Fulton County Scrapbook

This scrapbook does not distinguish an original owner or other details to provide clues of its origin, but articles included are from all over the county, so an adopted name of this scrapbook is appropriately titled  "Fulton County Scrapbook".  

A word of CAUTION:   Scrapbooks are invaluable sources of information, community and vital statistics.  However, usually, the owner and creator of such was not concerned in citing sources correctly, as much as gathering data and articles of their interests.  Dates, newspaper publishers and page numbers have been noted when they appeared.   Several articles were often glued to one page or over another article, but obviously not from the same day or newspaper.  The "most often" found newspapers include The Daily Leader, The Leader Herald, The Leader-Republican, The Utica Globe, and The Fulton County Republican.  PLEASE verify the source and content of the articles - our purpose for posting the information here is merely to make the information available to you and provide the compiled data; not to cite every article and  its or verify its validity.

Many thanks to volunteer MaryAnn Kassan for transcribing the documents!

Please do not send email inquiring about the material or contents or copies - contact a local library to see if the original article is available.

Also, as articles are posted they will be posted here alphabetically, not in order as they appear in the book, but each web page will be in order of the book.


Blaine, James G. Blaine, on deathbed, 1892
Bohanan,Esther,  W. C. T. U. Notes
Burdick, Henry C., Death notice
Burdick, John E., Marriage notice, 1894
Button, Mrs. M. F., Death notice, 1899
Dougan, William T., Marriage notice
Edwards, Daniel M., Marriage notice
Eisenbrey, Clara, Marriage notice
Foster, Samuel M., Death notice, 1906
Fox, Mr. and Mrs. E. P., Wedding Anniversary
Gage, Willie, Marriage notice, July 7
Getman, Miss Bessie's birthday, 1894
Gould, Jay, Death notice
Heacock, Dr. Willard Avery, Nuptials, 1892
Heacock, Willard J., Death notice
Hoose, Libbie, Marriage notice
Hosmer, James S., funeral
Hosmer, James S., Death notice
Houghteling, John H., Death notice, 1911
Johnson, Isabella (Bard), Marriage notice, 1894
Keiner, E. A., Marriage notice
MacGregor, John A., Marriage notice, 1892
Machold, Anna A., Marriage notice, July 7
Moore, Libbie Kennedy, Marriage notice, 1892
Murray, Amelia R., Nuptials, 1892
Pauley, Loie A., Death notice, 1905
Peake, Sophia L., Death notice
Peek, Fred, Death notice, 1899
Phelps, Julia A., Death notice
Pool, Jay, Marriage notice
Pratt, Sara A., Marriage notice
Priest, Rev. Dr. J. Addison, Death notice
Shutts, Mr. and Mrs. Silas, Anniversary
Streeter, Asa, Death notice
Streeter, Elizabeth, Obituary notice
Stone, John B., Death notice
Van Ness, Harriet, (Mrs. William H.), Death notice
Walker, Carrie, Marriage notice
Zimmer, Mary L., Funeral, 1894


Miscellaneous (Non-vitals)

Burr, Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard, 1893
Burton, Elias
Hall, Arthur
Hanson, Hon. John J.
Heacock, Dr. Willard A.
Whetstone, Rev. A. M.
Williamson, Rev. and Mrs. J. A.



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