from this period without interest & thence to bear interest annually and be paid at five equal annual installments thereafter.  Item. I give and bequeath to each of my daughters Esther and Mary (unmarried) also the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars each to bear interest and be paid at such time and in like manner as the like sums as made payable to my three daughters who are married as above or to their heairs & asigns. I also will that they and each of them shall have be entitled to a room of my dwelling house as long as they shall remain unmarried & no longer. And further  that to Esther shall be paid in Addition to the sum herein Already named on account of a longer(larger?) period of service rendered to me the sum of twenty dollars which sum shall be paid by my said sons John and Asa in equal proportions, they said having rendered me so much service as their other Brothers their associates) and also they my said unmarried daughters shall be entitled to the unmolested enjoyment of whatever personal property they or either of them now have or may have at the period of my decease. And whereas to ease myself of secular cares I now confidentially intrust them -my said sons Rufus, David, Daniel, Josiah, John & Asa with my said Estate real & personal to manage, use, occupy {???} and enjoy in anticipation of my said arrangements of my estate, it is however hereby manifested with their knowledge that it is upon the sole and express condition that I myself, my wife and daughters and all and singular the attendants, physicians & that may be necessary for my comfort & convienience and for the comfort & convenience of all and every of my said family together with the decent entertainment of such friends as may choose to visit me or any of my said family shall be amply decently and comfortably provided for in health and in sickness at the proper costs and charges of therein the said Rufus, David, Daniel, Josiah, John and Asa to whom I give my estate as aforesaid, who are to pay all the legacies herein before given and bequeathed & provide for their mother & brothers William & Abraham in the manner aforesaid without any deductions or dimunition on account of all or any expenses so to be {?} therin incurred as aforesaid.  And further this said Rufus and his associate Brethern shall firnish their mother with reasonable and suitable means to attend meetings, visit her friends and so forth. And lastly I ordain and appoint my sons Rufus & John and my son-in-law Peter Vandebergh executors of this my last will and testament. And I furthur will and ordain that in case of any dispute or misunderstanding occurs relative to any matters or things contained in or not clearly defined in this my last will & testament - there shall be no suit commenced or prosecuted thereupon either in Law or in equity but the same shall be submitted to the decision of my friends Welcome Capron, Wing Chase and Duncan McMartin, Jr. or any two of these whose award in any such dispute or that of any two of them shall be final and conclusive binding and obligatory upon the parties interested hereby revoking all former and other wills by me made. In [___?] whereof I hereunto put my hand and seal the said fourteenth day of July 1819. The name Rufus being inter[__?] named as an executor & the name Peter Vandenbergy written on an [???? not legible] before the execution hereof....

Abraham Wood

Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Abraham Wood to be his last will and testament in our presence who hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses in the presence of the testator

Ichabod Potter.....Alexander Kapon....D. McMartin, Jr.

Be it remembered that on the twenty ninth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand hundred and nineteen personally appeared before me James Lausing surrogate of the County of Montgomery Ichabod Potter & Alexander Kapon who being duly sworn personally depose and say that they saw Abraham Wood sign and seal and heard him publish and declare the forgoing instrument as and for his last will and testament, that the said Abraham Wood was at the time thereof of sound &  disposing mind memory and understanding that these deponents subscribed their names thereunto as Witnesses to the execution thereof in the presence of the said Abraham Wood the testator and that they at the same time saw Duncan McMartin, Junior subscribe his name thereunto as a Witness to the execution thereof also in the presence of the said testator.

James Lausing

The preceeding are copies of the last will and testament of Abraham Wood deceased of the certificate of the proof there of and of the letter testamentary thereon Registered  the twenty ninth day of September 1819.

James Lausing, surrogate

Be it also remembered that on the said twenty ninth day of September last mentioned personally appeared before the said surrogate Rufus Wood and John Wood, two of the executors in the last will and testament of the said Abraham Wood deceased named and duly affirmed as executors....

James Lausing


Abraham Wood's ancestors (Generations 1-5):

Generation 1. John Wood/Margaret Carter, Portsmouth, RI she died 1643 on Long Island in the Maspeth Slaughter. He died 1655, Portsmouth, RI.

