Mae Rossiter Scrapbook
Rockwood, N. Y. 1903



A word of CAUTION:   Scrapbooks are invaluable sources of information, community and vital statistics.  However, usually, the owner and creator of such was not concerned in citing sources correctly, as much as gathering data and articles of their interests.  Dates, newspaper publishers and page numbers have been noted when they appeared.   Several articles were often glued to one page or over another article, but obviously not from the same day or newspaper.  The "most often" found newspapers include The Daily Leader, The Leader Herald, The Leader-Republican, The Utica Globe, and The Fulton County Republican.  PLEASE verify the source and content of the articles - our purpose for posting the information here is merely to make the information available to you and provide the compiled data; not to cite every article and  its or verify its validity.

Many thanks to volunteer Kathy Lenartz for transcribing the documents!

Scrapbook Index

Articles are posted here will be alphabetical, not in order as they appear in the book, but each web page will be in order of the book.  Pages will be added slowly - it is a large book.


Ephratah News,
Garoga News, pg 3, #1
Garoga News, pg 3, #2
Garoga News, pg 4
North Bush News,
Oppenheim News,
Rockwood News, pg 1
Rockwood News, pg 2
Rockwood News, pg 3, #1
Rockwood News, pg 3, #2
Rockwood News, pg 3, #3
Rockwood News, pg 3, #4


Vitals - Marriages

Briggs, Archibald Burton #1
Briggs, Archibald Burton #2
Dillenbeck, Mrs. Anna D.
Fonda, Gertrude
Gidley, Fenton, Dr.
Hall, Mrs. Ephraim
Leavenworth, Katie
Merrill, Edith Frances
Plantz, George W. #1
Plantz, George W. #2
Smith, Eli
Ropeter, Lillian
Staley, Camilla #1
Staley, Camilla #2
Sweet, Menzo
Travis, Ira
Weaver, Carrie #1
Weaver, Carrie #2
Way, Thomas Lewis


Vitals - Deaths

Bender, Jay G.
Bender, William
Bisnet, Zach; drowning accident
Bradt, Anthony
Bradt, James. A.
Brown, Florence
Elizabeth E. Darby (nee Sheppard)
Dorn, Jane (nee Lowery)
Duesler, Earl
Duesler, James
Duesler, Mrs. May
Duesler, Mrs. Mary (Isaiah)
Dye Ida E. (nee Staley)
Evans, George H.
Fical, Lawrence
Fisher, Julius
Johnson, Henry
Mapes, Lizzie
Smith, Mrs. L. J.
Smith, Mrs. L. J. (Sarah H., nee Cline)
Smith, Peter M.
Stahl, Mrs. Levi (Gertrude)
Stahl, William
Stevenson, Mrs. Russell (Jennie, nee Potter)
Tansley, Frank
Young, Versylla
Young, Versylla; death notice
Young, Versylla; death notice



Frank Boynton, Lost in Woods
Chattertons; shop lifting
Lyman H. Everest, Jr.; near drowning
Judge J. Keck, appointed district attorney
Millett, Rev. Willaim J.; church success
Noake, Harry Mrs.; operation at hospital
Polmateer, Frank; taken to State Hospital
W. J. Stahl, fire

Rockwood Enterprise, New Ladies' Skirts Business
Fire in Rockwood, pg 4, #1
Fire in Rockwood, pg 4, #2
Winter storm of 1916;

to be continued...


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