Death Records, Ephratah
Late 1902- Early 1903


The following records are listed in chronological order of the date of event.  They are on page 22, entries 336-352 of Death Records in the Town of Ephratah.  With grateful acknowledgement, they were forwarded to the site by Claudia Bement and she writes:   " I am tracking the "Congdon" surname in Herkimer, Otsego, and Fulton counties.  Specifically, Smith T. and Eleanor F. Congdon who lived in Lasselsville from ca. 1880 through early 1900's, and their descendents Morris Congdon, Frances Congdon, DeEtte Congdon, Lilah Congdon and Walter Congdon. The thanks goes to Evelyn Frasier for providing the information."/p>


#336, Aug. 19, 1902
Norman Lassell
, age 56; farmer
Father:  Charles Lassell;  Mother:_________,  d. and bur. Lassellsville


#337, Sept. 16, 1902
Nicholas Weaver
, age 79; farmer; b. Fulton Co.
Father:  Frederick Weaver;  Mother:_________,  d. Lassellsville; bur. Fical's Cemetery


#338, Oct. 4, 1902
Sarah Ann Smith
, age 82;  b. Fulton Co., here 22 yrs.
Father:  John Argersinger;  Mother:  Sarah Van Alstine,  d. Ephratah  and bur. Rockwood


#339, Oct. 26, 1902
William Stahley
, age 77-9-16;  w.; laborer, b. Keck's Center 
Father:  _________;  Mother:_________,  d. and bur. Ephratah


#340, Oct. 4, 1902
Anthony L. Christman
, age 0-1-14;
Father:  William F. Christman;  Mother:  Delia Christman,  d. and bur. Ephratah


#341, Nov. 2, 1902
Catharine Gray
, age 62-6-7;  b. Ephratah
Father:  George Casler;  Mother:  ____ Gross,  d. and bur. Ephratah


#342, Nov. 12, 1902
Moses Loucks
, age 67-7-0; m.;  farmer  b.  Keck's Center
Father:  Solomon Loucks, b. Keck's Center;  Mother:  Susan A. Stahley,  b. Keck's Center;
d. and bur. Ephratah


#343, Nov. 27, 1902
Eva Cool
,  age 0-1-1; b. Garoga
Father:  Nathan Cool;  Mother: Jennie (Pouler, handwritten) Cool,  d. Garoga and bur. Lassellsville


#344, Dec. 28, 1902
Robert Nellis
, age 78-5-0; single, b. Palatine
Father:  William Nellis;  Mother:  Mary Nellis,  d. Ephratah,  bur. on farm


#345, Jan. 4, 1903
Smith F. Congden
, age 80-8-11; m.;  farmer b. Otsego Co., N. Y.
Father:  Jonah Congdon;  Mother:  Elizabeth Fai___?,  d. and bur. Lassellsville


#346, Feb. 27, 1903
Mattie M. Smith
, age 39-2-11; m.;  b. Fulton Co.
Father:  El___? Stearns;  Mother:  Anna Casselman, b. Fulton Co.;  d. and bur. Rockwood


#347, Feb. 2, 1903
Ernest Weaver
, age 0-0-1;  b. and d. Garoga
Father:  Francis Weaver;  Mother:  Agnes Wheeler;   bur. Lassellsville


#348, Feb. 13, 1903
Edward Smith
, age 81; m.; farmer b. Ephratah
Father:  Benjamin Smith;  Mother:  Catharine Duesler;  d. and bur. Ephratah


#349, Mar. 2, 1903
Margaret Mathewson
, age 68;  w.;  b. Ephratah
Father:  Peter G. Getman;  Mother:  Betsey Getman  d. and bur. Ephratah


#350, Feb. 15, 1903
Catharine Duesler
, age 66-8-15; w.;  b. Ephratah, here 22 yrs.
Father:  Isaac Steenburgh;  Mother:  Mary Christman;  d. St. Johnsville  bur. Ephratah


#351, Mar. 23, 1903
Youngs, infant
, age 0-0-; b. Lassellsville
Father:  H. or N. Youngs, b. Fulton Co.;  Mother:  Dora? Youngs;  d. and bur. Ephratah


#352, Apr. 21, 1903
Maria Soules
, age 85-8-21; w.; b. Ephratah
Father:  Barney VanAlstine;  Mother:  Sarah VanAltine (both spelled Vanalstine)
d. and bur. Ephratah


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