Generation 2. William Wood/Martha Earle (Ralph Earle/Joan Savage), Portsmouth, RI

Generation 3. Daniel Wood/Elizabeth Ricketson (William Ricketson/Elizabeth Mott) Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA

Generation 4. William Wood/Hannah Howland (Nicholas Howland/Hannah Woodman) Dartmouth, MA. Hannah was the great granddaughter of Henry Howland, brother of John Howland of the Mayflower)

Generation 5. Josiah Wood/Hannah Tucker (Abraham Tucker, Hannah Hull) Hannah Hull was the great granddaughter of Mary (Barrett) Dyer, Quaker Martyr, who was hung by rule of John Endicott for preaching her religion on  June 1,1660.

Generation 6. Abraham Wood, b. 1754 in Dartmouth, MA. Married to Mary Butler (Benjamin Butler/Esther Kempton of New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA) 3 Sept 1778 in Dartmouth.

Children: (no dates available except for Cynthia Wood) - List from WILL:

Butler Wood and Hannah R. Putnam
Cynthia Wood 1785-1862 (Nathaniel Brown III (Nathaniel Brown Jr. and Abigail Collins), married 1805 , Wood's Hollow, Mayfield, Fulton Co., NY
Mary Wood / Beroth Close (Peter Close/Delia Scofield)
Rufus Wood
John Wood / Cynthia Fisk, b. 26 Feb 1804(Jonathan Fisk, Jr./ Mercy Robinson)
David Wood
Daniel Wood
Josiah Wood
Asa Wood
William Wood
Abraham Wood
Hannah Wood (???? Cole)
Edith Wood (Peter Vandebergh)
Esther Wood / Samuel Fisk - Jonathan Fisk, Jr./Mercy Robinson)

Generation 7.  Butler Wood/Hannah Putnam children:

Alpheus Bowan Putnam Wood b.June 20, 1824/25, Batavia NY. d. Oct 8, 1887, Fonda, IA /Cordelia Kysor (Sylvenus   Kysor/Lois Fisk) m. April 13, 1854, Dansville, NY
Abram R. Wood, b.15 Sept 1826, d. ( Capt) KIA April 18, 1862, Battle of Yorktown  m. Julia Ann Kinyon (child: Frank C. Wood)
Grosvenor (or Grovenor) b. 28 Sept 1828, disappeared in childhood.

Generation 8.  Alpheus Bowan Putnam Wood/Cordelia Kysor's children:

Eugene Swedenborg Wood (d. infancy)
Hannah Adele Wood /John Curkeet (both died in Iowa)
Lois Ann Wood /Alexander Hubbell (Iowa)
Adelbert Sylvenus Wood/ Maude Alexander (Iowa)
Cora Estelle Wood/Dr. Michael Patterson (Iowa)
Affa Wood (d. age 18 in WI)
Abram Grosvenor Wood/Jessie Irene Roberts (Andrew Roberts /Eliza Glage Hill - Iowa)

Generation 9. Abram G. Wood/Jessie Roberts children:

Abram Roberts Wood (Victoria - last name unknown) 1895-1994 - died in Oregon
Cordelia Wood/Houston Leslie Bush (Oklahoma) 1897-1958
Margaret Virginia Wood/ Fred Gambill Hawkes (Oregon) 1900-1990
Marion Elizabeth Wood/Pender Wilson (Oklahoma) 1903-1975
Robert Lawrence Wood (10)/Eileen Martin (1907-1960)
Woodrow Wilson Wood/Doreen Dill (Spokane,Washington) 1913-1990
Hortense Jeanne Wood (3 marriages) 1915-17 to ___?

Generation 10. Robert L. Wood/Eileen Martin (m. Dec 9, 1938) child: Judith Virginia Wood

Generation 11. Judith V. Wood/Gilbert Gaytan (child: Emily Gaytan)

Generation 12. Emily Gaytan/Michael McAuliffe,  married, Sonoma ,CA  Sept 18, 1999



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