Some of the best genealogical information can be obtained from probate records.  One reason is that they are one of the oldest legal records maintained and usually, they also provide a wealth of family information and relationships which act as evidence not otherwise available in the earlier years of settlement.   And also because a person's estate was proven legally whether or not a person provided a Last Will and Testament.  Although, probate records refers to ANY legal court records.  From here, we will distinguish between:  land, last will, intestate (death without last  will) or other.

If you would like to share your ancestor's probate records - any of the above mentioned, your contributions are welcome.  They can either be hard copies that need to be transcribed & typed or files already resting in your resources somewhere - either way, send a note offering your information; please provide a source citation.

Other probate records that may be of interest:

Herkimer/Montgomery County Wills, Part 1
Herkimer/Montgomery County Wills, Part 2


US GenWeb  Archives,  Wills For Fulton County:

Emily Orrey, 1905, Broadalbin 
Grandus Vanvranken, 1873 Broadalbin
John Cool, 1823 Oppenheim
Phillip Cool, 1914
Catherine Crouse, 1875, Oppenheim


Fulton County GenWeb Contributions:



Mary E. Hinckley



William Clancy

Christian Getman, 1734-1821 
Christian Getman, 1772-1809, Son of Christian Getman
Frederick Getman, 1751-1812
George Getman, 1723-1789

The Stewart Line of Probate Records
Robert Stewart - Generation #2
James Stewart - Generation #3
Robert W. Stewart I   - Part 1    Part 2    Part 3  - Generation #4
John James Stewart - Generation #5

Emily Gillett Welch, of Gloversville, 1893



Simeon Christie
Truman Christie, son of Simeon Christie
Catharine De Ronde, daughter of Truman Christie
Lambertus De Ronde

Benjamin Steenburg

Harmon Van Buren
Harmon F. Van Buren
Eveline (Snyder) Van Buren (Actually Broadalbin)

Abraham Wood



Frederick Osterhout, 1816



John Black, 1893


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